Who else hate the off-season

Face it when players go we start longest off season in Pro Sports 6 Months.
I hate it ..
They need to do something to keep the CFL in the Headlines..

Anyone else hate our off-season ..
dose any one have Any idea how stop the board dome

Join an online football league! If your lucky you may get to manager the Ticats!

College Bowl Games. NFL till February. NHL till June. CFL teams back in camp. What more does a sports fan need? Oh yeah, a very understanding spouse!

NFL - NBA - See you in Training Camp

Follow your Detroit Lions.

They may win a game someday.....wouldn't want to miss it :smiley:

Hell When they traded Roy to Dallas that was the end of me being a Lions Fan…
Mine You I hate the Cowboys … So I am cheering for Panthers and Titans Superbowl

That's ok, we'll be there in ecstasy land, eventually if we continue with great ownership, keep the faith!!!

I hate CFL withdrawal, I can only fill the void the brain numbing WWE PPV’s.

Yeah I can't handle the CFL off-season as well. It seems a lot longer than most other sports off-season because of the fact there is 8 teams and they don't generate a lot of news.

Maybe the ____s can hire Jeff Reinbold as their new head coach. That would spice some things up in the news!

If you are bored, then you can pass time by reading my blog!


I just go to this forum, a never-ending insight into whom we should get, whom we should "throw under a bus", and all the reasons why.

For comic relief it's just like a Brit-com with all the dry, droll wit--must make the bones of Oscar Wilde and Winston Churchill rattle.

And for the arts-fartsy we even have poets, although I haven't heard much lately that is even up to the all time classic that starts with " There once was a hermit named Dave".

Maybe we need some intellectual pursuits here---
1. Bring back the "Whatever Happened To....."
2. Coupled with "What is going to Happen To...."
3. And that ever-popular "who cares..."

 And for the engineers, a hot debate over the proper material to finish off our City Hall:
         Marble??   Concrete??  Silly putty??
For the financial wizards, a pool on how long our public transit lasts in its downward spiral  of
    declining revenues/increasing costs== fare-hike==decreased ridership==declining revenues
    or "which would get our Federal Gov't the most $$$$-- the Feds sell our stake in the CN Tower, 
    or we privatize the CBC (especially the TV arm), we do away with the Senate, or even all 
    of Parliament and go to an elected monarchy?

Just a thought.

you too :slight_smile: