Who had TSN switch to GoonCar?

Really, no one is at master control to check what's going to air? You switch to a car race? In a game like that?

TSN didn't switch until after the OT was complete out here.

Yeah, I saw the end, and judging from the comments being made in the game topic, it sounds like others saw the end, as well.

I saw the game to the very end..

No problems here either.

As I mentioned in the game thread, I didn’t get to see the game other than OT becasue someone at the local cable company (Shaw), hit the pause button (or something) on the broadcast and all that was shown for 3 hours was the end of a Scotiabank commerical (in pause mode). Pretty F’n stupid. They did get the game on the air to show OT but I would’ve liked to see the whole game.

dood, seriously, get rid of cable! Get bell. and if you get the HD, no blackouts!!(except for toronto games, but no one watches those anyways). i was picking my daughter up at half time in brooks, and the same thing happened there. on the scotia bank comercial. then it switched to poker i heard. great game though. not as good as the edmonton calgary games this year(minus labour day)


Did you try calling them?

My mother's coverage in Ottawa switched to GoonCar, She telephoned to ask me what happened, and I was not able to tell her because the feed I was watching in Toronto did the same.

My son and I listened to the rest of the game on Sirius. Somewhat like listening to miners shouting instructions down the main shaft. I'm glad Sirius sponsor the league, but they've dropped two games, and the feed from the host AM stations often is noisy.

When did operating a machine become a sport? Dropping this game was like the Heidi fiasco in the 1960's. Or MotherCorp forgetting to come back to Saskatchewan after the thunderstorm. Dave Hodge getting canned for HNIC comments. Name your conspiracy...

I have Shaw here in Vancouver, and they played the game right till the end. No NASCAR.

Must have been a local thing.

so what about fridays game? should we expect the same thing with a blackout, or will it be lifted?

I have Shaw Direct satellite & they didn't switch to Nascar. If anyone ever has trouble with their local provider, switch to SDTV like I have... Never ever had a black out or any crap like that. Also, get a Tivo.