Who had the better start, Cavillo or McPherson?

OK...at the risk of being accused of fomenting a quarterback controversy...I'm wondering what people think.
Naturally some will say it's not a fair comparison. On the one hand you have a young quarterback with almost zero CFL experience, only a few practices under his belt after a fairly serious injury...and on the other hand a seasoned veteran coming off a serious injury himself.

McPherson threw for over 250 yards and ran for over 120...Calvillo broke 300 yards passing and...well you know...
Calvillo beat a bottom feeding team, down on it's luck, McPherson beat a Hamilton team that would have climbed into a tie for 1st place for the 1st time in....how long?

So...despite the possible consequences....and before Anthony plays his next game and makes the whole question moot...as comeback 1st starts after an injury etc....Who Had The Better Start?

Well, Senior, you're right - it is an unfair comparison!

While AD looked good in his start against the Ticats, so did AC on Sunday, at least for a quarter and a half, considering he just came off an injury; AD had nine weeks to recover from his (albeit a more serious injury). Both QBs were able to march the team down the field and the FG team was successful. However, both QBs had some difficulty in the RZ going for the major score. That has been a bewildering problem this year.

While AD has most definitely shown us some very promising things over the last two years, consistency is what separates good QBs from elite QBs. The only way we will know which of the two AD will be is to see him perform on a week-to-week basis. AC has already shown us that for over more than a decade. Let's not forget that both QBs have a whole arsenal of excellent weapons with the Als. Would a great QB look as great on a weak team? I don't think so.

Among other things to consider is this - is AD injury prone? While we all laud his running ability, I for one don't like to see the pivot take off every opportunity he gets; that's what TBs, HBs, and FBs are paid to do. Further, excessive running greatly exposes the QB To injury. He has already sustained a knee injury that has cost him half of the season. So, while AD has shown us some potential for greatness, he needs the time to develop and hone his skills, and the jury is still out - only time will tell. I sincerely hope that the Als' staff will give him the time under center he needs.

You can't look at QB performances in isolation with stats like passing yards and TDs thrown. No offense, but I don't think this question is relevant or warranted at this stage.

Well one could have told Tracy Ham, or for that matter, Damon Allen the same thing. McPherson is a running quarterback. Like it or not...it's one of the weapons he brings to the table. Personally I find it gloriously exciting...but then I've always loved athletic running quarterbacks...and the fits they cause a defense.

As to the rest..I was hoping people could put aside heir Cavilloitis for a second and appraise performance on a one game to one game basis...may have been expecting too much.

As to his durability...according to him, it's the first injury of his career. If you've ever seen Arena Football, you'll know that's saying something...imagine being tackled into the boards by a 300 pound lineman...scrunch. Try not to worry too much. Adrian starts working out early morning every day. Looking at him I'd be more worried about him giving a linebacker a serious case of whiplash. :wink: :cry: :wink:

And the other side of the coin is your fascination with McPherson. . . are you his brother or something?

I've been impressed with his play so far; I truly hope he will become a star in the CFL, and do so with the Als as opposed to some other team.

But I'm not obssessive about him, as you sometimes seem to be. You're a McPherson fan, and that's great. . . we get it, okay?

We used to have a poster here who had a very strange fascination with one Michael Bishop. . .fine as far as it went, but he morphed over time into being really creepy about it. . . I hope you don't become like that.

Sigh. So anyone who disagrees with you or doesn't want to engage the discussion topic has 'Calvilloitis'?

Would you like it if I said you had McPhersonitis every time you talked about Adrian?

I don't think you can compare the two, Adrian faced stiffer competition and played on the road, AC faced the weakest defense in the league at home.

I'd rate Adrian's game an 8/10, his yards passing were below what one would consider excellent (300+) and he threw a pick. His rushing stats were awesome.

I'd rate Anthony's game a 7/10, he reached the 300 yard marker passing and did not play the whole game did not throw a TD , got picked off once but for most of the game moved the offense consistantly resulting in a steady gain in field position.

Hey hey...what d'ya know...ask a relevant question and you get a relevant answer.
I'd give Adrian a 7/10...if only for his impressive running display, combined with the passing yardage.
Anthony...was only a 6/10. Watching the game over I stopped counting the "unforced" passing errors at around six....VERY un-Calvillo indeed. It may have been hard to focus on beating a team that was putting up so little resistance. In any case...neither deserve more for the dreadful redzone production in both games.

But I insist that the question is VERY relevant...you might as well get used to people comparing the two...and since Calvillo seems to have so MANY supporters on this and other blogs, and I certainly have NO trouble with that, I can't imagine why it seems to bother people so much that Adrian McPherson has at least one.

I'm also crazy about Chip Cox...but he's established and plays every game...doesn't need anyone pulling for him.
Accusing me of obsession etc is pretty funny, since so many here seem to have a serious case of "lovers mourning", like a boyfriend desperately trying to hang on to a relationship that's in it's death-throes.

Still...someone pointed out that they thought Adrian might still be injured, and that might account for his not moppng up the Edmonton game. I was wondering if the same thing might be responsible for Antony's relative inaccuracy...

But whether it's a nagging injury, or a boring opponent or simply rust after a long recovery...let's hope Anthony gets back to his regular pinpoint passing, and the Alouettes nuke them some Bombers!!

Go ALS Go!!!

On THAT I'm sure that we all agree !!

Not speaking for others, but it sure doesn't bother me. . . and he has more fans than just one; as I said earlier I've been impressed with the guy so far. Just that you seem obsessed with him from time to time and go a tad overboard.

Going off on a tangent a bit. . .we were talking in another thread about the expansion draft. It'll likely happen in early 2013 I guess. . . so even if we're only allowed to protect one QB, I think McPherson will be that one. AC may retire by that point, and if he still thinks he can continue to play, my guess is that he'll take one for the team and retire rather than potentially having to go QB an expansion team. Seems to me that the TSN guys were saying last game that AC wants to get into coaching when he retires and that he wants to stay with the Als' organization. If so then retiring before 2013 draft would be the best way to go. On that basis, I'd really like to see a platoon situation with AC and McPherson for 2011 and 2012, so AC can do for McPherson what Ham did for him. Win/win as I see it.

I'm not exactly sure how you'd define that...since the word "fan" is short for fanatic...and not fandango dancer...and in a league where people wear hollowed out melons and corn cobs on their heads.

Still I guess I have been a bit single minded about McPherson. But remember...while the Alouettes have had tons of quarterback talent sitting on that sideline, waiting desperately to get some playing time...I think most people would agree that they've never seen the likes of AD...and never will again. Remember that by the time Adrian got into that Hamilton game last year...and that was 1 game after they'd clinched 1st place...you could count the number of pass attempts he'd made on one hand. He closed that game out impressively and acquitted himself pretty well in his subsequent 3 starts.

From the start I took it upon myself to find out everything I could about Adrian McPherson. From his amazing High School career...to his dumb mistake in College...to his career in Area ball to his aborted resurrection with the Saints one thing was clear: a lot of pretty impressive people thought Adrian has what it takes to be a dominant starting quarterback. So he needed to see the field...so I started blogging.

Now I'm not quite looney enough to think I have more than a wisps influence on the Alouettes..that would be absurd. But I know for fact that Marc Trestman occasionally peruses blogs and comments to see what the fans are thinking...as do some of the players. When I met Mathieu Proulx, he made it clear to me what the players thought of Adrian McPherson, and it was his opinion that he'd be leaving the team soon (that was middle season last year) if he didn't get more playing time. He seemed annoyed at my question about sharing duties with Boulay...but was MORE than happy to talk about Adrian McPherson. He's that kind of talent...people get excited.

One thing HASN'T been mentioned yet. While a lot was made about how so few quarterbacks have actually won a game other than Anthony Calvillo during his reign (I think it's 3 or 4) it might be worth pointing out that Adrian McPherson is now the only quarterback to have won more than one...and that he is in fact 2-1...not a bad percentage :lol:

Oh and a couple more players I’m pretty excited about:

Andrew Hawkins…he seems to be about ready to have a breakout game. I’d like to see the Alouettes try one or two deep routes for Hawkins…those swing passes are OK (if you blinked you missed that move he made on an Eskie defender last week…woooosh)…but with his speed and deeking ability…he could get open in a subway at rush hour.

SJ Green has been outrageous…I’m looking for him to have a BIG game in the Peg.

Avon Cobourne has been patient as a hound-dog. Little AC has TONS of talent and under utilizing him has been the shame of the season.

Finally…Leroy Vann. I know I’m not alone in hoping he’s what he appears to be…and gets a chance real soon to prove it.

I'm excited about the play of rookies Woodruff and Brouillette,

I'm pretty much happy with everyone, the only guy who is playing well but who maybe I expected too much after his amazing season last year is Jamal.

Richardson's role has changed a lot this season. He plays a lot closer to the LOS and has turned into a possession slotback rather than a deep-ball threat. He's had some issues with the dropsies but also leads the league IIRC in second-down conversions. Basically, Jamel's become a bigger, stronger, faster version of Ben Cahoon but with worse hands. Looks like they are already preparing for life without Ben.

Green and Watkins seem to be the deep-threat weapons nowadays.

When you look at red zone production, you have to question this move.

There certainly won't be any kind of controversy this year, or even next.
AC will be the man.
If he hangs around too long, a few years from now, maybe there will be a controversy.

S’il s’agit de comparer Calvillo et McPherson, n’oublions pas que Calvillo avait vu beaucoup plus de football avant de se joindre aux Alouettes que McPherson en a vu dans sa vie. Vous remarquerez également qu’il lançait beaucoup plus d’interceptions à ses débuts avec l’équipe qu’il ne le fait maintenant.

Je suis d’accord qu’au point où McPherson est rendu dans son développement, il faudrait lui donner plus de temps de jeu.

La difficulté de le faire pour Trestman est qu’il a un quart émérite et qu’il a appris qu’une avance de 21 points peut fondre en moins d’un quart dans la LCF. Mais McPherson a acquis suffisamment de maturité pour bien protéger le ballon et pour le faire avancer. Il doit voir plus de jeu pour continuer sa progression et avoir le goût de demeurer avec l’équipe. Sur ses deux interceptions, McPherson avait à chaque fois un receveur mieux placé que celui qu’il visait. Avec un peu plus d’expérience, il apprendra à raffiner ses choix et pourra lui aussi devenir redoutable.

Si Calvillo a encore quelques années devant lui, les Alouettes n’ont pas le choix que de préparer l’après-Calvillo maintenant. À moins que Popp ne rêve de signer Durant ou ne sorte un autre lapin de son chapeau (comme lorsqu’il est allé chercher AC), je vois mal comment le club peut se passer de transiter vers McPherson, un peu comme les Eskimos sont passés de Wilkinson à Moon à leur glorieuse époque.

Est-ce qu’on doit priver Calvillo de son chant du cygne? Non. Mais on devrait commencer à faire une vraie place à McPherson.

I hate our RZ strategy. Too predictable. It's either a draw play that fools no one, an unsuccessful fade route to Richardson, or a curl to Watkins or Bratton. Oh, wait, the fourth option: some long-ass timing route that dies out the gate because Calvillo is forced to chuck the ball away due to pressure in the pocket.

N'oublions pas que les Alouettes ont tout de même une fiche de 8-3...

Il y a sûrement quelque chose que notre équipe fait comme il faut.

All of this Calvillo/McPherson talk may well be academic if AC decides to pull the plug at the end of the season. I don't know whether anyone has an inside scoop as to what his intentions may be.

I have always thought that a backup QB must get some meaningful game reps to stay sharp. Football is a contact sport and a QB could go down for a season or part thereof at a moment's notice. For that reason alone, AD should get reps under center.

Definitely. As CFL fans, we're pretty spoiled when an 8-3 record doesn't stop us from kvetching about the offense. :lol:

I just feel like Trestman and Milanovich have a tendency to go to sleep when calling RZ plays. We have so much in this playbook but we're way too predictable inside the 20.