Who else is "coming from away" to TD Atlantic?

I'm from Prince Albert, SK and I'm boarding a flight later today to visit some friends and go cheer on the Riders in the Touchdown Atlantic game. Who else is going to the game? Where from?


Wish I could. 6,000 some KM is a long road trip though

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My trip is 4,300 km or so, one way. Flying is expensive, but the travel time is shorter and therefore very do-able.

Should be a fun weekend. For the record I don't think it is necessary to have Toronto give up a home game every year to be in it. It's not like they are a regional center of business.

Also a poor way to build a fan base in TO imo.

It’s still a TO home game, as far as divvying up the ticket revenue goes, just taking place in Nova Scotia instead. And the sad truth is, attendance will likely be higher for this game than most of their other games still taking place in Toronto!


Then you still have to get to Wolfville

Taken care of, with the people I’m visiting here.

Be careful.. they fight in bars with Cod fish there ! Wear a Nor Easter.

I was going to. But the tickets sold way to fast. blink. Sheesh.

Ive been out here for a couple weeks now. If you are using public transit hit the citidel first. Everything is within walking distance from there but down hill which will save your legs. Spend more time on the Cabot trail (lots of really nice hiking spokes and skyline views).

The area is really nice and hope they get a team.. surprised at 500k they really don't have a professional sports team

Open post to P. Friesen writing in the Ottawa Citizen:
Just read your excellent article "Vile stench will follow CFL to Touchdown Atlantic." Great writing! If only it could heal Masoli faster. I think it's really great that you didn't mince words or pull any punches. This had to be said the way you wrote it.
I'm sad to say, and I'm sure I'm far from alone in this, that this whole vile stench has seriously made me question whether or not I want to watch any more CFL this season. To say I am disappointed in the league's namby-pamby so-called discipline and in the Saskatchewan management and coaching staff would be a gross understatement. I want to watch the Atlantic game just to see what sort of reaction the Riders get as they come on the field.
I grew up on the Als in '50s Montreal, but always had a thing about the Green Riders. You can for sure believe that has all gone up in smoke, largely due to a lot of their fans' (not all, I know) putrid reaction.

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So I'll take that as a no you aren't coming to Touchdown Atlantic lol

Old news, looks like we’re in for a grrreattt game , a stadium full of fans , what more could you ask for. Good weather I guess. ? Nice location for a stadium. Beautiful spot if that’s where they want to build one.

Just walked past Acadia U today. Looks like they are getting everything up and ready to go.. will have that old college game feel.

After all the crying and bitching how bad the Rider organization is from supposed cfl fans they have taken over the Atlantic bowl. Nothing but fun happening :blush::blush::blush:


Thoughts from the game

  1. The venue itself reminded me of the old Mosaic. Kinda dumpy, porter potties, poor sight lines, bleachers with no back support but still a good vibe

  2. Lots of young college students putting on their own tailgates and having a good time. Wolfville may be somewhere to consider if Halifax continues to flake out. I don't see how you can get much more than 11000 seats in there tho without some big renovations and knocking down buildings.

  3. Rider fans showed up and spent their hard earned money despite being given very little respect from the league. There were some Argo die hards as well who were great fans.

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