Who else feels that the Als are not getting enough coverage?

My complete title was "Who else feels that the Als and the CFL are not getting enough media coverage these days?

I am pissed, just a little. I an from Montreal, and RDS (who is supposed to cover sports, especially for the french in Québec) have been obsessing over the Stanley Cup for the past week. Wake up call, who in Québec really cares that the Ottawa Senators are losing the cup… Is there anyone in Ottawa who cares as much (this is a shot at Ottawa football fans as well).
If you want to know what the Als are doing, watch the end of the bulletin at 18:57. It is that bad.

And what about the “Journal de MTL”. They print 20 pages of hockey, they have a soccer section, BUT no article about the Als! Even the great Herb Z. seems silent today and yesterday. What is going on! (I know about the Grand Prix). It is not an excuse because the guys who write football, they know nothing about Formula 1 and vice versa…).

I agree with you 100%!! Either than the Canadiens wich who cares about right now theres nothing going on now. There should be in the papers or on the tv all kinds of stuff about the Alouettes!!!

Nah, Jack Todd is always there calling Calvillo names and stuff, saying he's not good anymore when the Als are having a bad time, but then when the Als are doing good, he's there to say things like "I told you so, Calvillo is old, but he can still do the job"

On a serious note, the Als DESERVE more coverage. They do way more for the community then the Impact and Habs together!

I dont know who is more useless(less useful?) :wink:
Jack or Herb?
The coverage will improve when the season starts. There is not much to report right now anyway.

EXACTLY my thoughts too!
Most people didn't even know there was a game today. Okay, it's pre-season, but come on. A little press please.
I guess having the Grand Prix this week-end isn't the best for them either.

Hopefully in 2 weeks, when there's nothing going on, they'll get the coverage they deserve.

Thered have to be some great standouts in the preseason games for the als to get some coverage right now. The press is really big on discussing the potential impact of Craey Price. In the past 2 days I have seen around 5 articles on Price and 1 on the Als

Hi guys. I gave this reply to a guy on the main forum.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=16582]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpB ... ic&t=16582[/url]

He was disappointed because he beleives that because he lives in a non CFL city, he is getting no news. I informed him that we in Montreal are not getting much coverage either. Sad.

Amen ! I'm from Montreal 2 and I want more Alouettes news !!!