Who do you want the Lions to face in the Western Final?

I think the Lions are peaking at just the right time and it will not matter who they face in the Western Final. I say this especially after last night's game. Personally though I'd like to see a Calgary/BC Western Final.

Your thoughts guys?

Oddly, the second hottest team Calgary is preferable because of BC’s habit of beating Calgary in recent years. On the other hand, Saskatchewan is least preferred because Saskatchewan is the only team to beat BC twice. But in 2011, Winnipeg was also a double winner but losted in playoffs. Further, Saskatchewan won’t have home advantage. After each meeting, BC seems to improve against Edmonton. In the east, Montreal has the weakest defense and special teams of possible opponents. Toronto is struggling as much as any team now.

There are 3 possible ways that BC can lose but they are improbable. First, an opponent that overachieves but BC is the hottest team in the second half of season. Second, BC underperforms but no team is playing better than BC now. Third, a team that has BC’s number. On the road, Saskatchewan and Edmonton face teams that have their number.

Based on the season series I'd prefer to face Calgary in the West Final. Even though BC has out scored Saskatchewan over 3 games they still lost 2 out of 3. With a big stadium and lots of tickets left to be sold I could foresee Rider fans buying a big chunk of the remaining seats thus taking home field out of the equation for the Lions. I am confident in the depth of our team to be able to handle either Calgary and Saskatchewan. I think we've had a great advantage going into the stretch of the last few games with a lot of backups filling in in a big way against good teams in big games. Even if for some reason we have to lean on Reilly I'm still confident he could get it done. Our defense is still healthy and had made it a living hell for visiting QBs. That said, with enough pressure on the QB it would only be a matter of time before Durant starts to throw picks.

The great thing is we have the first round bye and the luxury of playing the only teams we could possibly face in the playoffs over the next 2 weeks. I'll be more clear on who I'd prefer to face after Nov 3rd.

Saskatchewan’s physical defence and blitz packages have been a problem for the Lions this year. Calgary scores a lot of points, but their defence can be had and their QB tosses up a pick or two seemingly every game. I suppose I’d rather see the Lions play then Stamps, for no other reason than we seem to match up with them a bit better than Saskatchewan. If Drew Tate is good to go in the playoffs that would make for a different calculation. I hope they beat the daylights out of each other in McMahon Stadium next month.

The other big question on BC fans mind is, which 46 players will be there come then western final? It’s loooking like Mike Reilly will be the starter against the Stamps. But its a month until the home playoff game, and I think Travis Lulay will be good to go by then, maybe sooner. Khalif Mitchell will also probably get back in the lineup against the Stamps, unless he finds another way to make a fool out of himself on facebook. So lookout, Kevin Glenn, there’s an orange and white train running down the tracks and it’s headed stright for you! He should be well-rested and dominant against the run and pass. Don’t know whether Eric Taylor will be ready next week, but I hope he’s good to go for the playoff game in BC Place.

I think Simon is about ready to go, against either the Stamps or Riders. Bruce said he was “92%” a couple days before the Edmonton game, so if his concussion has healed more he may be good to go. If not, he’ll probably be there against the Riders in week 19. I doubt Marco Ianuzzi will be able to play for the next two weeks, but you never know. Possibly he’ll be good for the western final. Fortunately we have Akeem Foster to ably fill in. Jon Hameister Ries didn’t play against Edmonton and I don’t know the extent o his injury, but it appears Jesse Newman is now healthy. So along with Valli and Kabongo the Lions O-line have plenty of veteran options at guard.

My hope is that the team can stay healthy for the next two weeks, especially along the offensive and defensive lines. I also worry a bit about Reilly geting cheap shotted and being unavalable. That would put rookie clipboard holder Thomas Demarco behind center, not the best option we could hope for. But who knows, maybe he would surprise us all and play well. He’s there for a reason. We have plenty of healthy linebackers and defensive backs and the job Moore and Courtney Tayylor have done shows just how much depth the offence has at receiver. And Paul MacCallums 6 for 6 outing last week shows he’s peaking a the right time.

