Who does this 0-5 record hurt the most,

Lookie here!

I'm a big Cat fan, have been ever since I was six years old. Whenever they lost it bothered me.
When they lose now it's still hard to take, espescially loosing game in and game out. We always had a tradition of a mean, hardnosed team and I think that's what makes it all the harder to take.
Having said that, as bad as I feel, I couldn't imagine what the GM, coaches, and players are going through. It's their job and for whatever reason, they're not getting it done. This must be just so stressful on them, and their families. Hey, we can all go about our lives and jobs or whatever, but these guys have this on their minds twenty-four-seven.
Let's hope they can get that monkey off their backs Friday night. :cowboy:

A. This guy.

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I know how you feel but damn, we have some good players on this team, I think we're all intersted to see this out!

in my opinion wat hurts the most is that we almost came bak against montreal....and then we 4th quarter leads against winnipeg and BC but still lose

We have only played five games with this new coaching/gm regime. Give them a chance.

We are seeing improvements every game and now we are tweaking some of the position players. I can feel it. We are going to go on a huge winning streak after mid season.

This team looks way better than those of the last couple of seasons.

Good question.
Marcel and Charlie.
Expectations were so high for this season after they came on board.
Now the reality has set in. It's just not that easy to come up with a winning team right away. I think the groundwork is being set but we'll need another season yet ( and some more changes) before we see a truly competitive team. Then Marcel and Charlie will see a payoff for their efforts.

As much as I dont agree with Charlie Taffe not starting Chang. I really think he is a good coach and Marcel a good GM. I just hope that they dont start treating this season as preparation for next year. IF Hamilton can win this game. Were not out of it. There will 12 games left. I just hope if Maas doesnt get off to a good start, he switches it up to Chang!!! I think Hamilton has a lot of talent. Unfortunately the qb position is our weak point. But all facets of our game is coming together. Defense, Kicking, Receiving. Id like to see the team reward the fans by winning some games. The fans have been extremely loyal the last few years.

Who do I think it hurts the most???

Ok, How about
Hodges...and whoever else I forgot

Why those guys? And by the way...Collier isn't even on the team anymore.

i think the point was none of the above players are on the team anymore that is who are hurt the most

the players care but they get over it, once the game is over they go out to bars, nightclubs, party hard and chill out, they only care until they hit the parking lot and bolt from the stadium.

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what ya gonna do ?

Get ya booted .........

I'll tell you, my son played pro sports and if his team was not winning, it was extremely stressful.
For the fans, you read the papers, everyone is a expert on what's wrong, you show up at the games and expect a win. When they don't win, you hurt inside, but believe me, the players feel ten times worse inside....twenty-four-seven...because, not only is it their lively-hood....pro players are very proud people.
I hope we can get winning, not only for us, but most of all, the coaches and players. :cowboy:

Well that isn't true b/c Hodges is still on the team. DUH!