Who Gets Benched First: Harris or Nichols?

Neither of these two characters will last the season as a starter - - question is, who gets benched first?

Obviously Harris has more talent than Nichols, but Burris is far better than Drew Willy.

Both Ottawa and Winnipeg have cakewalk schedules for the next two weeks. RedBags get the feeble Alouettes and a bye. Winnipeg gets Regina twice - - which is essentially two byes.

Nichols has a history of turning the ball over so I could understand why someone might not have a lot of faith in him.

But I don't understand why you continue to underscore your own idiocy when it comes to Harris. If you didn't keep bringing up how wrong you are about him, people would focus on one of the great many other points that prove that you don't know a damn thing, but you keep shining a spotlight on that specific claim to display how little you actually know and how minute your contributions to this forum are.

It's like enjoying wearing the dunce cap because it keeps the hair from your face. But to be fair, it does fit you rather well.

So anyway, I choose Nichols.

Bombers have lost 11 straight LDC, so not a cake walk. Nichols has won 4 in a row and will lose a few this year. If he continues to be smart with the football and continued great OL protection, he's not going anywhere. Especially after beating the INDESTRUCTABLE , GREATEST OF ALL TIME, 85 BEARS, MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY, STEEL CURTAIN ......................ARGO DEFENCE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Its an interesting question.

For the correct answer you have to look beyond the players and at the coaches.

Mike O'Shea's form chart says he's an ultra-stubborn good 'ol boy coach who will stick to his starter well past his best before date. Just look at how long he stuck with Willy the Pooh!

O'Shea also knows (in his heart of hearts) that Willy is unfit for service and only hanging around until Kyle Walters can secure a better (and more affordable option).

If Nichols can't handle the rambunctious Sasky crowds (think of a chain gang where each member can bellow louder than Pavarotti) he'll quietly succumb to an inferior Sask'n team but a superior CFL QB (Durant).

Campbell isn't as tied to his choices as O'Shea. So if Harris can't get 'er done - he'll roll out Hank.

I also think if Nichols trips over his boot-laces O'Shea will insert Willy for cleanup duty once the game is out of hand. Willy might even rack up a few points in garbage time - cuz that's his specialty!

But knowing O'Shea when the media tries to torment him to give up his starter in the Banjo Bowl - he'll stick with Nichols.

If Bombers get trounced home & home vs. Sask'n - then Houston we got a problem!

Don't love Nichols but he's got the kind of grit Willy doesn't have and finds ways to win. His game would really have to drop off to be replaced. In Ottawa it's a question of who has the hot hand since both QB'S are very capable. Harris is Ottawa's future and I think that he's going to continue to play well.
I'm guessing both Nichols and Harris finish the season as the starters.

Have to agree about the grit. Even CFL superstars like Reilly, Mitchell, Collaros and budding ones like Jennings & Harris still wait to the last micro-second before disposing of the pigskin. . . . . even though they risk life 'n limb.
Willy has experienced way too much trauma and hog-slaughterin' in his brief career. He's super-traumatized, you can see it in his dead eyes. Now, when threatened, doesn't matter down, distance or urgency he'll just ground the ball or toss it out of bounds. The hero complex has been knocked out of him. Unless it returns he's of no use to anyone - other than Ryan Dinwiddie's understudy as an assistant QB coach!

No worries about A-51 aka Donny getting any hair in his face wearing his dunce cap considering that he is as bald as a bowling ball. :slight_smile: but I have to agree with ya QQ he does wear that cap well and it fits him to a tee. :lol:

I think the better question here would be how long before Jim Barker tries to pull the plug on a trade for a Drew Willy or another qb to try to save the Argos season when Ray goes down once again with another injury and unlike the RB's or the B.B's it leaves the Argos without a viable backup qb to insert into the lineup. Don-51 will never admit to it but he would kill to have either a Harris or a Nichols in an Argo uniform right about now as opposed to what the Argos have on their roster as a viable backup alternative to the injury prone noodle armed past his best before due date Ricky Ray which is absolutely no one. :cowboy:

Agree about Drew Willy's lack of toughness. That's such a big thing for a QB to have. I'm talking legit toughness - - ie guys who can take hits without crumbling and are willing to play through injury.

Matt Dunigan was the prototype for a tough QB. Brett Favre was the NFL version. Right now Mike Reilly and Durant are the toughest in the league, bar none.

I call it as I see it, my friend.

Last year Harris got worse as the season progressed - - to the point where he was unplayable. Look at what happened in the 2ndH last week, particularly in the 4thQ when Harris got stage fright and soiled himself against a mediocre BC team.

Remember when Drew Willy started off on fire when he was given the starters job in Winnipeg? Bomber Fan was certain that Willy was the CFL's next superstar QB. How did that turn out? Harris is heading down the same path. He just doesn't have the mental make up to be a championship level QB.

Both guys (Harris & Willy) could be Ryan Dinwiddied at any time. I'll put my money on Willy washing out of the league by the end of next season - I think Harris may be able to hobble along for several more seasons although his level of excellence continues to recede.

Just wondering here but that mediocre BC team that you mentioned ? is that the same Lion team that you labelled as bottom feeders earlier this season ? The same team that currently has a 6-3 record halfway through the season ? is that the same BC team that you also stated had a terrible joke of a qb name of Jennings ? The same team that you bet a Lion fan a $100.00 would finish below the Argos in points this season ? The same team that you said was going nowhere this season ? The same team that you called feeble ? The same team that you said had an old has been as a head coach ? the same team that you said had terrible Canadian talent on their roster ? The same team you called halfassed ? The same team that you called a complete fraud ? Is that the team ? or were you talking about another team from BC ? Good Luck on Wednesday night when yer powerhouse Argos play that mediocre team , because yer gonna need it :cowboy:

You continue to amaze with your vast knowledge there Don-51. Yup there's no doubt about it....you really know your stuff :smiley:

I just call it as I see it my friend !!! :slight_smile:

Don't understand the questioning of Harris' mental toughness. He's orchestrated a couple of last minute come from behind victory's previously, has been successful in the red zone all year and beat the defending Grey Cup champs in overtime this season.

Just a reminder to yourself and other casual CFL fans, the season does not conclude after nine games.

It's cute to beat up on CIS-level teams like Montreal and Regina. But you saw what the results were when BC played Toronto and Calgary once the Stamps rookie coach got settled in.

....Neither.....it looks like qb. Glenn is closest to the hook.... :stuck_out_tongue: