Who goes Collaros or Ray as they can't protect both

It would be extremely foolish for any team, regardless of desperation, to give Collaros Ray type money ($500,000 per) given he is not a proven pivot with much experience.

Ray has won 3 Grey Cups, winning multiple awards in a HOF career spanning over a decade, while Collaros has played well in just a handful of games.
Huge difference.
Even Lulay won a Grey Cup, MVP and MOP before recently extending for $450,000 per.

To give the rookie Collaros anywhere near those numbers is just insane.

At the moment, he may be worth in the neighborhood of $250,000 as a starter with bonus incentives or sliding scales incorporated into his contract as he progresses.

I can't disagree with that, but good luck convincing his agent to go that low if you are the GM of a team desperate for a QB. He has a lot of leverage with, say, the Bombers, who have no legitimate alternative. And he will have even more leverage if he has an NFL offer in his pocket.

A team does not have to pay him Ray type money but can easily offer 150 000 more per season than the Argos can offer. Argos already have many high paid athletes and will need to find more to convince Greenwood to sign with them.

yes, the possibility exists that a few unrestrained clubs may break the bank for him by paying him top tier CFL rate, but that doesn't necessarily mean he deserves it. (at least at the present time)

As starter with another team (BB's or RB's in all probability) yes he could easily receive an additional $150,000 and possibly more, although with Ray as top dog, the Argos can only pay Collaros backup salary with the SMS in place which is likely in the $100-120,000 range or so.

Either way, Collaros is an UR FA after the season and will receive a substantial increase from some needy team in a few short months.

Right Burris has one or two years left. With a good selection to chose from Ottawa will go with a mature QB.
However Lefevour is really a back up and would not be selected any way??

All Lefevour has shown so far is that he's tall and can run with the ball.

Since the NFL minimum is not far off Ray type money, I don't see that argument having much merit. If he has a legit NFL offer, he's gone.

It depends on how you define legit, IMO. If it's an offer from a team that has no established starter, I agree he is likely to go south. If it's from a team with an established starter, I could see him using the offer as leverage to extract a bigger contract from a desperate CFL team.

There will be a market for quarterbacks in the off season for sure. Ottawa, Montreal and Winnipeg for sure and all 3 have mone

…Ray stays in T.O…Collaros will be suited up somewhere else as the offers he’s most likely going to get will leave the boatmen out in the cold…Bombers will be flush with cash for the position and you can bet Collaros is high on their list…With Glenn most likely being taken by Ottawa (cal will protect Bo Levi Diddley and they won’t go with a rook in their first year over experience anyway)soooooo there’s a very good chance Mr. Collaros will be in the Peg…Montreal might give him a serious look…other than that everyone else is set at qb…My take…Collaros to Winnipeg when free agency hits…and he definitely is a free agent who will explore all of his options… :wink:

Did you just copy and paste your post from last year and changed the name Reilly for Collaros ? :lol:

Ray has more than a couple years left in him and can win now. Argos have been the luckiest team in the league with Ray out. They lose Ray they fall of the map next year. Collaros has been good and shows lots of potential, but it's not even a full season, no guarantee he does as well next year.

The Argos don't protect Ray and they are idiots and deserve the last place finish it will lead to.

The Argos aren't going to expose Ray. You don't have to worry. :thup:

I don't think Collaros leaves Toronto without the Argos getting something in Return like draft picks or something... If Im Toronto, I have Collaros traded 2 days after his locker is cleaned out at the end of the season

Collaros could be signed for a base let's say $200,000 plus bonuses.

Possible but unlikely.

Why is it unlikely? The Lions did the exact same thing with Reilly last year. He was a pending free agent, but Edmonton traded for him and signed him to a long-term deal to avoid any bidding war with Winnipeg. I could see the Bombers doing the same thing this year to avoid a bidding war with Ottawa or Montreal. Unless Collaros' camp lets it be known that he is heading to the NFL - which I think is a long shot, at best - I think a team would be wise to deal for him.

Hey Blogskee - I am completely with you on this one! Just like how the Reilly deal went down last year.. I have a question in that whole process though and not sure if you know the answer. Do GM's get to talk to these players ahead of time to make these deals? What I mean is that Edmonton takes a chance on giving up players for Reilly, and maybe he decides he doesn't want to sign in Edmonton. Maybe he tests the free agent market? hiwrver, In this case, they made the trade, Reilly signs on the dotted line, and all is good. So you would think that all the details would have been worked out prior right? Because there is no way Edmonton is just going to give BC some players, watch the prize guy sign elsewhere.... So I
guess my question is about how that process goes down..

And I also truly believe Winnipeg would be the Frontrunner for Collaros.. If Toronto is very high on the guy, but cant keep him, they wouldn't want him on the roster of an Eastern Team (as WPG Moves West next year)

On another note heard Hamilton signed an NFL QB who was cut from Dallas... And apparently Burris is a free Agent too at the end of the season. So IMO, if Burris poops the bed like he has in the playoffs most years, I think Hamilton lets him go... I see you are a Tiger Cat fan... What is the news in Steel Town on all the capable QB's you have on your depth chart?

That usually happens a couple of different ways:

  1. If BC and Edmonton are in trade talks, BC can grant permission for Edmonton to talk to Reily about a long term deal. The trade would be dependant on those talks succeeding.
  2. They can make the trade, with the draft picks going back being conditional on signing Reily to a deal. In that case if Edmonton fails to sign him, they give up fewer (or no) picks.