Who gets which locker room for the Grey Cup

I was always under the impression that the team with the superior regular season record was treated as the home team for all applicable purposes like locker rooms and the coin toss. I distinctly remember the als going into the Grey Cup at Commonwealth Stadium against the Eskimos while still being considered the “home” team because they had the better regular season record.

I only ask this because I see a fair number of rider fans that seem really certain that they will be sitting in the stamps locker room on sunday. Was there some rules change since then and if so what is the new rule about who is the home team for Grey Cup games?

it's already been established, if you read the article on this site.. that the Riders took over the Stampeders locker room today.

How it works is that if an Eastern team is hosting the Grey Cup, the Eastern team gets the home Dressing room..

and the same works if it's a Western Team.

now as far as who's the Home team..

it alternates every year.. one year it's West then the next it's East.. and so on and so on.

Are you sure the home team alternates East/West every year?

In 2007, it was Sask @ Winnipeg, and 2008 Calgary @ Montreal, or am I incorrect? Looks like the East was home team 2 in a row there.

Maybe they do double east then double west? Edmonton could have a west home team. That would even it out.

Maybe Montreal got the home locker room because it was their stadium? Just sayin.......

Good point 15_championships! That would make the most sense.

The als definitely had the esks locker room in commonwealth though when both teams were in the grey cup a few years back.

why would the Eskimos give up their locker to the Als when they're in the game too?

I think you are mistaken.

Because the als were technically the home team in that game. From my understanding it was because they had the better regular season record that year. I remember the CBC commentator saying something about the als technically being the home team for that game and being in the home locker room as a result even though the esks were playing and in their own stadium.

ya but the Eskimos wouldn't give their room up for the Als..

they're just home team, not home dressing room.

Eskimos would never give their locker room up to the Visitors unless they weren't in the game.

ok here's the explanation.. this is how it works, I heard.

whatever side is hosting the Grey Cup.. their team representative.

is given the Home Dressing room and they get to decide what jersey's to wear.

So for the next 3 Grey Cups,

the Western Team will be the HOME team. they get to call heads or tails at the coin toss.

in 2012 when the game is in Toronto, it'll be an Eastern team as home team, and they get the call.

the Esks NEVER gave up their Dressing room to the Als.