Who from the Bombers should be All Stars?

I think Glenn, Roberts, Stegall, and Canada are locks. Doug Brown should get a nod, does Walls too? Or is that too many BB's on the line?
What about Armstrong and Edwards - I don't know if you can take them both, but who takes them out?
Interesting, we have one of the best Olines, but does one player really stand out enough to be an East All Star?

I would say Edwards, considering he is tops in the league, give Armstrong consideration, and Milt for sure. I think Charlie is a lock in the East, as is kevin. Tom Canada is a lock for sure, brown will get considered, Walls won't, Walls has let up late in the season as he alway's does, plus he is injured.

Go to the OLINE and we can pretty much add anyone from there EXCEPT Gautier (trade him.. cough), i have never seen a player get so many penalties in one game, EVERY game.

OH how bout berry for coach of the year? Just a thought!

...Glenn....Charlie ....Milt....Armstong...Edwards....Canada.....Hebert...too bad Franklin didn't sart the yr....he might have run away with everything....prediction this week....he's gonna give the stumps all they can handle this Sun... :thup: :rockin:

glenn, roberts, stegall, touchdown terrance, canada, hebert. i think they r the shoe ins. brown, armstrong definately conseriderations. lot of bomber options this year. see what will happen.


I think Zeke will probably steal that MLB spot....but Barrin fo sure.

ya zeke moreno has had a better year so far then barrin. although our dline has taken alot of pressure of him.

zeke isnt that good... he only has more tackles because nobody else on the ticats can do nething so he does and also their offence cant stay on the feild and get a good drive going so the d is on the feild more

Zeke IS that good. Zeke is 1st in tackles and Armour is 3rd. They are both bright spots for Hamilton.
Zeke reminds me of Battle.

Simpson can be on the inside of a 3-4 defence. That way both Moreno and Simpson can get in :smiley:

ya milt u make an ok arguement. noone else for hamilton can make plays. but our dline has taken alot of barrins tackles so he has seen less dominate this season.

Hamilton has the best LB corps in the league. To say that they don't have any play makers, is just flat wrong. Again, I will reiterate, Armour is 3rd overall in the CFL, in tackles and Kieth is a promising rookie. Defensive end, McKay-Loescher is also tied for 4th in sacks with 10.

I love Barrin Simpson and think he should be an all-star, but Moreno has played better than him this year. That's an easy one.

Yeah but like someone else said....when ur defense is on the field more than any other defense in the league....your gunna get those tackles.

So if anything Barrin should get it, because the defense has been on alot less...and he still is only a handful of tackles away from Moreno.

Glenn, Stegall, Edwards, Roberts and Canada

Glenn,Roberts,Barrin,Stegall,Edwards,Canada and Armstrong.

nobody right now the way the team has been playing,
who knows , i hope the whole team makes all stars but i'll wait to say who it we be.