Who Goes First This Week ??

8) After the so called game today, Milt Stegall said that the bomb will drop in Hamilton after this display today,
   and it won't be just players that are released !!

   You know he is referring to, for sure.  If Chreehan is fired, then it will have to be this weekend, so they have time to
    make the transition before next weeks game.

    You can bet that the Cats have been talking to someone about taking over this defence, for at least the past 2 weeks.

     Cortez said after the game that any changes are now possible, even with the starting QB !!

      It is obvious that Creehan has lost this defence at this point in time, and a change has to come now !!

       All these rumours that started before the LD game, from different sources have to be true.
        Where there is smoke.....there is fire !!

we can only hope!