Who hacked the CFL Fan Poll?

I can understand trying to be humourous and all, but if someone at the CFL offices made up this poll where they asked if you wanted the squirrel that did the run-in at Ivor Wynne on Friday nite or the jackrabbit that took over Taylor Field a week ago, they seriously need to put the crack pipe down.

i picked the hamilton goal-post climber....lol

I went with the "neither, they're both bad blockers" option :roll:

Serouisly, that is really bad.

Guys, let people like myself come up with stupid polls like that, geez! :roll:

Acturally, I wouldn't have thought of that, THAT'S how bad that poll is!!! :shock:

i think its GREAT.....they should release the black squirrel on the field every game...hamilton's good luck charm!

Saskatchewan wins another poll

all it is, is one sask. fan clears the 'cookies' off his comp, then votes over and over

Must be a slow night....Sheesh!

Two Friday's, two animals on the field... I wonder which fury animal will show up on the field for Friday's game in Ottawa....most likely a skunk!

Call Vince McMahon.........Steel Cage.......Squirrel vs Rabbit.

I will take credit for the poll the other night...for those who may not have liked it -- we can't be serious all the time.

Josh Bell-Webster
Online Editor -- CFL.ca

Heck, I'm ready to try anything at this point! lol

"I took the most dangerous and destructive thing on the planet, and made it into a robot"

LOL!!! :lol:


I got a kick out of the poll. Gotta have some fun somtime

Hmmm, somebody other than us regular posters read these posts…I’m impressed.

Screw Vince, get Dana White on the phone. This match needs to be in the octagon. :lol:

Can't argue there. He/She is speedy and cuts like a knife...but.....that Jack Rabbit sure has blinding speed :lol: