Who do you want to see in the Grey Cup this year?

Not asking who you think is going to be there, I'm asking who do you want to see play in it. Your team vs another team or which ever two teams you want to see go at it. Part of me wants a Lions vs Riders cause those two teams just hate each other and that would be a good smash mouth football game. The other part of me wants Als vs Esks because I think they would put on a great game like they did a few years ago never mind the drumming they took in Montreal last time.

The Als vs what ever team they will beat, im tired of seeing my Als loss in the Grey cup lol!

I'd love to see the Riders/Stamps!

Stamps vs. Eskimos.

Riders vs Als. What better way to make the Grey cup Weekend more festive than have the host in it along with the team that will bring the most fans.

And that would be Montreal that brings in the most fans.......

Sure just what all of Canada needs. A blow out Grey Cup game. No thanks.

Stamps vs Als or, Lions or Eskies

Calgary vs. Montréal. Now THAT would be a great, great game.

I meant besides Montreal. Of course Montreal would bring in the most to their own city.

You're right, maybe Montréal shouldn't be the competition :lol: :rockin: :lol: ( ... that's a joke, RO ... just kiddin'g, I know what the guy meant!!)

That's funny. :lol:

I wouldn't mind seeing a renewal of the Als/Esks rivalry... With the Esks winning, of course.

I would love to see the lions get revenge on wpg for 88, but it would be even sweeter for that to happen in wpg, if they ever get the cup again.

Otherwise, I would love to see the ticats make it instead of wpg.

ranking my choices

1 lions wpg
2 lions ham
3 lions tor
4 lions riders
5 lions stamps
6 lions als
7 lions esks
8 riders ham
9 riders tor
10 riders stamps
11 stamps ham
12 stamps tor
13 esks ham
14 esks tor
15 riders wpg
16 riders als
17 riders esks

ok, I am done.

Rematch of last years grey cup game with different results though!

LOL :cowboy:

Riders Eskimos.

Lions versus the Lions. I think it would make for a great showdown of the leagues elite teams and players but in the end I think the Lions would win.

dont be too sure

Actually, I will take the 85 lions over the 94 lions, by 11

It could end in a 0-0 tie... :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously I'd love to see my Ticats in it vs whomever. But this year I'd like to see the Als in it because they are the home team and it would be exciting, agains't what I consider the best team in the league, the Stamps.