Who else is NOT watching/attending?

If you want to debate the issue, please post at one of the existing threads; I just want to see who else is on side...

I'll watch, wont attend.
I know thats not what you asked but meh. boredness.

i bet you get 8 replies at most , sorry

I will attend, but won't watch.

that made me chuckle.

8) Me Too !!! :lol:

You’ll watch. It’s like a train wreck about to happen. You won’t be able to help yourself.

By the way, me and the missus will be there.

An Argo-Cat fan

Love the train wretck analogy, so true its sad

all i can do is wait to friday to prove what ive been sayin that the cats will play well and win.

hope you are correct but I'm not expecting it

If T.O football fans can support the Bills when they are Crap, Then Hamilton fans can (should)Support the Ticats when they are!!!! So no im not "on Board" --The last thing the CFL needs is for the Ticats to lose their newfound fans,. -get out and support the team :cowboy:


this game in essence is a must win.if this team can’t get it done friday, i don’t know when we are gonna win.
if it takes the energy and spark from a rook qb to have this team playing desperate football we are in big trouble,
that is why what i see as improvement with the team as a whole must continue and it should, and that should result in a victory.
i’m not only putting my confidence on the line i’m putting my hopes on this.so this better be the week or things will be getting really ugly around balsam street leading up to labor day.

From where I sit its already ugly. We've lost another fan for the time being. He a life time fan and a bigger fan I've never met He missed 6 games last year out of disgust and still renewed. We have lost him already this season after just 2 home games. How long before this lifer bails altogether? I know more people who didn't renew than those that did I'm not optimistic for this franchise to be honest. If that doesn't illustrate why I'm angry I guess you'll just never get it

First off.. don't tell us where to post..

Secondly.. threads like this breed negativity. If you don't want to support the team.. fine.. but don't try and drag others down with you. People have their own brains to make that choice with.

I agree, its no different than the positive thread of today. Both are bound to incite

you have 13 more games to make this prediction....eventually you'll be right ( god i hope) and then you can tell everyone you told us so.

i have a buddy too who did not renew this season. his beef was with the direction of management over the last 2-3 seasons.
one thing that does piss me off though is this season is automatically by some seen as a continuation from last season.
maybe some don't have the patience to see this as a new season, a new coaching staff a new gm and a lot new young players.
after last season the majority of fans wanted to blow this team up and that is what has happened, so you gonna have to see this thru for the right reasons or jump ship. too bad for their loss, i hope they're there for all the good years ahead not that i care. it's they're loss go enjoy your blow jays.

pressure is on but if i'm wrong i'll be hurting like everyone else.
i'd rather be wrong with my maas philosphies etc,as long as we win that's all i want.
but if this looked like a disaster like the 1-17 and last seasons then i would honestly express that i just see more upside with this team than that .

This season IS a continuation of last season in that we have the same lousy QB and nobody in the organization wants to acknowlege he isn't the answer. I have no friends or relatives that like Maas. Not one. That only scratches the surface of why people I know are leaving. Concession prices, lack of water, confiscation of food items from diabetics annoying game day presentation and others are reasons I've heard. Know what? Can't argue about a single item