who else is going to watch the first pre-season game?

Game seven of the stanley cup finals is on wednesday... with vancouver in the finals...

At the same time, the BC lions will face the Calgary stampeders in calgary... on TSN.

Good thing the game is not in Vancouver. they would only be about 100 people there. im sure croud in calgary will be small as well, but definately not as small as it would be in BC. this may go down as the least watched football game in canadian history. but i will be watching!

To me, there is no doubt.

one lions fan! sweet. i dare you to go to a bar in vancouver and ask them to switch it to the football game

I know I'll have my right thumb on the "Last Chl" button on my remote haha but I'll be watching both.

Have you seen how the Canucks choke? I may actually get a fair bit of support!

I'll be flippin between games but actually have more pure interest in the football game.

...my son and I are going to McMahon....Game 7 will be what it will be....

kudos to you! im going to watch on tv as i wont have time to get there after work. I would think a person could get walk up tickets.

The hockey game should end just after half time, maybe. I will mostly be watching the hockey game, unless they play like they still in Boston. Unless there is overtime, should catch at least the 4th quarter.

I may be a cfl fan miles more than NHL, but cmon, game 7 of cup final vs first preseason game. Its a no brainer for any one who is any kind of canuck fan.

Sorry I'm watching the Bruins take home the Cup, then I'm in full on CFL mode.

Me too. Hockey should be over by the end of May.

I'm gonna watch all the games, including the game thats not on TV, since I'll be going down to Toronto for the match up.

Makes me want to sign up for the cable package that allows for watching multiple channels simultaneously on one screen. :wink:

Seriously though, when it comes to the NHL and CFL, a play-off game is going to trump a pre-season game.

I'll watch the football game until all the back-ups are in. If hockey is still on at that point, then so be it. If not, oh well :wink: .

I'll watch Van hoist it, then to TSN.

I'll have both on at the same time. If game 7 turns out to be a dud I'll switch full time to the preseason game.

No interest in hockey, will be watching the football game, even though it's pre-season. Gotta get my CFL fix. Been too long of an off season.

It's pre-season but I can't stand this wait any more.

When I catch the free link online I will post it here too for those without access to TSN.

Others of course understandably enjoy Game 7 for the ultimate prize in hockey in Canada's top sport.

I watched the first 6 games, so I'll watch the last one. I'm with FYB: If it's pre-season against Game 7, pretty easy decision. I'll catch the last half of the football game after. Besides, the only pre-season games I'm really interested in are the Edmonton ones. I want to see what all these new guys do.

Solution-tsn2 is going to replay the game later that night. Midnight here in Alberta