Who else needs to be signed in Hamilton??

With Brandon Banks being signed for 2 years and Jalen Saunders signed back in December along with Sean Thomas Erlington signed last month, here is my priority wish list before free agency deadline in February:

Delvin Breaux - solid corner
Cariel Brooks - was a beast at DB
Mike Daly - thought overall he played well at Safety
Larry Dean - is a beast in the middle
Alex Green or Mercer Timmis - two solid running backs
Mike Jones - other then a few missed catches, i thought he redeemed himself in the second half of season
Simoni Lawrence - is a beast linebacker always full of energy and keeps the players pumped.
Don Unamba - played quite well with Lawrence and Dean
Adrian Tracy not unless we go after Shawn Lemon or Willie Jefferson
Jason Neill not unless we go after Micah Johnson
Terrell Sinkfield - if the price is right, would be a deadly kick returner i think still

The following guys I could care less if we signed back:

Shamawd Chambers - too injury prone
Mariel Cooper - not enough playing time to see how good he was
Terrell Davis - was good but not a priority of mine
Lirim Hajrullahu- too much inconsistency, we need someone better.
Landon Rice - getting old
Courtney Stephen - not enough money to keep him on special teams
Terrance Toliver - Hasn’t played a full year with the cats, too injury prone
Justin Vaughn - too injury prone
John White - i like Alex Green and Mercer Timmis more
Nikita Whitlock - wont be enough money to sign him
Chris Williams - will probably want too much money.

Here are the guys I would like to consider looking at in free agency that are not in Hamilton if the price is right:

Michah Johnson - DT - this guy had 14 sacks on the season last year for Calgary. Him and Laurent in the middle would be a force to reckon with.

Willie Jefferson - DE - this guy had 10 sacks and is a solid pass rusher that Hamilton could use. Him and a healthy Jamaal Westerman would be nice for the front.

Ja’Gared Davis- DE- One dominant pass rusher for Calgary last year that Hamilton could go after also.

Bryan Burnham - WR - Amazing posession receiver and adds depth to our receiving corps especially with Jalen Saunders who will be out for a bit of the season at the beginning.

Greg Ellingson - WR - wish he never left Hamilton but if he is still a free agent come February he would be a good pickup also.

Jonathan Rose - DB - A solid Defensive back for Ottawa last year and would look good in ticat colours.

Jason Lauzon- Seguin - OT- with losing Ryker Mathews, he would be a solid pickup for Hamilton

BJ Cunningham - WR - for the right price, would be a nice addition to Hamiltons receiver corps.

SirVincent Rogers - OT - if we couldnt pick up Seguin he would be another tackle to go after.

Aaron Grymes - DB - has had 5 solid years with Edmonton and would look good in the backfield, better then Richard Leonard.

Shawn Lemon - DE- This guy would be the ultimate beast and the type of pass rush Hamilton needs.

You talk about not having enough money for Williams, Stephens and Whitlock, then present this list like they will all sign for peanuts

He is 30. Old if you are a dog but not an OLineman.

Banks plays a skill position and is 31.

Willie Jefferson - DE - this guy had 10 sacks and is a solid pass rusher that Hamilton could use. Him and a healthy Jamaal Westerman would be nice for the front.
I cannot see Westerman on the Ticats next season. He is due a huge upfront bonus on his $218K + performance bonuses that Kavis Reed desperately paid him in free agency last year. Kavis made him the highest paid F/A last season :o It is a horrible contract

I would hope he is released and soon.

Much of Westerman’s money was paid up front via signing bonus

If new Montreal Alouette defensive lineman Westerman plays six games in 2018 he’ll make $218,000 plus performance bonuses on his two-year contract. Westerman made around $165,000 in 2017

= try Kavis again to see if lightning will strike twice.

I would expect a couple of players from BC Lions defence to follow Mark Washington to the Hammer

My impression was that last season, the Cats sacrificed QB pressure and blitzes for run defence. Maybe because of personnel, or maybe because of defensive coaching style.

Steinhauer and Washington may consider using the same guys differently, or decide to sign different guys. Hard to forecast who should be kept, and who should be brought in without some knowlege of how the defence will be structured?

I don’t think we will be able to keep all three starting linebackers. Maybe one or possibly two, but all three are going to get raises here or somewhere else.

Justin Vaughn was really only injured this year, the year before he played in all 18 games as a rookie.

I would like Stephen back, because he can play safety and cornerback. He seemed better at cornerback, but we needed him at safety when Butler went down a couple years ago.

