Who do you want to win the grey cup?

I want the roughriders to win. Durant deserves it, his first grey cup as a starting QB. And I for sure dont want Montreal to win, I have not really liked them from the first place, and they also kicked us out. Also, roughriders are a western team, all those players deserve it, i find that roughriders show emotion of how bad they want it, and Montreal is just a kind of stuck up team. Like, we obviously lost that game in 3rd quater, but they were still pounding it on our guys. I sure hope Durant gets a grey cup ring. GO RIDERS GO. (for the grey cup, next season, back to lions :stuck_out_tongue:)

I'm quite certain Montreal will beat Saskatchewan. They already blew Saskatchewan out 43-10 and beat Saskatchewan 34-25. I would not be surprised if Montreal does to Saskatchewan what they did to the Lions today.

The Alouettes.......Calgary's gone, thanks to Saskatchewan, now it's up to Anthony to finish the job.

What I dislike about Montreal fans is they like to revel in other people's pain. "Na na na...hey...eh, eh....good-bye." I'm rootting for the Riders but they're most likely in for a long night next week.

the Als.

da Al's

keepin' it to the west.

Riders' fans deserve it, and ditto to that quote about them singing "goodbye"

Go riders!

yes, that goodbye song, show some respect fans. there was already people on the field on there knees feeling like crap for losing, and they make it worse?

won't happen, i was hoping the Lions would pull off the miracle today as the Lions are my second team so if my Riders lost to the LIons it would not hurt so bad, yeah would hurt but less :lol: :lol:

Go Green.

go Riders :thup:

so we got 8 votes, 5 rider votes, and 3 als votes.

Saskatchewan Roughriders.

anyone but the riders..... so the als

I don't like rider. buut i'm having a change of heart on this one. go riders!

I'm divided on it GeroySimonFan. Part of me wants to see the Als take The Cup to put the finishing touches on a stellar year. They have been incredible this year! But then again I might want to root for the underdog- Saskatchewan. In fact I just might. If Montreal plays in the Grey Cup the way they have been playing all year I do not think Saskatchewan has much of a chance though. Yes, it would be nice to see Durant pull it off and get his first Grey Cup game. At least the teams will be playing on neutral turf though the Calgary fans might be cheering Montreal only because it was Saskatchewan that knocked Calgary out or a second consecutive Grey Cup appearance.

I'm not sure the Als were pounding it on our guys though the game was already won late in the 3rd quarter. If I had a chance to intercept the ball and run it in for a TD I sure would try, regardless of how far ahead my team was. The Als also wanted to avoid injuries so I think they started playing very conservatively towards the end.

56 to 18 was certainly a face wash but still not as bad as when Edmonton beat Winnipeg 68 to 7 in a semi -final, years ago.