Who falls on their sword?

After this utterly disgusting performance in Hamilton, who falls on their sword? Someone has to be accountable!

I note that Winnipeg fired Taman, Berry and Daley, and within a couple of years they have a VERY good football team.
The Rider HIRE Taman, Berry, and Daley, and (even though they got rid of the 2nd biggest idiot of the three) within a couple of years, the Riders are going to have an 0-4 start. The only reason it took this long is because Tillman's legacy players were able to carry the team. But no more. Those who have left have not been replaced.

People are blaming Hall for this defense? Its tough to put together a scheme that will work when your D-Line AND Secondary are made up of perpetual 2nd stringers. Our linebackers are ok, but 4 guys can't play the entire Defense. Blame Taman for not giving decent personnel to the coaches.

Offensively, DD is sucking today. Maybe a halfway decent GM would have a 2nd stringer who could actually be called upon to play in a situation like this, instead of a career clipboard holder who has done nothing since high-school. The Riders have still got some of the top receivers in the league, and a top running back. Actually, two of them. Perhaps a decent OC could put together a scheme that takes advantage of those skillsets.

I called this on the day the Riders named Taman as GM. I was horrified then and I'm seeing that horror justified now. How long before management sees and corrects this mistake?

The Riders have, over the past several years, been known for one main thing...their team CHARACTER. Well, this team, put together by Taman, has NO CHARACTER AT ALL. Guys give up. They have no fight. Taman has allowed this team to lose the winning culture that was developed under Tillman, and has fostered the same losing culture that existed in WInnipeg during Taman's tenure there.

Ya...Taman!!! But I'm just waiting to hear all the "injury" excuses.

I agree on Taman having done a very poor job recruiting talent - we have no depth on offense and our defense is toothless.
Will anyone lose their job - I doubt it. If I hear the cliche “it’s a long season” once more from someone on the Rider staff I think I will puke. Here’s hoping it’s all adjustment pains due to new coaches and personell but I don’t get that feeling from this game.

I agree with everything above. After game 1 I called for a 1-7 start and it could be worse than that.
As for falling on the sword, I have to give my discredits to the coaching staff 70% and 30% to the players. They just haven't been ready to play when the game starts. If there's a reason Marshall was an assistant for 17 years....I think we're seeing it.

tanam, while i dont really like him, improved the o-line night and day this year by who he brought in, brought in some RB prospects knowing Cates is near the end, and found a great special teams coach. Really, the only thing he was missing was a rush end (Hawkins is out) and maybe one more great DB. I think he did a respectable job this off season. we have no pass rush, and that is a big issue though. DD was not on the same page as receivers. Was that him, the receivers...who knows. There are a lot of new faces in the receiving corps.

I wonder if the players are having a hard time responding to Marshall. I think Marshall is a good HC, but he is a big contrast to what the players are used to over the past few years, and that will take time.

horrid outing though. The D did well to start, holding Hamilton to FGs when they started with amazing field position, but it was a very hot day, and they were on the field way way way too much.

Oh, i do have to question why DD was not pulled in the 2nd Q. Not saying it was all on him, but make a change, make a statement...something.

DD wasn't pulled as Berry has no clue - the pictures of him on the side lines told the whole story.

The reasons why Berry & Hall are Ex head coaches is self evident; they have an unique ability to bring talented people down to their level. I listened to Marshall's pregame talk and had no doubt that the game would be awful. I set the game to record to the PVR as didn't want waste time watching. I had no idea that the team could fall as far as they have, even with taking people off the street to coach the game the result couldn't be this bad. This coaching staff has no business calling themselves professional.

I get that it wasn't a good game and it is, so far, not a good season, but do you really have to post the same thing in 4 or 5 different threads????

Good post. Not excusing, not panicking. Just keeping your feet on the ground.

Sorry, but the OC does NOT make the call on pulling a QB. That is the HC. Yeah, I am sure they would discuss it, but it is still on Marshall. My first real disagreement with him thus far. When you have played 20 minutes, have 35 yards of offense, and 1 first down, it is time to shake things up. Not saying it is all on DD, but try something. The receivers and he were not on the same page at all, and I have to think that is on new receivers, not DD. DD was also throwing really bad, which did not help, but it was not all on him. Even pull him for a couple series and put him back in, give a different view for a bit. Pulling a QB will often sharpen people up, because they know the HC is pissed.

If I'm Jim Hopson, I call a meeting of the BoG's and have the entire staff attend. I say " You have two games to get the ship back on course, otherwise staff start walking the plank."

Can anyone remind me why we ran Tillman out of town?

because he was the major proponent of the no tolerance rule for on and off the field. Tough to enforce after his incident.

That may be so but our holier than thou attitude was not in the best interests of the football team. The whole incident was shrouded in innuendo and speculation - we crucified the man without giving him a chance to redeem himself and look where we are now. Edmonton is at the top of the standings and we sit at the bottom with not very much light at the end of the tunnel.

Tillman did find top quality players but I have heard from more than one Rider that they did not like or respect the guy. I don't have a problem with letting him go.

That may be so but he got the job done. What do you think the player's think of Taman?

I'm not saying I agreed with the decision. If it were up to me Tillman would not have lost his job. At the same time, I can totally understand the argument for parting ways with him. I think that most fans would have gotten over him staying in time. I mean, you are pissing off a large number of people by keeping him, and you are pissing off a large number of people for letting him go. I think that the final decision on letting him go was that Tillman did the exact same hard stance with a few players. Wish he never left, but I understand.

I know Tillman got the job done on the field, unfortunately he screwed up royally and they felt they had to let him go and I agree with the decision. It happens to good players as well.

Who cares if the players respect him? He's the GM, he deals with agents and scouts. The players don't deal with him very often and it's not like he's at field level telling the coaches what to do. Do the players in Montreal respect Jim Popp? Sure didn't look like it when he was coaching the team, but it doesn't matter a whole lot as a GM.