Whatever happens the rest of the way, this year’s Lions have been a hell of a team to watch. Credit Wally Buono, Roy Shivers and the coaching staff for putting together a deep team tha can withstand injuries and play at a high leve.

Got your ticket for the western final yet? I do. Let’s fill the dome up!

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

I think the Lions can definitely hammer CALGARY easy for sure, because the LIONS really have HUFFNAGELS number and KEVIN GLENN is just too small. The LIons blitz a lot and GLENN is scared of BC- Vs everyone else GLENN stands in the pocket and delivers, but vs BC he is just too small and too skinny-- Watch when he plays vs us, he looks like a little kid out there, so small and fragile--

I dont think SASK would give us any trouble either as their DEFENSE is highly overrated-- You can guarantee that ODELL WILLIS will not show up in any meaningfull game as I believe he is the most overrated player in the CFL- He will do nothing as usual-
Getlzaf cannot catch and all we have to do is stop DRESSLER and SHEETS which is easy-- Durant will throw at least 3 ints vs us-

The answer to the post is THERE IS NO TEAM that can beat BC in the western FINALS except for 1 team-- That 1 team is the BC LIONS and the old POLITICAL GAME--

Just like when BC lost the GREY CUP when they benched PRINTERS for a RUSTY DAVE DICKENSON off injury I can envision a similar scenario here unfolding--

The LIons have the BYE week- The LIons have LULAY hurt and he is not playing this week, BRUCE and SIMON and MITCHELL and TAYLOR are all hurt and have not played in weeks--
They may have realistically played like 1 game in a span of 8 weeks come the western final--

How can the LIons take out NICK MOORE and COURTNEY TAYLOR out of the lineup? Well they will out of typical OLD BOYS CLUB fashion- WHat you will see is an ineffective BRUCE and SIMON enter the lineup and get most of the targets , and we will see perhaps MOORE and TAYLOR being benched and they are both really playing well and connecting with LULAY--

WHat we could see is the WRONG GUYS playing in the playoffs--- I really think the Lions dont even need SIMON and BRUCE, the Lions can score a lot of points on offense when all receivers are being used- SIMON is cleary washed up and honestly COURTNEY TAYLOR the leading receiver in AUBURN TIGERS HISTORY is a much better option at this point-- NICK MOORE also is better than ARLAND BRUCE at this point also- You have taller, faster, better route runners and fresher legs--

This BRANDON MITCHELL Guy looks like a maniac on defense so Im sure one of MITCHELL OR TAYLOR should also be benched for the playoffs-- Maybe bench KHALIF mitchelll as its clear we dont need him anyway--

The way the CFL works is that no team can even come close to matching BC or scoring on BC if ELIMINEAN and BIGHILL are on the same team-- basically these guys are unstoppable together with KERON WILLIAMS---

I think the LIons should go with the hot hands at receiver and spread the ball around and bench BRUCE and SIMON-- The bottom line is they dont scare anyone and the LIONS will lose a playoff game if LULAY keeps throwing to SIMON-- It already happened at home vs EDMONTON as GEROY is too skinny to take a hit and he cannot get open anymore on anything over 15 yards---

I hope the LIONS make the right decisions and go with the real receivers at crunch time and dont get talked into playing the veterans just by their past accomplishments.

THis is a very very good team this year we have, we can win with a COMBO of different lineups-- The only concern we have on offense is the INORDINANT amount of targets that an aging 37 year old receiver with no speed seems to get, The same thing happens, other receivers are blacklisted by Chapdelaine and then SIMON is running around getting hit and dropping passes and staring at the refs for pass interference calls-- Geroy you are a finesse receiver with no speed anymore, the last time i checked thats about the time where a receiver should call it a career.

