Who Else Would put up with this?

What other city in this country would put up with being out of the playoffs by labour day for 4 straight seasons and still manage to get a decent draw every week? Maybe Saskatchewan?? Even last year we were drawing atleast 25, 000 a game, and I think the 20, 000 average this year is great. ?We know Toronto, Montreal and BC definetely wouldn't put up with it, if they had this team they would be lucky to get 8, 000, but would Calgary Winnipeg and Edmonton put up with it to? Don't get me wrong, I am greatful Bob Young has stuck with this thing for so long, but we are maybe one of three teams in the league who would put up with this for so long.

dude nobody is putting up with it. The attendance is sinking fast. Bobs marketing schemes wont change the fact that the coaches suck

Any Maple Leaf, Cubs fan.....and God knows I don't want to be put in that group

Edmonton would be the only one.

And, yes, the Leafs and Cubbies. Can't think of another one. Well, Detroit Lions fans do a pretty good job of filling seats without any shred of hope.

I really hope Bob doesn't get too disheartened about this. This has to be difficult. I don't imagine he's experienced failure like this ever.

Hope he doesn't give up. I think he's been a great owner -- off the field.

I also fear that Bob will give up on this project of his. He is as a good an owner as there is in pro sports, and its a horrible shame that his effort is being undone by such ineptness within the coaching staff. I wont be back to a game as long as Charlie and Marcel B. are employed. They demonstrate week after week that they have no business coaching in the CFL and should both resign out of respect for Mr. Young and the fans.