Who got the new Jersey?

I ordered my jersey on Mon. May 9th. The say it will take 3 weeks to ship it out west. I’m going to go freakin’ nuts waiting. Out west, no stores carry eastern team stuff so I’ve see all the western uni’s in person but not the east. Does our jerseys look even sweeter in person. I’m never going to make it. I need my Yeast jersey. And if a Stamp fan reads this, you better love the look of our new jersey, because I got season’s tickets and I’m wearing it every game! (Don’t worry, you won’t see the flag until the boys actually come to town)

Yeast#5, go to Sport Chek I believe they have all the jerseys now. If they do not have one they can get one from another store.

What about Jersey City? I know here in Edmonton I could have bought a Ti-Cats jersey the day they were released at Game On Sports.

You know what supertoe. I stand corrected. I don’t see Ti-Cats stuff much in Calgary. I actually got last jersey from a store in Edmonton. I was at a mall in Calgary, but they only had west teams. The Stamps store has tons of stuff but I haven’t been yet. I live outside of Calgary, but I love the city so much I say I’m from Calgary. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be in Calgary on Friday, so I’ll go check those places out.

Yer welcome, although I’m not sure that Game-On Sports is in Calgary. They are the official retailer here in Edmonton. Jersey City is well franchised though and should have outlets in cowtown.

Yeast r u even from hamilton or calgary?

I’m not from Hamilton. Grew up in the Ottawa Valley. Became a Ti-Cats fan when the Rough Riders folded. Moved to Calgary in '98. But the job had me move away from Calgary for the past year. I live close, but not right in Calgary.

I popped by Chinook (Calgary mall) on Friday and saw pretty much all the new jersey except TO and Ottawa. They all look even better in person. I saw the black Ti-Cats jersey and almost fell over. If one team won the jersey war…it was the Ti-Cats!