"Who drew First Blood?" - Rambo

Once again the Forbidden Website is leading the Ti-Cats to the promised land (well we'll see, Rambo into the mix might further shake the broken tree).

Earlier this year we released a new intro movie to our website...starring John Rambo. A few months later the Ti-cats hire Dan Rambo.

Stay true to your beliefs and good things shall happen.


First the Forbidden Website's free B.A. Johnston podcast inspires the Cats to adopt similar technology.

Then, they get themselves a Rambo, just after the Forbidden Website gets a Rambo.

And now, the Ticats are making use of the "Theme from Rocky", mere days after it was reported on this very website that this is the taking-the-stage music used by B.A. Johnston and his forbidden-stickered guitar.

This can all be building up to only one thing: an "Argos $uck!" night is about to be added to the promotional schedule, where bygones will be bygones, hatchets will be buried, and the Caretaker will blow up a box of something at mid-field.

Man, I miss that Cunny. I thought he'd be all over this thread.

I support this, just make sure the proper fire codes are met and that your weapons are stored safely.

Play Safe.