I agree with Crazy Canuck to a certain degree. I think Dean will command large dollars especially since Bighill went for so much so I think it is 50/ 50 that he signs with the cats.

Since we have former BC DC Washington and two other ex BC coaches I feel they may go after free agents DE Lemon and LB Micaw Awe and a few db’s out of rose, orange. Peters and Yell.

Micaw has not played a complete season but the BC coaches are likely high on him and may persuad Coach O to go after hin as he would likely come cheaper than Dean and posibly Simoni. I could see them signing Awe over Dean to save money to go after a good DE like Lemon or better yet Jefferson or J’Gared Davis . I think Awe is a beast and could play Wil or MLB.

I am thinking not signing beloved leader Simoni would not go over well with the fanbase. He still has a few good years in him

I feel two players had career years and thus might have over inflated price tags for their their first good season. Mike Jones put up big numbers when our receivers were decimated thus getting more balls thrown his way. I noticed his catch to ball thrown to him ratio was one of the worst in the league. He dropped two sure touchdowns one went off his helmet and the other he lost in the sun. Goid pkayers make those catches .I also seen him out of sync with Masoli many times hence the poor completion ratio

So , I think our money would be better spent elsewhere especially since he is a national which would drive his price up. I think Buren has a higher upside and June Jones loves him. CHambers would come pretty cheap having missed a year as well and we drafted a good receiver in the third round but went back to school. He was drafted a round before Buren and looks good on youtube

I feel since Unamba had a career year / breakout year and was a CFL all-star at SAM that we may not spend the big money on him as he only did it for one year and his value will be through the roof and we can’t sign everyone due to the cap. I’d love to keep Unamba but not money to spend on Breaux; Dean, Simoni, a good pash rusher,:offensive Tackke to replace Rycker, an RB, and maybe a FA db from BC or two. I also noticed we signed a beast of a SAM linebacker out of Michagin State named Chris Frey.

Check out the film on him on youtube as he looks like a Chip Cox type. Also Jackson Bennett looked really good at SAM and special teams. He is a national and could be ratio buster.

I think with Orlondo back in charge I think Courtney might be back starting at safety as he was when Orlondo was the DC with Daley on the roster. I think Courtney will come cheaper now than his last large contract since he wasn’t a starter last year. If Courtney asks for 180 k like he had when he was a starter then I’d pass and give Daley, Langa snd maybe Bennett a shot at safety

Ideally I’d love to see Breaux back but he is by far the nist expensive DB in the CFL at 200 k and Brooks and maybe Orlando may want to reunite with FA Rico Murray.I think Freddie Williams and Josh Johnson showed well enough to be invited back to compete for jobs. I think BC coaches will likely lobby to sign a BC free agent DB or two. I think Leonard is expendible.

I am not certain that we have a guy in house to replace Rycker. We may want to bring in some guys we think could start. I know June Jones is high on a few young imports we have in house. My gut feeling is that Rycker won’t stick with New England but we shall wait and see. I am not a big Filer fan and if he asks for too much Girard can move in there nicely and we could draft a center with one of our high picks .

I think if we sign Lemon at DE or one of the other star DE’s we still might be able to sign Tracy at the other end for a reasonable price tag since he had an off year and he just got engaged to a Hamilton girl so we may get a hometown discount. I think Howsare showed enough promise to be invited back. I am not a fan of Neill and I think we need an upgrade at Import DT likely from a rookie

June Joned seems to really like Whitlock as a part time DT, fullback . and supreme special teams player. I think Jamal Westerman had an off year last year not worthy off 225 k even being a national. I think he is better than he showed with us and if we could convince him to renegotiate his contract down to the 150 k range then we might have a DE national ratio buster.

I am not a big fan of Lirium and it concerns me that June Jones didn’t have confidence in him in BC to seal the game away in BC.
However, I feel we should try to keep him if the price is right because he is a national playing 2 roles at an average level. There are not many good national punter or kickers around and we might not want to use one or two import spots because by having Lirium taking two roles with one national spot it gives us the luvury to dress a few more imports to play in situations and improve our special teams play and provide backups to give players on the line a rest and to be there in case of injuries.
Having Lirium as a national taking two spots with one roster spot allows us ti dress players like Ken Wacha, Josh Johnson or Freddie Williams , or Whitlock, John White or an extra import receiver like Lawrence, Tolliver or Chris Williams all as upgraded import instead of national situational and backup players and specialty teams.

. Lirium is pretty young and his best years are likely ahead of him. I think he had an off year especially kicking balls out of bounds. Maybe cosch Reinbold can instill a better work ethic in him sort of like Medlock.

I think June Jones is pretty high on Dane Evans as the backuo QB and he has had a year of the offence under his belt and is on a cheap contract.If possible it may make sense to bring in either Drew Willy or Durant as insurance in case Masoli goes down for a while. If the price is right i’d go for it as there is not much demand for them and they both have had sucess in the CFL as starters and still have some gas in the tank.

As for runining back, will say Timmis and Erlington are great national assets to play s bit on offence and provide good special teams play and act as backups both able to start and be successful in case of injury. I think that if Timmis were to ever get alot of touches I think he may make the next step and be considered as a ratio buster starting RB.

I know June Jones his high on Grreen and White at RB.Green knows the offence well from his days in Hawaii and he is very good in the red zone as he has the will and a nose for the endzone.

I have been impressed with Green at times especially on screen passes and he can be a load to bring down when he gets a head of steam .i think due to June Jones love affair with him that they will sign him providing the price is right and the RB job will be his to lose.
I will say that he did not perform well in Otrawa in the eastern final and I think he had more average games than good ones. My hunch is that he won’t be able to keep his job mainly due to his lack of breakaway speed.

John White deserves a longer look as he looked good last year and he has had time to fully recover from a recent injury. He also has had much success in the past with EDM.I noticed the cats signed an RB named Lowry who looks good on tape and could be in the mix.

As for the receivers. I am excited that Banks and Tasker are back and healthy. I am glad they signed Saunders as he was on pace to lead the league in receiving before his injury. So let’s hope he makes a full recovery and is available before labour day. I think Addison’s 3 games and solid play in practice impressing Jones likely gives him a shot to start. I would prefer that we only go with one national receiver and that would be Buren. I am not sure why we signed Rashad Lawrence as he did not impress yet he wasn’t targetted often enough to prooperly evaluate. I am ok with signing Chris Willians, Tolliver, or Sinjkfield ar the right price. I think all 3 are better than they showed last year.and are capable of starting until Saunders is back.They would act as insurance in case of injuriies or Adidison not panning out .All 3 of them are also familiar with the offence. If I were to guess I’d say they will sign Williams as he was starting to gel with the offence just before he got injured and he can return kicks.

For some reason June Jones chose to go with Marquay Mcdaniel and 2 national receivers instead of Sinkfield down the stretch and it was a major reason why our offence sputtered in Ottawa. I was at the game and noticed that Otrawa’s supreme safety Pruneau was cheating towards Tasker all game thus eliminating Tasker as a factor in the game and leaving Masoli with guys that were not getting seperation and generally less skilled than he was accustomed to.

I am a bit concerned about our kicking game situation as Lirium is reaĺly a question mark and will likely command a decent wage seeing he is a competent national that can punt and kick and allow the team to dress an additional import. If we were to go with
two import kickers then that would mean we can’t dress 2 imports and that would hurt the quality of our specialty teams play and decrease the quality of our backups and players who may play in certain situations .
I think if June has his way Lirium would not be back at least not as the place kicker.
The kicker, punter situation is a tough one to figure out .

I think our punt and kickoff returning was pretty bad last year. I figure it was a combination of lack of quality kick returners and ineffective blocking and blocking shemes. The ex NFL spcialty team coach has to take part of the blame.

I am hoping the arrival of Reinbold will bring more effective schemes.
Now the question is who will be our return guy. Do we go out and sign Chris Rainey or do we go with Freddie Williams and Chris Williams and maybe a bit of speedyb as he was so successfull under reinbold in the past.

I am very excited about next year because of our coaching staff. Coach Orlondo is very well liked by coaches and players as we saw june jones step aside for this multi talented man.

We saw our ex OC tommy condell come back as a receivers coach and likely successor to OC June Jones as we know june has indicated he will retire soon. In a perfect world we win the 2020 Grey Cup bid and then go on to win the Grey Cup due to the formidable June jones offence and excellent coaching staff. Then June can retire on top and pass the torch to Tomny.

Orlondo is very positive friendly confident aggressive smart and CFL snart having had a very long and successfull career as an all star db and Grey Cup champion. He knows how to win and how to play defence in the CFL
He went on to coaching defence for the Argos and then went to 2 straight Grey Cups as the ticats DC .He ran a very aggressive blitzing style defence.He spent a year in US college DC.Then last year he acted as Junes and Glanville’s right hand man and was there to help them with the CFL game… Now he is Head Coach with a great coaching staff with Year 2 of June Jones offence.

