Who had Pierce out after game 10 in the poll?


Seriously though, I do hope he is okay. Man...he has taken some serious abuse this year, and I would love to see him make it the season. I hate to see any player injured...especially Buck...he has had more than his fair share of that already.

He brings it on himself. Even LaPolice said that on that big Butler hit, Buck should have just thrown the ball away, knowing that the receiver had missed a check. I've rarely seen a quarterback with this little ability to feel the rush coming. He didn't even get hit on his blindside. It was a frontside hit, just like the Jamall Johnson hit earlier in the season.

I really used to like Pierce but his thing kind of wore old back in his BC days.There's no way anyone can ever expect a full season from him, no matter how good of shape he's in or how tough he is this year.Perfect example is Jesse Lumsden.Similar career paths.

if he’s out, the Bombers will not win the Montreal game… consider it wrapped up and finished before it starts.

Not quite sure where you may have got the idea they could win even WITH Bucky in… of all stating QBs now… he is dead last in stats!

He has not won a game for the bombers all season IMO

Sounds like he'll play, have to wait for game 11 now.

This.Bombers success has been almost all defense.But will the pass rush even affect Calvillo?He could've been sacked several times last week and would've been if he was any other QB.He's too quick getting the football off.

That's just rubbish, if it was so easy for a QB to just show up, anyone could play the position. Even if they're not putting up big numbers they still have to manage the game and protect the ball, which prior to the last game he was doing better than anyone.

Don't write the bombers off just yet. The game will be played and anything can happen.

they need to start running some more double tight end or two back formations to protect him. no one should ever have that kind of a shot on a QB. Assuming he gets through the whole season, im thinking he should consider retirement. Especially if he wins a grey cup.

Buck is day to day with bruised ribs. May still play Sunday, but if he isn't 100% I hope he takes the week to recover. We don't NEED the win next game.