Who does Ottawa pick.

I know that there has been previous discussions about who gets protected and who Ottawa picks. Who gets protected on each team and who out of the non protected players does Ottawa choose. I know that some decisions could be changed depending on the playoff performances and durability. I will start.

BC - Protects Lulay, DeMarco most likely to be poachable Bucks durability still suspect.
Calgary - Protects Mitchell,Tate most likely to be poachable, Tate and Buck are interchangeable.
Edmonton - Protects Reilly, Nichols most likely but could also be in the Buck and Tate group, if so go with Crompton.
Saskatchewan - Protect Willy, I will go out on a limb and suggest Durant will be trade if the Riders don't win the cup.
Winnipeg - I don't have a clue and don't think it matters as Ottawa is unlikely to chose any of the Bombers.
Hamilton - Another hunch, I think Burris could retire, if so all bets are off.
Toronto - Have to protect Ray, Collaros most likely to be poachable.
Montreal - Protects Smith, nobody else has shown anything other that a great first game and that's all.

Top three choices: Collaros, Nichols,Tate - could come down to medical advise on Nichols and/or Tate.


Durant will be staying no matter what happens.. :lol:

I would go with glenn and collaros

Yeah I think Collaros is probably a lock. I can't see anyone else beating him out really.

If Ricky Ray is tradeable with 2 Grey Cups on his resume, I would suggest someone with zero Grey Cups as a starter is not a lock to stay put. Saskatchewan has to make either Durant or Willy available to Ottawa. The Riders are almost certainly going to look for some cap space after breaking the bank this year. Willy provides more cap space and is 4 1/2 years younger. It comes down to how much do the Riders value Willy.

You can't keep both (assuming the RedBlacks would take Willy if available). It makes sense to trade one of them before losing one with little return. Looking to the future it makes more sense to trade Durant and get something tangible in return and protect Willy.

With Ottawa coming on board, nobody is totally safe.

Collaros is a free agent in Feb. THat changes the dynamics.
I'll go with Glenn,and LeFevour. I'm sure they can also get A. McPherson out of the Arena league.

I was unaware of that, it would change the dynamics. I guess the Argoes could let him test free agency and then sign him after the draft. It makes the negotiations interesting.

The QB draft does make for an interesting off season. I too think that there may be some trades particularly Winnipeg trading for a proven guy prior to the draft.

Riders won't be touched. Argos and cowtown will lose a QB.

Durant is staying and Willy is a FA. They can not trade DD before the expansion draft due to restrictions. No way does Willy get protected...he will not be a starter in Regina.

Glenn will most likely be picked up, and I find it more likely that the RBs pass the Calgary QBs over and take one of their kickers, as I assume they won't protect both...unless they have their eyes on a rookie or FA instead.

Their starter is highly likely to be Glenn, their backup the 1 QB they take, as I don't see them taking more than 1.

I think Cohon needs to investigate what is going on with free agency. There are way too many guys heading to free agency this year for it to be a coincidence. Like 3 times as many as the average year. If teams are making under the table deals that needs to be broken up IMO. It could also be because of the new CBA coming in and expected increases in the CAP or all of the above. Still Cohon needs to stay on top of this.

Willy, Collaros and Burris are all pending free agents, so I doubt any of them would be selected if they are left unprotected, unless there was an extension agreement already in place. Why select a player, especially a QB, not knowing whether he'll sign a deal with your team? I doubt Ottawa would take that risk at the game's most important position.

Collaros, like Reilly last year, could be traded before he hits free agency. He could also be traded before the expansion draft, likely to Winnipeg, thus making him unavailable.

Burris, I believe, will be re-signed by Hamilton. I don't think LeFevour is ready to be handed the keys to the franchise just yet and sitting behind Burris for another year or two could only help.

Also remember that if you lose a QB, you can't lose a kicker and vice versa. Considering how stacked Calgary is at both positions (Glenn, Tate, Mitchell; Parades, Maver), it'll be interesting to see what Ottawa takes from them. One of those five are definitely going to be playing for the RedBlacks next year.

Even if he's traded to Winnipeg. Unless he signs a deal with them. He'd be a FA in a couple months and free to go where he wants. Its even more of a gamble to trade for him than to claim him in the expansion draft.

What He Said ... This Is Key!

As far as "realistically" potential QB's available for the expansion draft ... I'm taking Nichols & Glenn ... if available ...

Then I'm signing Tebow, Russell & Young & Ryan Leif for the heck of it!

Evidently Jeff Garcia figures he can still play!

Can anyone in Ottawa say FaaaaaaaaaaverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrAhhhhhhhhhhhhh?

what, no love for dunigan

Obviously if Collaros is dealt it will be contingent upon him agreeing to a contract. That's why I added the "like Reilly last year" part. Reilly was scheduled to become a free agent, but was traded by BC to Edmonton and agreed to a new contract. No team is stupid enough to trade for a pending free agent without having him agree to a new deal, especially when you're trading for a guy you think will be your franchise quarterback. Collaros only gets dealt if, like Reilly last year, he agrees to a new contract with his new team (usually that is worked out before he is officially dealt, like with Reilly last year).

Yeah and that's up to Collaros. Myself if I have the option between Ottawa and a 3 year plan or Winnipeg where the pressure is to win now. I take Ottawa. His agent is going to see what his market value is. Reilly wanted to be in Edmonton so his family could come and visit regularly. They got lucky.

Lets face it Ottawa is in a real good situation, the problem being is just who to select and getting it right. As for choosing Kevin Glenn my gut feeling is DONT choose him. Yes he has experience but something tells me this is a bad mix. Would love to see Drew Tate here but im sure he will be protected. Overall they are in a real good situation

Well I'm not nearly as sure as you are. Would Calgary really want to risk losing Glenn or Mitchell, to ensure that Buck Pierce II stays with them?