Who from the East wins this Weekend?


Can't see the Als beating the Bombers, but they do seem to play better at home.
BC hasn't looked good and Ottawa will be better at home.
Therefore 1 East win this weekend

Sounds right.

I can see the Als winning over the Bombers.
I wonder if Harris has enough to beat BC ,toss up.
Blues get stompted...
One Eastern win in Quebec

I'd have to say if I had to bet on one of them winning this week that my money would be on the RB's knocking off the Lions . The only 100% sure fire guarantee this week is that the Cats will not lose this week . As a matter of fact if I had to pick between Toronto , Montreal or Ottawa for which one will wind up in first place in the (L)east this year , my money would also be on the RB's to once again be hosting the EF for the 3rd straight year .

Ottawa has a pretty pedestrian schedule the second half of the season and should easily pick-up at the very least 6 to 7 more wins which will put them at or around the same mark as last year at 8-9-1 or maybe 9-8-1 . Either way it should be enough to once again win the turtle race that is the Eastern division this season . Toronto should wind up hosting the crossover ESF and the Alouettes will be missing the play-offs once again for the third straight season . Oh and as for the Cats ?? Well all I can say is the less said the better for this motley crew this season :-[ . As the old saying goes.... "Wait til next year".......(Hopefully:o) . It's a refrain we should all be getting used to by now as it's been our Rallying cry since 1999 .Yup ,yessiree !!! "ONLY"eighteen years and still counting ??? :'(.

No chance MTL beats WPG, Durant gets stomped by WPG's "D"
No chance OTT beats BC, Harris holds onto the ball too long, BC "D" puts Harris on the 6 game IL
No chance TOR beats CGY, Ricky Ray already has a wonky shoulder, he won't finish this game.

Your choices look good to me, Grover.
Winnipeg is on the rise and are carry a lot of momentum after removing Edmonton from the undefeated column.
Ottawa has only beaten Hamilton. I'm not convinced that Harris is good enough to take B C...
Calgary is a much betterteam than Montreal..and they are starting to get some talent back from injury....Deron Mayo andJunior Turner
On the other hand.....I could be wrong....

Ticats win,Ticats win!