Who Does Rod Black Have Dirty Pictures of?

I have been dreading the start of the 2014 CFL season and could not figure it out... Alot has to do with the impending disaster of having 2 teams without stadiums and of course the CBA... However, I have realized that both of those situations pale in comparrison then having to hear Rod Black scream,"OH MY GOODNESS" again.
I used to pray that he would be fired, but have now givin up on this.... I know he has dirty pics of important people and just wonder who?

As if we all really needed the mental picture of dirty pictures of Bob McKenzie. :expressionless:

LOL ! I think Bob's been feasting in all those great restaurants Pat is telling us about in Toronto. But could be worse, Barker could have made the list :wink:

I don’t mind Rod Black so much now. He’s gotten better over the years and knows many of the player’s names and rules, ect. I don’t think he takes himself too seriously as a football aficionado and brings some levity and humour to the broadcasts. :o


Bob Mckenzie doing it doggy style is a repugnant thought...lol


I absolutely refuse to jump on the hate Rod Black bandwagon. He does a good job IMHO.

Actually I don't mind him either. His calls are excited when something exciting is happening on the field and when games are blowouts some of the things he comes up with whether intentional or not are just hilarious and have me chuckling. That is better than being nothing but bored which can happen in some sports with other announcers during blowouts.

When you go back and watch some highlight packages of games he's called. His calls of the 'big' plays is usually really quite good and exciting. I thought his excited calling of the Laval - Mac Vanier Cup games were great too.

You guys have to be kidding me… You miles well have a drag queen up in the booth making the calls… It is just ridiculous… I actually blush when he screams,“Oh my goodness”… I feel ashamed to be watching the broadcast… Like I am some kind of dude watching gymnastics.
Not to mention all of the repeating he does over and over again… I wonder how many times he will tell the story how it was Duron’s dad Chris that called Jim Popp to get Ocho onto the Als roster… just gag me already

That, of and by itself, is a good and sufficient reason for hoping Johnson doesn't make the team.

Sorry TravelPat but I have to disagree there. I have always found his "excited" calls to be so very forced and phony. To each his own I guess. . .

Rod Black needs to be replaced. There are so many in the industry who are better suited. Could you imagine if Cuthbert leaves for Rogers or retires if we're left with Rod Black to call the Grey Cup?

Cfl fans need to start up a petition to get rod black fired from anything to do with anything cfl. I could just imagine listening him calling a Montreal ALS game this season and talking about chad johnson being a member of the nfl for three hours straight. Never seen a guy get so excited about someone who has any sort of connections with the nfl.

Actually of the usual TSN crews - Cuthbert and Suitor or Black and Forde I actually prefer what I assume they have pegged as their number 3 team since they only use them a few times and that is Gord Miller and Matt Dunnigan.

As I've mentioned on some other posts I'm a bit of a sports media junky and so I occasionally read a big American media blog Awful Announcing (http://www.awfulannouncing.com). As you can tell from its name it started as a blog critiquing sports announcers. It has evolved way beyond that and is now a general sports media blog.

One of the rare occasions the CFL was mentioned was when they had this entry on a Chris Williams touchdown call by Rod Black. And i more or less agree with their description of his call. I don't find is excitement that forced - but I guess that is up to each person's own interpretation. I often find when Cuthbert gets excited his voice almost fades out or gets squeaky sounding. It is by no means a strong voice at those moments - although I do enjoy most other things about his announcing.

This clip also shows some reasonably impressive announcing from TSN's Rod Black. Black gets a lot of criticism from some CFL fans, and he doesn't have as much experience as fellow play-by-play man Chris Cuthbert (Cuthbert and analyst Glen Suitor usually take half the games, with Black and analyst Duane Forde doing the other half), but this particular play isn't a bad effort at all from this corner.

Black doesn't dwell on the missed field goal, instead quickly recognizing that there's a chance for a big return here, and points out Williams' skillful use of the posts without distracting from the ongoing narration of the play, builds excitement over the course of the run and even manages to add game context ("Another touchdown!": this was Williams' third score of the night, with the first two coming on a reception and a punt return respectively) and note that there are no flags (penalty flags often negate these plays) even before Williams crosses the goal line. He then lets the Hamilton crowd's celebration be heard, and although he gets the yardage slightly wrong (121 yards versus the actual 119), that's very tough to estimate on the fly given the lack of yard lines in the end zones.

The full blog entry including the clip of the play can be found here - http://awfulannouncing.com/2012-article ... ncing.html

Must be the Commish. How else could he get an expansion team basically named after him?

With Cuthbert, I can trust what he says about simple things like how many yards an offense got in relation to getting a first down. With Black, he is wrong way too often. Both of them must use spotters, so I cannot understand why this happens with Black. It just makes him look less competent.

Not being sarcastic, but might that be in part because they’re not used as much?

With the NFL, there are many games and therefore many announcing teams. Mind you, you tend to get the same one often, but from time to time, you get a break from an imbecile like Phil Simms. With the CFL, there’s a lot more repetition so announcer “quirks” are more frequent and therefore even more annoying.

Troy Aikman might use the word “job” 40+ times a game, but at least I probably won’t see him every single week.

That might be true - a sort of overexposure scenario - since we often get the main two crews twice a week.

He's not a football guy. It's obvious when you listen to him that he's a hired voice only and not a football guy even after broadcasting football for a decade, he still sounds like he's not a football guy. And that hired voice cracks EVERY time there's a big play. Go listen to the call when Taj Smith caught that bomb in the last minute against the Als. Listen to his voice crack. Now listen every big play he calls and notice that his voice cracks EVERY time.

I have no issues with Black. Seems amiable and as I have said I like tradition in football and announcers. Quirks and all.

Who's he doing it with?