Who do you want to see start at RB vs TOR

I say Alex Green

Alex Green


I don't see it happening, as that would only leave two DIs for backups elsewhere (Castillo being the fourth). But if they did somehow manage to dress them both, they could actually both be on the field together, now that Fantuz is back in the lineup.

There are only three active threads on this topic. Out of principle, I am keeping my opinion to myself unless someone starts a fourth thread.

There is no way June Jones made the decision of Gable over Green for blocking reasons. I say this was pushed by Austin

I sure hope not. Shouldn't this be the new(3 and 1) coach's decision, not the old one's(who was 0 and 8 )? Hopefully this isn't the final decision. Imagine how Alex Green must feel? The TSN panel's going to be questioning this, along with the majority of Ticat fans, I think.

Ummm.... there's 4 now! :wink:

At least one more has popped up ::), so you can comment now.

Jimmy Edwards :smiley:

3 of the 4 topics were started by the same person!!!

hilarious :slight_smile:

Obviously needs more to do.? or has just forgotten about the other threads?

You guys are right. Gotta keep my word.

I would have stuck with Green. Seems too good to keep out of the line up.

Side note: is there any number of identical threads that will compel the mods to merge them? The clutter is getting unmanageable, especially when one poster believes that his every utterance demands special attention in a new thread.

Very well said. Be careful, your words may be misconstrued as a personal attack. ?

If Jimmy isn't available then I say we go with Jesse tonight . :smiley: