Who has a CFL football horn?

do they still sell these things at games? i haven’t been to a live game in a few years. i still have one from the mid 90’s and i love them. occasionally i hear one while watching on TV, but not as much as in the past. these things have been around for almost as long as i can remember watching CFL football.

i laughed when they came up with vuvuzelas during the 2010 soccer world cup in Africa like it was some unique thing there - i was like hey THOSE ARE CFL HORNS!


Actually, I think its the other way around... I think we poached the vuvies from them.

I had one, used to take it to Kelowna Rockets games, but switched to a cow bell. Just sold it for 25 cents at a yard sale last summer.

Not sure how accurate it is I see the long plastic red horns were in Brazil in the 1960's but some believe South Africa may have invented them .

But I do know for sure they were around in the early 70's in the CFL at Rough Rider games .

My brother had one .... .

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I was playing my Blue Plastic Noise Horn around the house a few years back despite all the angry demands that I shut the f*** up when it mysteriously dissappeared from its customary place beside my chair. I haven't seen it since.

It's a mystery. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I have a red one. Not even that old really. Maybe 10 years or so…got it at McMahon…


hah mines red too because i got it at same place :grin:

i grew up in cowtown.

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Blame Hyundai for popularizing them in 2010 World Cup, long before any games were played

But as others posted the things been around forever and origin is disputed (we are talking hundreds of years old)

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