Who else can brag they kicked a 25 yarder?

Took me 3 attempts on Sunday but got it through finally! Ok, so the wind helped a bit but still. Think I pulled a ham doing it though, oh well, no pain, no gain as they say.

If you ask my 9 year old daughter my kick was awesome.....

In reality it wasn't pretty, just cleared the inside of the left post about halfway up and went through the end zone before in landed.

All in all I didn't make a fool of myself and I managed to make it through. It was a great day out there, we had fun.

I tried 6 kicks. I missed the first 3 but made the last 3.

My legs are stilling hurting me.

Give you some more Respect for Nick eh
He hit them from 50 with style..

From now on we call him St. Nick :smiley:

Insert Jamie Boreham joke here.

we talking field goals?

are you guys young kids? 20? older?

I'm 40.

I actually like kicking FG's when I go to the park with my daughters. Just fooling around, I think the logest i've ever made was about 40 yards.

You did better than Duncan O'Missy! :lol: :lol:

I hear Machocia may send you an invite to Training camp! :lol: :lol:

I dont mean to belittle anybody, we all got different skills and experience, but it just surprises me to hear about any healthy male between about 13 and 45, give or take, not taking 25 yrd fg for granted, no game pressure, no rushers, no need for snapholderkicker timing.

I shouldnt be though, I guess. Reminds me of the time when I was in basic training in the army. We had about 30 in the platoon, and for PT, they had us line up in 2 lines to kick fg of about a dozen yrds, give or take. The idea was that the other line had to do pushups for everyone your line made. I was last in my line, and watched in astonishment as every single other guy in both lines missed. After I chipped mine over, the master corporal decided to even things out and kick one for the other line. I think he must have also been dissappointed at the lack of pushups. Go figure.

Believe me Sporty, he doesn't want some completely bald and tad overweight, soon-to-be (tomorrow actually) 52 year old who, let's just say, isn't in his prime any more - but I was co-captain of my high school football team decades ago, that's when I could actually say I could run decently fast! :wink:

But great time for sure, a great way to pick up your seasons ducats.

Actually FYB, last year during one of my Grand son's Pre-season tournaments, (South Delta I think) Parents had a FG competetion. I think maybe 2 or 3 out of 30 had any height at all, let alone through the uprights. But lets test your theory....

Earl, try those kicks again. I'll get 4 or 5 of the expansions zealots to rush you screaming " Expand to the States, Expand to the States". If you can make another three Field Goals, we can shoot down FYB's theory! :lol: :lol:

Theory? I said a theory??

Well I'll be (scratching head).

I guess I need to pay more attention to myself when I speak :oops:

I just got the idea that maybe you felt Earl didn't have pressure on him..... I was creating pressure.....sort of.

Actually, I went and re-read your post.....sign me up for the old folks ward :oops: ......You sort of gave another example that I twisted around in my mind.....my bad. :oops:

NO, on the contrary, I was saying that I would expect most guys to make it under the no rushing or game pressure. I myself have kicked hundreds of FG with a high percentage over 40 yrds, mostly during my teens and 20s. However, only 1 was with a full rush. This was when I was in mid 30's during a game in a flag football league. It was about a 25 yder. The holder and I had never practiced together and we got the timing right, but in my rush to beat the rush, I hoofed it a foot to the right.

So, I guess I do have a theory, if you call it that, that it is harder to kick under rushgame pressure than when you get to set up and take your time.

Theory, or Fact of Life. You be the Judge :wink: 8)

Hey guys, if there was any pressure on me of any sort, guys trying to take your head off, thousands of people in the stands, TV, whatever, I bet I wouldn't even be able to make it out on the field without squirting my pants if you know what I mean and if I did manage to get out there, I'd faint. How those field goal kickers come through in the pressure is unreal and conditions on Sunday were perfect. They earn every penny they get.

Yeah, fan pressure really gets me.

As a kid, late preteens early teens, I played a lot of hardball, though not as much as touch football and soccer. I did quite well in PE and get together games with friends after school, etc. However, during the 4 yrs I played in league ball, tho I always did well in practice, at the games, everytime I got up to bat, I just swung at the first 3 balls, unless they were really really bad, just to get the hell outta there. Suffice to say, I struck out about 4 out of 5 times. :oops:

I hit a 40 yarder on Sunday

I nailed it. :thup:

I toe punched a 50 yarder when I was 12. Of course, I took a 15 yd run at it and hit it at full speed. Total fluke that it went straight. Dont think I ever made that distance again.