Who had the Best Draft

I know it takes about three years to really grade a draft class, but which team has the picks with the most potential. In my opinion Winnipeg had a the best draft.

Corney- rotational defensive end, who could probably start a year from now.

Couture- the most versatile OL in the draft. Could he be there future starter at LG?

Loffler- special teams for now, could probably start at safety.

Gautier- don't no much about him, but Laval does produce good players

Intzandt- good project

Butcher- whether he plays DT or gets converted to an O lineman, he could be a diamond in the rough

Vitt- don't know anything about him

Renaud- don't know anything about him

If your basing on "potential' Edmonton won that draft with two sure fire ratio changers

If your talking who got the most "value" from their draft position. I would say Winnipeg and BC.

If your talking who managed to fill immediate need. I would say Hamilton and Montreal.

Every team had a different reality and plan to deal with that.

I would say a combination of potential, need and value.

The bombers needed depth behind Westerman and Shologan, they got this with Corney and Butcher. Both have potential and both were good Value picks.

Loffler will be a starter one day and the fact that the bombers got him in round three is just good value.

They needed depth on the O line and Coture can play almost every position. He was taken in round two and he could potentially start at LG.

Let me guess. Your a Bomber fan ? :wink:

I think the Bombers did really well but their picks are projects. Only Loffler could start. I think he fell because he’s got more wear and tear than most CFL vets. Couture needs to add about 15 to 20 pounds to his frame. Butcher I really like, I’d have been happy with him as a second round pick in Montreal, you can’t teach brute force and desire but he’s very raw. Corney is a pure athlete who who could become a ST career ace. I think in terms of value and not having any first round picks. Walters did really well. Its light years ahead of Joe Mack era.

I liked the Bombers draft overall. We had guys fall to us that reinforce positions where we start Nationals and where we had need. Late rounders are more projects, I'm not sure how you can project what some of those 5-8 round picks will turn into although Rupert Butcher sounds like he could be a steal where we picked him.

Couple of big surprises for me in the draft. One was Hervey and the Esks taking long term prospects in the first couple of rounds. He could be happy with his National depth and/or picking best player available which is fine and good, and if either or both of those picks makes it to the Esks he'll look like a genius. I just found it odd he did so after he criticized the draft process and having to pick from Canadians who prefer to play in the NFL and not getting access to those players, a critique that was picked up and reported on by several NFL-centric outlets like Pro Football Talk.

Another odd pick IMO was Mercer Timmis to the Ticats in the 2nd round. Timmis doesn't project as a fullback, the TiCats don't currently use a National RB or even run the ball as much as most other CFL teams, and he apparently doesn't block well which is a key requirement in the Cat's offense, or at least wasn't under Condell. They could have added some depth to the DL and secondary where they start Nationals. Instead you spend a high draft pick on a guy who projects to basically be a special teamer for you. There may be more to it from the Ticats perspective but my first gut reaction to that pick was why. It's not a knock on Timmis, it's just based on the design of the Cats' roster he's more of a 4th round value than a second round value IMO. Maybe this is a sign Austin is willing to modify his offense with the change in OC? Time will tell.

I think Van Glyswyk also got a bit of a surprise. There was an article just the other day where he firmly believed he was going to one of the Ontario teams and was packing up to head east. Guess he won't be heading out as far east as he thought with the Riders picking him. I thought Ticats for sure. Are they still without a kicker or punter on the roster?

....Another head scratcher was the Jones pic by the argos in the first round...With all of the o line talent out there and a need to back up an aging Bourke, they go with a receiver??..As for my unbiased opinion ( :wink: ) I think the Bombers graded an A for their pics...Couture and Corny are beasts and Loffler has the ability and should/could start shortly....The latter round pics especially Butcher are projects BUT could turn out to be real diamonds in the ruff ...especially Butcher...B.C. and Ham. did well also...I have a few reservations about the leos no 1 pic Vaillancourt ..Van. is a long way from Quebec and I think he'll be looking east if ever hits fa......For now Wally has a good one....Cal. took one of the players I wanted Walters to go after BUT after hearing he might have an nfl gig, maybe it was for the better we never got a shot at him...Edm. looked like they were thinking long term ...All in all I think every team improved...some longer term and others immediate.

Justin Dunk


...Geez don't bring that up or you'll get bobo all riled up and he'll have us in one of his picture rants (sorry bobo..the search continues for Medlocks replacement...Van Glyswyk would have been a good one..I guess Austin doesn't rank special teams that high) :roll:

The TiCats still have no kicker

It is a bit strange that SSK trades NI- RB Messam to CGY for NI- kicker Crapigna at the end of last season and then drafts Van Glyswyk in the 3rd round with their 3rd pick at #26, they had no 2nd round pick.
Unless they are going with 2 NI kickers on their roster, one of Crapigna or Van Glyswyk should become available after
Training Camp

. @JDunk12 post #CFLDraft rankings:

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/05/11/team-by-team-2016-cfl-draft-rankings/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter]http://3downnation.com/2016/05/11/team- ... um=twitter[/url]

Edmonton was a surprise. They drafted 2 guys who are reported to most likely not even be in training camp.
Kind of a waste of draft picks. Not that I care what the Esks do.

Not wasted picks at all. Both these guys have FA NFL contracts with no bonus money. It just means they have to wait a bit. They got the top 2 ranked players in the draft. They just have to wait a bit. Even if one sticks and they only get one of the two, it still works out.

Yeah, important to take the long view with NFL-potential prospects. It may seem like a wasted pick today, but if you get that stud prospect joining your team in two years and your competitor just has filler at the same position, you've come out ahead.

At this time we don't who had the best draft, let's look at the results 6 months from now and see who is still with their teams. Looking at the 2015 draft, it's likely that half of the players drafted this year won't be around at the end of the season.

Montreal probably did the best out of the 2015 daft - they drafted 10 players including a Canadian QB and they still have 9 of them 10 players on their roster including the QB.
Ottawa had the first selection and had 7 picks overall but only 3 left
The Argos only have 2 of their 7 picks left
The Ticats with 6 picks and 3 of them still around
The Bomber had 6 picks and 2 left
The Riders 7 picks 3 left
The Stamps had 8 picks 4 left
The Esks had 5 picks all 5 still with the team
BC Lions had 8 picks and 5 still with the team

It is a roll of the dice. Time will tell.

All drafting is a roll of the dice. As slimjim pointed out, "winning" a given draft also involves tracking how many draft picks stuck around with their respective teams. If you draft a bunch of good names on paper but only retain 1 or 2 of those players a year later, did you really "win" the draft?

you are correct, and in addition:
how can you win at something so broad like a draft when every team picks according to their needs. if you did manage to somehow have all of the first nine picks, would you win on account of getting the nine most coveted if you couldnt really field them in your systems? or would the win come in what you can bargain them for/leverage?

the Argonauts seem to be more than ecstatic with the fact that they were able to pick the players they wanted/needed. then the whole cycle repeats.

Yep, it's very hard to compare when teams have such different needs. A better question than who won the draft would be who addressed their own team needs the most thoroughly.

It may even be early for that. I read an article last night about LB Tanner Doll returning for training camp this year. He and Alexandre Laganiere were released to go back to school for their last year. So they might both return, but Doll definitely plans to.

The only one that is definitely gone is fullback Jefferson Court. From following him on Twitter, he has a whole other career somewhere in Asia. No doubt other teams are facing similar scenarios