Who do you want to win and why?

Tonight: Montreal @ Edmonton.

Might very well be a turning point for both teams. Beside who you really think will win, who do you WANT to see get the win and WHY would you cheer for any of them?

I think Edmonton will win, because despite a couple minor weaknesses (ground attack?), their passing game is great, and they generally play well at home. Montreal does not look as solid as they have in seasons past, and they are beatable now. I want Montreal to win, though - I almost always cheer for the Eastern teams, and my Riders need all the help they can get right now. Regardless of the outcome, it's bound to be a good game.

My second favorite team!!!

I want EDMONTON to win..............because of the EAST standings.

i want Edmonton to BEAT Montreal, so Ottawa keeps a lead over montreal in the east ( and hopefuly can hold them off for a home playoff game ).

im sure, if ottawa can earn a home playoff game this year, the football fans in ottawa will be back full-force next year! i think its in the leagues best-interest for ottawa to host a playoff game this year!

and if a hard-cap comes into effect next year, then canadian football will be healthier than ever next year with all teams drawing well and tv. ratings growing, and montreal adding 5 000 seats to thier stadium.

(this, hopefuly sets up the 10th team within the following 3 years-Halifax )

i want and knowEDM will beat montreal cause EDM has a chance to catch B.C and get to the playoffs.and i hate montreal :evil: :evil: :evil: :twisted: :twisted: