Who eles thinks the CFL season is too long?

That number of times teams play each other is a factor in my mind. a 9th team will help a lot with elimination the 4 game series against a team each year. Also the reason that there is sch a big push for a 10th team now which could make the league a very unique football league where each team will play the other in a home and home series. So if you want to see a particular team withing your conference fans will only have one shot to do it.
Also with 10 teams there could be the possibility of every team having a Labor day rival with Montreal vs Ottawa and a different type of rivalry with the Lions farthest west vs the Atlantic Region team farthest east.
These Rivals could also possibily lead to have one three game series vs your rival each year since the Back to back labor day games would be the only time your main rivals will play.
Also this gives you a schedule where BC may have to wait two seasons to see an east coast team and lets face BC fans love to see Montreal and now Toronto coming into BC place and being dominated. Imagine the crowd that may come to see an Als game at BC place if they have not been there in two years.
Also for Rider fans that travel well will only get one chance every season to get to Calgary making more urgency for Rider fans to go to Calgary because they will know year in and year out that they will only have one game to get to Calgary to heckle the stamps, something they love to do. Also a similar affect will happen in Edmonton for Rider fans.
The 10th team will open up a lot of options and create more of an urgency to get to a game against a conference rival knowing that you will only have one chance at it each year.

I've thought this too. Everyone would have a home and home on those two weeks. As a marketing ploy, it's worked very well in Calgary/Edmonton and Winnipeg/Saskatchewan. Interest has dropped off in Toronto but it was still a big deal in Hamilton. Would be worth a try as you describe.

?????.......Am I missing something here,someone actually made a thread because teams play one more home game and one more away game a year??? and somehow this effects attendance going to one more regular season game as opposed to
two home pre-season games ?? Somehow the logic escapes me,with a ninth team added next year,why don't they just play an 8 game season.You play every team once....4 games at home.....4 games away....charge $500-750 a seat,finish the season in Sept.....Thus assuring any wimpy,whiny babies won't have to sit out in -20 weather to watch the championship
game.I'm sure all the stadiums will be jammed packed with only 4 chances to cheer your team on!! LISTEN!!!! The schedule is 18 games,has been for 27 years,doesn't need to change,amounts to only one more home game a year,nine as opposed to eight,ya don't like cold weather,then move to Florida or pick another sport to watch.Personally,I think the worse season of all,isn't winter.....it's off season in football,the more football the better!!!!! :cowboy: :thup: :rockin:

Including post-season, the MLB season is seven months long, the NHL season is eight months long, the NBA season is 7.5 months long, the MLS season is nine months long. The CFL and NFL seasons are five months long. If anything, it's too short.

Not too long, but when the season is this boring (75-85% of the teams underachieving), it does seem longer than normal.

Teams play each other too often and that's a reason for attendance numbers to drop off? Don't tell the NHL that. Seriously, rivalries generate interest and interest generates attendance. To be honest, I wouldn't hate to see pre-season removed and the regular season shortened if it meant the possibility of a best 2 of 3 in the playoffs. (13 RS games.. 3 against division rivals and one against each team in the other division)

From that we would see some real rivalries and attendance numbers would climb almost immediately.

I am not the slightest bit bored with this season. A couple of games not so good, but on the whole, loving it. Its an exciting season with so many new players doing well, and others showing promise. Lots of great plays made in most games.

Its the plays the thing. not the end result.

I mostly watch football for the individual extra goot plays made by players on all teams. Of course it is better when it is players or teams that I cheer for or like, but in the, the plays the thing.

too many people have the wrong idea about what being a fan of the "game" is actually all about.

Season length is fine. Should start a month earlier so the GC is held in nicer weatherman

Have to agree.

Some people act as if winter is no big deal...sorry, I then tend to believe they have not been to a game that it is -30 at kickoff. Spending 3-4 hours in that temperature is dangerous, especially if you are mixing in booze (though at that temperature a beer is frozen about 1/2-2/3 through a quarter). It also limits the festivities leading up to kickoff. It also rather limits family attendance...I tend to think that your average elderly couple has no desire to be in that, and it sure as heck is not a place for youth.

I played in games in -25 temperatures in high school and I've been to games at McMahon in similar weather with wind howling into the NW end. Not a big deal either way if you're prepared and into what you're doing. And comparing football to hockey is like apples and oranges. Very different dynamic. I'd rather see each team play mine no more than twice a season (excluding playoffs) buth with only eight teasm it's problematic.

This topic and the Rouge always seem to rear their heads periodically...

Starting earlier makes the start possibly overlap with the Stanley Cup Finals... if it was tough to get Canadian media to pay attention to the CFL before, imagine it getting any play while the Stanley Cup Finals are on, let alone one featuring a Canadian team.

The summer months are the weakest for attendance/viewership, why the league would want to put more games in that period would be beyond me. Spring is also generally the wettest season across Canada (excepting possibly BC, where they have a roof anyway); I'd rather be outside in -15 later in the year than outside in a downpour earlier in the year. One can be infinitely more comfortable dressed warmly in freezing temperatures than being merely unable to stay dry in even just "cool" temperatures.

As for it not being a place for youth... I attended two of the coldest Grey Cups when I was a kid and am still around to tell the tales. Dress warmly in muliple layers, put a couple hot pads in your mitts and boots (which I didn't have back then), grab a blanket, and settle in. But I guess preparing for "-30s" is something we're generally more used to here than elsewhere in the country.

How often do we have -30 Grey Cups anyway? That's like saying I don't think we should play games in summer because being outside when it's +38 (+50 with the humidity) is incredibly dangerous. And yes, I have seen a fair number of seniors faint and be taken under the stands and treated due to heat at some games in Regina.

I don’t mind the rubber-match within divisions. It’s the 4th regular season game that can be a bit much (though to be honest, it doesn’t really bother me at all); however, with Ottawa coming back next season, that will be taken care of.

Cha Ching; Good stuff FYB, the players of other teams are coming thru in waves. 8)

Is summer attendance the weakest because it's summer, or because the season is long enough and with 75% of the teams making the playoffs, the summer games have absolutely no bearing on anything?

It's impossible in the CFL to be out of the playoff race by Labour Day, if you get hot in September you can get in. The games before that matter a lot less as a result. Adding a couple more teams will help that tremendously.

The weather doesn't have as much to do with attendance as the lack of competition does. Get the CFL up to 12 Canadian teams playing out of smaller stadiums especially in the East and BC where the average sports fan has way too many other things to spend their entertainment dollar on. I like the idea of only two preseason games and 16 regular games. We get the season finished by the end of October and play the Grey Cup in Mid November. The two weeks isn't going to help too much with the weather but at least the stadiums will be full for every game. Not like in Toronto last night. The game was broadcast live on NBC. That was sad to see all those empty seats in Canada's largest city. By the way Toronto you missed a great game.

12 TEAMS , never happening and you need 25 k to make some kind of profit in the CFL ! What does BC have have other than the Lions for, June,July August and SEPT ?

Yeah, you tell em!

The start of the CFL season is timed nicley with the end of the NHL playoffs.

I like the July start, but if the season was extended, then there could be fewer games in the July/August period...this might help with Summer attendance issues...

I dont think its too long.. now hockey.. hockey is too long.. but it would be nicer if the season started sooner.. maybe the last week of may instead of the second week of June