Who gets the final playoff spot?

Obviously The two Alberta teams and the three Ontario teams are locked in.. The fight for the 6th playoff spot comes down to the four teams not located in Alberta or Ontario. Montreal would have solidified their position and simultaneously knocked the Riders out with a win today, but that never happened. With Montreal having a very tough schedule to finish the season and playing Saskatchewan again as well, the Riders are honestly still alive. The Riders can pull within one game of BC with a victory next week and the Bombers seem completely lifeless at this point. However the Bombers do have the season series on the Riders, but the Als lose any tiebreaker because they are an Eastern team. Put it this way.. If the Riders beat the Lions next week, the Bombers lose to the Esks(likely) and the Als lose to the RedBlacks, the Riders are just as likely to get in as anyone else because they have the best qb of the 4 teams.
You guys all know that it's time for a poll now..haha...

This is the most intrigued I've been about a race for a last playoff spot.

I voted BC because they seem to be gelling with Jennings at QB and they have the game in hand on Winnipeg (who also seem to be gelling behind Nichols). However, if Harris is out for a long stretch, I'll probably pick Winnipeg. They two play each other one more time in what should be a good match up.

Montreal, though currently holding the wildcard playoff spot, I don't think have looked as strong as BC and Winnipeg in recent weeks.

Saskatchewan is probably too far back to pass all three teams ahead of them, but I agree that they have the best QB in Glenn, so who knows. Also, they play BC and Montreal one more time each, so if they win those two games, they could surge in. And if the Riders do make it in, I'm sure neither Calgary nor Edmonton would be eager to face them in the semi-final.

The way the Als played the Riders that crossover isn't looking too good. I think it's going to come down to Thursday night in Ottawa for them, if they lose that game they are probably out.

I don't think it will be the Riders as they simply have too much ground to make up. However they could throw a monkey wrench or two into who does get that final spot as we witnessed in their upset win over the Als yesterday. The Riders as they showed yesterday can certainly be the spoilers with another well placed victory or two down the stretch. I think that maybe 7 wins might just get that last and final playoff spot.

Looking at the remaining schedules for the Bombers(4-9),Lions(4-8) and Alouettes(5-7) the Bombers only have 5 games left as opposed to BC and Mtl having 6 left a piece. You would have to think that the Bombers would have to go at least 3-2 to have a shot at the playoffs. The Lions would need to finish up at 3-3 and defeat the Bombers by 11 pts in their final meeting to win the season series between them. The Alouettes finish up their schedule with 4 Eastern games and 2 Western games but none against either the Lions or BB's. So if the Als can manage to go 3-3 in their final 6 then they would have the crossover spot from the East. The Riders have 2 of their final 5 games vs the Lions and the Alouettes both on the road. I think that the schedule still favours the Alouettes as the first ever East to West crossover team unless something drastic happens down the stretch,put it this way if they fail to claim that final spot they will have no one to blame but themselves.

Remaining games left for the Bombers/Lions/Alouettes

Winnipeg...... 4-9 (5 Games) Edm(h)/@ BC/@ Ott/Ott(h)/@ Tor
B.Columbia....4-8 (6 Games) Sask(h)/Wnp(h)/@ Edm/Ham(h)/@ Tor/Calg(h)
Montreal.......5-7 (6 Games)@ Ott/Tor(h)/Ham(h)/@ Tor/@ Edm/Sask (h)

Montreal didn't lose any ground to BC or Winnipeg this week. They are in exactly the same position they were a week ago. Not sure about your logic here.

Well they certainly looked stronger than Winnipeg when they beat them 35-14 just two weekends ago.

Winnipeg's schedule is not any means easy.

the only game I can see them really winning possibly is the game vs B.C.

they still play Ottawa twice. MAYBE?

Edmonton - definitely not.

Toronto - I don't think so.

Winnipeg could likely win 2 of their remaining games.

Montreal would be my favourite to back into to the final playoff spot.

Sask is out, as they are 3 games behind Montreal, and basically 3 games behind BC and Winnipeg as both of those teams have won the season series with Sask.

B.C. has the next best chance, with Jennings, although the loss of Harris will hurt. but with game in hand on Winnipeg

Winnipeg, just not their year.

Heh, true enough. I guess I should amend that to “last week” regarding Winnipeg. :oops: Still, the Bombers do seem to be improving their play with Nichols, maybe more so than Montreal with Crompton.

After watching Montreal get mauled by the Riders, I just don't think they have what it takes. My guess is BC, tho if they lose to the Riders this week, I just don't know. Should be a tight race nonetheless.

Montreal must win 2 more games than the winner of the 10 Oct BC/Winnipeg game as the winner of that will get their 5th win at least. Schedule favours the winner of that game with Montreal out. Sorry, no crossover this year.

We'll see.

Actually, since Montreal already has more wins than any of the 3 in the west, they only have to win the same number of games as either Winnipeg or B.C. Right now they have the edge.

Sounds like they have already made the decision to go back to Cato as their starter. He is the only QB that has played well for them this season. No idea why they put Crompton back in.

According to Popp. He's a great leader and is fun to be around.... not shidding you.

Another thing to consider is how many more Home Games the Argonauts will lose. So far they’re down to 7 Home Games and will probably lose more.

Montreal must win at least three more as the Riders will win out 8)

Typo. They must win one more game than the winner of the BC/Winnipeg game. The winner of that will be tied with Montreal which gives the spot to third in the west. Looking at the schedules all three teams have fairly equal schedules. I would favour the Als if not for the BC/Winnipeg game, however that game forces 1 of those teams teams to try and take take playoff spot.

Well, unless of course BC and Winnipeg tie and then…

Still wrong. They have to win as many games from this point going forward as any either if of those teams. If Montreal wins 1 game (Let's just say this Thursday), than they are still ahead of the winner of that game. Winnipeg has also played 1 more game than Montreal. So if each of those teams wins 1, 2, 3, or 4 of their remaining games, Montreal gets the cross over.

I think at this point it will depend how Montreal matches up with Toronto, they haven’t played each other and they get Toronto that has a brutal schedule and if the Jays are still in it. Gets even worse for TO.

I don't think that it really matters where the Argos play, they looked impressive in some of the western games and also beat Ottawa on the road. Toronto had a bye week then played Ottawa then they have another bye week before they play Ottawa again. I would say that Ottawa has the brutal schedule - 3 games in 10 days, they play the Argos twice with the Als sandwiched in between.