who does david benefield write for?

h e apparently wrote a great article about how Ricky Willams's appearence in the CFl WILL ONLY HELP THE LEAGUE BECAUSE THE TALENT LEVEL HERE will limit his effectiveness and will give THE CFL THE CREDIBILITY THE LEAGUE deserves.
Does anybody know where I can find it?

I'll check the Vancouver Province. He is a regular writter there.

Drumming god.. you're the newpaper king....have you found it yet?

It's true! IMO the talent gap that many think of when they hear NFL vs. CFL is ALOT smaller than expected.

He wrote an article for Riderville about the issue.

I agree these guys come up and think lowly of the CFL. The guys that have played in this league no otherwise. And Weedy will find it difficult you can bet on that. The guys up here might be a bit smaller but faster. There are many players suited to the rules of this league and the slow fat guys find it diffcult right O FATBURGER Smith!

"Who ... does ... Number ... Two ... work ... for? Who ... does ... Number ... Two ... work for?"

"Yeah, that's it! You show that turd who's boss."

Fatburger Smith LOL wouldn't be funny if it wasn't true! People like that have obviously never watched a game if they think they can come up here out of shape and even make the team, much less dominate because they used to be a star once in their lives. I was very happy to see Ricky Williams get a chance to play up here and I'll be even happier if he gets knocked on his ass and the CFL proves to the world once again that the talent level is right up there.

links, everyone, I need a link to prove it to my NFL friends.