Who goes Collaros or Ray as they can't protect both

Who does Toronto keep Collaros or Ricky Ray? I am guessing they protect Collaros and let Ray go to the Red Blacks. The Red Black will have the best 1 and 2 Qb's in the league after the expansion draft as they will likely pluck a drew willy or the likes there of with there second QB pickup. Not bad for an expansion draft. Maybe the Bombers should fold and then come back as an expansion team as they might be able to finally obtain a real QB. Folding might not be far off for the Bombers according to the latest Free Press article saying that tax payers will need to bail out the club again for the New stadium which they have not even started paying off yet.

Well considering Ray has just been signed to a multi-year deal and Collaros is playing out his option. I think this is moot.

Jim Popp said last week that between having a full wallet , expansion draft and solid picks in the draft. Ottawa should have better Canadian content than half the teams in the league right from the start.

If a choice is to be made, the Argos protect Ray and don't think twice. You don't ditch a 33-year-old, 3-time Grey Cup champion, future Hall of Fame QB for a guy who has less than 10 career starts. Collaros has looked good, but he's not Ray. Ray has had injury issues the last couple of years, but he's still Toronto's best option. This shouldn't even be a question.

Are you sure Collaros only signed a 1+1? If so, then the Argos obviously protect Ray and just sign Collaros after the expansion draft. I don't think Ottawa will select anyone who is going to be a free agent in February.

Why would Collaros re-sign with the Argos and get stuck behind Ray for how many years when he can sign elsewhere as a FA and have a shot at being a starter a lot sooner if not right away.

IF Collaros is the guy Ottawa wants. How is Toronto going to compete with Ottawa when they have Ray's 500k contract on the books and Ottawa can offer Collaros starter money and opportunity :wink:

My understanding is that the Argos are fairly high on Harris as well. If Collaros can continue to impress, Toronto will have to make a decision between Ray or Collaros. Whoever they decide to keep, they will TRADE the other guy. There is no way, they are going to let one of them go for nothing...
Winnipeg would be a likely candidate for a trade.

IMO, they keep Ray, trade Collaros, and groom Harris.

I fully believe that Ottawa's decision on QB, will be based on what Toronto does. I am not sure what all the rules are around the expansion draft as to what Ottawa can and can't do... Example would be the BC and Edmonton deal with Reilly last year. Wally traded Reilly to Edmonton before the Free Agency deadline, and Edmonton signed him right away. So obviously some sort of agreement was in place prior as Edmonton didn't have to trade anything... They could have just waited and signed him. And/or Reilly could have refused to sign in Edmonton and signed somewhere else after the deadline if he wanted to..

Food for thought... Who does Hamilton protect? 39 year old Burris or up and comer Dan Lefevour? You have to realize Austin was a good QB in this league and is a good mentor/coach... So I'm leaning towards protecting Lefevour.

Realistically Ottawa could have an opportunity at 3 proven starters... Burris, Tate or Glenn (I see Calgary protecting BLM)
If Ottawa can't get Collaros via trade or free agency, I say they pick one of these 3 guys and then pick the likes of a Demarco, Matt Nichols, Willy, Hall/Goltz, Neiswander/Marsh to push the starter and/or compete to be the #1 guy. But hey, they could walk out of this thing with Burris and either Tate/Glenn. They could then rely on scouts or free agency to pick up a younger guy and groom him under that veteran experience...

If Hamilton protects Burris, you will see Lefevour picked up by Ottawa

As good as zach has looked in some games, he's also looked equally as bad in some games.
The argos should protect Ray.

this is unlikely as Ottawa is able to select a maximum of two quarterbacks in the expansion draft and Lefevour has the least experience and zero starts in the CFL.

Ottawa would be more inclined to choose two of the following pivots before Lefevour:

Collaros (if Ray is protected)
Ray (if Collaros is protected)
Tate (if BLM is protected)
Glenn (same as above)
BLM (if Tate is protected)
Nichols (if deemed healthy)

and Demarcos looked quite good in his first start last week although has little live rep experience.

Assuming Toronto or its trading partner (likely Winnipeg) can get Collaros signed long-term to make a deal workable at both ends, I agree that makes the most sense by far. There's no way RR will be going anywhere, IMO.

Don't discount the possibility that one of Toronto's other two QBs (Portis and Gale) supplants Harris as backup next year, just as Collaros did this year. Both guys seem to have a lot of potential.

Did Collaros supplant Harris for #2, or are the argos hiding Harris from the RedBlacks?

[url=http://www.edmontonsun.com/2013/09/24/cfl-teams-to-ponder-protecting-qbs-for-expansion-draft]http://www.edmontonsun.com/2013/09/24/c ... sion-draft[/url]

Two thirds of the CFL season is complete, so what better time to look ahead to the off-season?

Yes, it's time to play: Which Quarterback Would You Protect?

The Ottawa Redblacks will pluck players off the rosters of the other eight teams on Dec. 16 -- less than three months from now -- and those squads are able to protect only one quarterback. Most of them are obvious, but some scenarios have become a little more juicy lately considering how well the young backup quarterbacks have played.

There are other factors involved, like potential free agency, salary and age, so it becomes an interesting discussion. If a player's a free agent, Ottawa might be wary about taking him since he'll have a chance to leave two months later.

Let's take a look at all eight teams, going from west to east, and see what we can determine.

B.C. Lions

There's no doubt the Lions will be protecting Travis Lulay, even if Thomas DeMarco did walk into the hornet's nest that is Mosaic Field and win his first CFL start on Sunday. Rather impressive. If DeMarco puts up a few more performances like that, he could join the list of QBs that will no doubt pique Ottawa's interest. There's a good chance he's a free agent, however, since he signed with the Lions in May 2012.

Calgary Stampeders

Bo Levi Mitchell is technically their third-string quarterback, but he is their pivot of the future and will be protected in the expansion draft. Drew Tate can't stay healthy, while Kevin Glenn is not their quarterback of the future. He's a darn good backup and insurance policy, and that's why Ottawa should be interested if he's available.

Edmonton Eskimos

Mike Reilly is the man there now and for years to come. Yes, the Esks are 3-9, but he's in his first year as a starter and he's second in the league in passing yards and passing touchdowns. He has Jonathan Crompton and Kerry Joseph behind him, so it's unlikely the Redblacks will be looking Edmonton's way.

Saskatchewan Roughriders

There are no doubt fans in Saskatchewan right now who want Darian Durant put on the first plane out of town due to their three-game losing streak, but he's not going anywhere. Drew Willy has been an excellent backup to Durant, but he's a free agent at the end of the year as well.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

The Blue and Gold have the league's worst quarterback situation, with four pivots on the roster who have a grand total of eight starts among them. If Max Hall has a decent finish to the season the Bombers might want to keep him around as insurance, but it likely won't matter who they protect. Maybe the Redblacks should let the Bombers take one of their quarterbacks on Dec. 17.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

This is an intriguing one. Henry Burris is set to become a free agent in February, so would Ottawa even want to bother? Then again, would Burris even want to pick up and go start an expansion franchise at the age of 38? I'm guessing the Ticats sign him to a new deal, protect him and hope Ottawa ignores backup Dan LeFevour, who might also be a free agent, when stocking their QB stable.

Toronto Argonauts

It's actually a question now, even though one of the options is a three-time Grey Cup winner who is still only 33 years old and goes by the name of Ricky Ray. That's because in the last two weeks Zach Collaros has gone into Regina and Calgary and just won both games. He's everyone favourite quarterback now. Even though Ray has missed significant time due to injuries the past two seasons, however, he's still the one they should protect. Also, Collaros is a free agent in February. So they should trade Collaros to the Bombers for a small fortune that would be contingent on him signing a long-term deal with Winnipeg. The Bombers can then protect him, and they're going to the West Division anyway, so the Boatmen won't be trading him to a division rival.

Montreal Alouettes

Their QB situation is an absolute mess right now, with Anthony Calvillo and Tanner Marsh on the nine-game injured list. The Als will probably protect Marsh, who showed the most promise this season, and it's unlikely Ottawa would even bother taking Calvillo considering his health status and the very good chance that his career is over.

There is no way Ottawa will get a "choice" between Ray or Collaros. I am about 99% convinced there no way that Toronto will be able to retain the services of these 2 guys into the 2014 season. And if Jim Barker doesn't get any decent players and or draft picks in return for one of these QB's he should be fired! Especially if they have good prospects in their system. That is why I think one of them would be traded. I am just not sure what the full rules are around the draft and whether Ottawa can actually make trades prior to draft....

And Lefevour has played a few series in a lot of Tiger Cat games... And to be really mean, why wouldn't a GM want to create havoc for teams they play the most against in their division? If Im the RedBlacks, im going to try and pick the best player possible at the positions they feel they need. But if it comes down to 2 players that I feel are equally talented, I'm taking the eastern player vs. the western player to screw over the likes of a Toronto/Montreal/Hamilton

If I'm Marcel dejardains, I'm calling calgary and Toronto to cut a deal: if we take one of your QBs, we'll allow you to unofficially protect 2 more players.
Then, calgary and Toronto might not want to trade their unprotected qb to Winnipeg.

Ottawa can't sign free agents until the end of this season, so I doubt they can make trades yet either.

The problem with trading Collaros is that until Ray comes back, he's the starter. You can't trade your starter in the middle of the season when you're trying to secure first place in the East.

(It's also a lousy deal for that trade, since if they lose a QB they can officially protect two more players. Makes a lot more sense to trade for draft picks if you're trading at all.)

Football rules wrote: [b]There is no way Ottawa will get a "choice" between Ray or Collaros. I am about 99% convinced there no way that Toronto will be able to retain the services of these 2 guys into the 2014 season.[/b]
you believe Toronto will lose [u]both[/u] Ray and Collaros by next season? :?

Ottawa is only able to choose a maximum of 2 QB's in the expansion draft, with a limit of 1 per team.

We have to keep Zach as he is almost 9 years younger and obviously has a greater up side.
Plus you can likely sign him to two thirds of RR current salary.
Trading Ricky would likely bring us a good player in return.

tsn.ca has a podcast up discussing this very topic. good listening.

No Tangled.. Sorry for the confusion. They will lose one, not both.

I don’t think it is obvious that Collaros has a “greater up side” than Ricky Ray. The latter has many good years of football left and in fact appears to be entering his prime. His completion percentage, TD-to-int ratio and QB rating this year are out of this world. Collaros has looked good, but to suggest that he will be better than Ricky Ray over the next five-seven years, based on six or so games, is a huge stretch. Fortunately I think Barker and Milanovich are smarter than that.

I also don’t know why people are so quick to assume Collaros could be signed for a lot less money than RR. If he gets NFL interest after this season (as I think is quite possible), he will have huge bargaining leverage to get a contract in the Lulay/Ray range from a CFL team desperate for a QB. Certainly if he was kept over Ray, he would expect Ray-type money from Toronto.