Players around the league know how good this offence became with Masoli Banks Tasker and Saunders tigether.Players know that if Banks, Saunders, Tolliver and Chris Williams had not gotten injured that the offence would have led them to a Grey Cup victory.

Players are going to want to sign with hamilton because they see another year of june jones offence getting better with Masoli Banks, Saunders and Tasker already on board and our new BC coaches will know doubt further entice FA BC Lions to want to come to Hamilton

A year where A CFL guru in Coach O will be making all in game decissions instead of NFL minded june jones that cost us a few ganes like in BC.
June Jones can now focus solely on the Offence hitting the ground running with a bunch of stars that have a full year under their belt and one can then expect the offence to continue to improve with familarity with the offence and eachother.

Our Defence is in good hands with Orlondo watching over a like minded DC in Mark Washingtin who like Ciach O had a long and successfull playing career as a DB in the CFL.He then went on to be the DC of BC for several years working closely with head coach and CFL guru and legend Wally Buono. The combinatiion of Orlondo
and Mark seens lethal. Mark was given the luxury of bringing very experienced
dline and linebacker coaches with him fron BC. This will help to hit the ground running in defence and attract BC lion Fa’s especially on defence. We’re also bringing back Jeff reinbold who was very successful here coaching special teans. Jeff brings a very positive and confident approach as he has so many years of experience in so many roles with specialty teams likely his best role.

I am not a fan of promoiting Burke and Allemang . Burke started out as the communications guy and Drew was in charge of Canadian draft. Neither have played the game professionally or coached or managed at the college or University level. Do these guys have damaging pictures of Scott Mitchell or is Scott helping out a couple of buddies that babysat his kids. I am hoping that these two guys are not our long term solution at Gm.

I am hoping they are just given the grunt work and are not responsible for finding and evaluating talent. That is a scary thought as most Gm’s have played the game and have years of experience in scouting and coaching and managing at many different levels and in different leagues and teams and having many contacts in the US and relationships with players and CFL player, coaches and GM’s.

There is a reason Tasker is in Hamilton because he played under Austin at Colgate. Kent knew Luke’s character and skill set would work in the CFL. I think if luke stays healthy he will be a hall of famer. Also Austin and Tillman were wise enough to know that EDM had a really good linebacker who was stuck behind all’star MLB Sherett. Likely through their contacts they were tipped off a great talent waiting in wings behind an all-star. This player is Simoni Lawrence. They also were aware of a third string QB in EDM that had an outstanding College career at oregon but considered too short for the NFL but was very mobile and suited well for the CFL.This man is Jeremiah Masoli.I credit Kent for hanging onto Masoli so long as third QB and for Masoli being patient and confident. As it turns out the Ticats traded some players that quickly amounted to nothing to EDM for Simoni and Masoli. This trade was so successfull because of quality contacts and knowledge.and talent evaluation of University. players and identifying those that should thrive in the CFL.

I really don’t see the logic Mr Mitchell. A real quality GM is one like Bob Obilovich , Jim Popp, Wally Buano. Eric Tillman, John Hufnagel or Hugh Campbell. This reminds me of when Harold Ballard promoted from within the leafs organization with non hockey people like Gord Stellick.

Luckily they hired a real GM as a consultant in Jim Barker and added Zimmerman who was the argos assistant GM. Why not just hire one seasoned GM instead of trying to groom non football guys.I hope they realize their mistake and hire a real GM. I know from talking to Tillman last year he basically said that June Joned was calling the shots but i am sure they utilized Eric for his scouting and talent evaluation abilities and all the contacts he had in the US. I am almost certain that Burke and allemang have liitle to no scouting or talent evaluation ability and hardly any US contacts . Scott I really think you could have found a veteran GM.

hmm, last time I wrote something that long, I was on acid. :slight_smile:

After reading WAR and PEACE the football version, the name Rico Murray pops up . After seasons of playing 14, 15, 9, and 12 games with the Cats, he played 18 and 18 with the Argos and the Ottawas.
I believe the book on Rico was a good playmaker, when healthy . Perhaps Coach O sees him as a guy worth signing in free agency .

Another player with similar stats is Greg Ellingson. After 2 seasons of playing 12 and 9 games with the Cats, he’s had four seasons of 18, 17, 18, and 17 games played with the 2 colours . I’m pretty sure that we let him go because he was on the IR a lot .

For some reason, the TiCat Tolstoy is fixated on Mike Jones and his departure . Developing Canadian talent is what good CFL teams try to do . Burke, Allemang, Jones, and Coach O know this ! Change just for the sake of change makes no sense.

Let’s keep building our Canadian talent base and keep signing our free agents like Speedy B.

Pat Lynch (the old Leo fan. Not the Moscow one. The Argo one. ;))

There’s no way there can be a longer post in 2019.

The off season is getting longer and longer and longer and longer and…

Too many notes.

More content in Gerbear’s post than a week of Drew’s articles…NICE!

Less sense in there as well.

Oh thanks count floyd . Maybe you can advise me of a couple of examples where I didn" t make sense to you
. I think the forum should be people discussing and debating what they figure might happen and who might come or go and why. Just adding a one line criticism adds little value and does not promote friendly banter.
Aa for ex Pat. I agree keeping good canadians is vital but I just don’t think Mike Jones is as good as his stats show because his ratio to balls caught to balls thrown to him was by far the worst in the league and you can check it on the cfl site under receiver stats. He was out of synch with Masoli alot and he got a lot more balls thrown his way when we were decimated and him and Tasker were the only guys who knew the offence so in this time his catches and yards were very inflated. With everyone healthy this year Jones would receive about half the passes as last year. I think he is ok but not the 2knd best national receiver in the CFL as some of his stats show. I think because of these stats it will raise his cost much more than I feel he is worth. Buren on the other hand looks great and had a great career at Simon Fraser and June Jones loves him and he looks like he has a big upside and his salary is low .Chambers is a good national receiver and will come much cheaper since he missed all of last year and he lookef excelent the year before getting alot of yac yards.We also have a fine looking receiver who was drafted in the 4th round last year out of UBC named Marcus Davis but he got injured he was very highly touted and looks great on film. We can also draft a receiver with one if our many high picks this year. Lausier is also a decent national receiver.Since wr have a cap I’d rather us an extra 50 k or so to help sign a decent db. I figure Jones could command about 160 to 180 which is too much for him .

I just don't think Mike Jones is as good as his stats show because his ratio to balls caught to balls thrown to him was by far the worst in the league and you can check it on the cfl site under receiver stats.
Gerbear, I checked the stats and he is far from the "by far the worst int the League", His stats show he was the 14th best REC in the League and was 2nd best to Sinopoli in total yards for NAT REC's

Sinopoli was the Most Outstanding Canadian last year!

Every player has had drops(except Fantuz and Tasker) and granted Mike Jones had a couple drops that he should have had, 841 yards receiving is a very good season for him

Sinopoli = 116 catches on 154 attempts - 38 incompletions

Jones = 49 catches on 80 attempts - 31 incompletions

  1. You’re completely out to lunch on Mike Jones. Your “plan” is to go with Chambers who is coming off a blown knee, and Buren who has 10 catches or so over Jones, who had over 800 yards last year. All because you think he will suddenly have huge salary demands after having a good year last year. If Speedy re-signed for less than a huge amount after HIS year, why would Jones, who had half his receiving yards suddenly demand an outlandish payday? Ok, the guy’s Canadian, but he’s not going to jump to the top salary tier because of that.

  2. Same thing with Unamba. Instead of caving in to his (in your eyes) ridiculous salary demands, you want to go with a guy who has never played a down up here (Frey) or Bennett, who is unproven. Good luck with that. We FINALLY get a replacement at SAM & you want to let him walk. Brilliant.

  3. You continually refer to a “Freddie” Williams. There is no one by that name on our team. If you’re referring to Frankie Williams, then get the guy’s name right.

  4. You’re “not a big Filer fan”. WTF does that even mean? The guy has been a rock at centre making the calls for years, but you just want to dump him to put in Girard, who before last year was out of football for awhile and is an unknown. Yeah sure, let’s disrupt the whole timing of the O line because you’re not “a Filer fan”. ::slight_smile:

  5. The fact that you state “it may make sense” to bring in either Willy or Durant blows your credibility out of the water.

  6. You’re also “not a fan” of Burke & Allemang. They’ve only been the ones who have brought in the majority of the talent the last 3-4 years. No idea what you’re basing this on, but it’s not reality. As if the club would hire these guys because they “babysat their kids”. That’s just asinine.

  7. There’s more, but I broke my elbow last Friday & I have little patience for pointing out the obvious in any case. You have a tendency to ramble excessively on topics for which it appears you have no evidence other than your questionable observations which seem to lack any conventional football knowledge.