Welll Gridiron you haven't been right all year from the get go. To say that Simon can't take a hit you got to be kidding me.I've seen the man taken more shots then most other recievers and still get up. Saying that Simons or any other reciever is too skinny? Have you seen Geroy without his shirt? For a man who is 37 is most likely to be in just as good or better shape then most players playing pro football. Now your saying we should rely on our rookie recievers to take over for the WCF game instead of easy them in with Veterans like Simon and Bruce. You can't compare this to Printers to Dickenson. And imo it doesn't matter who we face. To be the best you have to beat the best.
As I recall weren't you the one that said that the Lions would be struggling this year?That everybody else around the league has improved and that were not the same team anymore! So were you expecting Winnipeg to be struggling this year? I don't think so.

Saskatchewan. We got some unfinished business with them.

Sounds awesome geroy_simon_081; Riders must muster past Calgary in the Semi-Final first though.

You always speak from your heart Gridiron and I appreciate that about you. :rockin: I've got to agree with many of your observations regarding Gerory. With Arland Bruce, I would still put him back in as soon as he's 100%. The thing is the Lions have demonstrated in the last 3 weeks, against formidable opponents, that they cannot be owned. In fact quite the contrary. The receiving corp has proven itself and can win without Bruce and Simon. But who do you go with in the Western Final as you suggest?

The young receivers that have stepped up to the plate have enough experience in my opinion to get the job done. They are confident and very talented but how would they perform in game that means advancing to the Grey Cup or calling it a day? You're right about limited playing time for Bruce and Simon. They've not played for weeks and I'd hate see the Western Final be the game for either of them to have clear the cobwebs. The question is do you go with guys that are experienced in championship games or go with rookies that could freeze up? If I were making the decision I would be going with the current receiving corp: E Jackson, Moore, Taylor, Gore and Iannuzzi if he's available. These guys have more than proven themselves in my books and have been sensational. I do not know who you would hold back to make room for Bruce but regardless, if Bruce is ready to play it would not matter. I have to agree with you about Geroy. Personally, I think these other guys are out playing him....at least so far.

I remember how Wally would sometimes be intractable when it came to keeping certain players in the game. Even though it was obvious the guy was having a lousy day he would still keep him in thinking things would change. He did the same thing in some of the playoffs and it drove fans insane. The Lions suffered as a result.

But here's the deal: If the coaches go with the rookies and the Lions lose, the coaches will be blamed for not going with experience. It's a catch 22. I still think they've got to base their decision on what they've seen in the past 3 outings and who they've beaten. I'd be nervous putting guys back in without at least some game time experience given the types of injuries they've sustained even if they are considered top quality receivers by many. However, as you know I'm biased about Arland Bruce.

I love your spirit geroy_simon_081. :rockin: And guess what? On November 03 we'll have the opportunity to show them what they'll be up against should they be fortunate enough to make it past the Semi-Final. That is assuming they are in the Western Semi-Final and not the Eastern. If they end up in the Eastern, it could make for a Lions/Roughies Grey Cup. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Is it a given that the Roughriders will play in the Western Semi-Final? I thought Edmonton could still take 3rd place in the West thus relegating SSK to the cross-over position in the standings.

Given the way Weston Dressler lit up the BC secondary in Mosaic this season, its good for BC that the Riders will likely play Toronto in the eastern semi-final. One more loss by Hamilton and Winnipeg and it's official. The only other scenario where BC might play the Green Riders is:

  1. If Edmonton goes 0-2 in their last two games
  2. If the Riders beat the Argos at home this week and prevail against BC next week under the dome
  3. If the Riders have a better record in the games between them and Edmonton
  4. If the Riders can beat Calgary in the western semi-final.

That's a lotta ifs. Let's hope they get beat up by then Argos and Alouettes, if they're to make it to the big show in Hogtown next month. And the Riders didn't play well on the road this year, only 3-5 away from Mosaic.

In a move that probably surprised a lot of fans, wide receiver Kierre Johnson was released by BC on October 25th. At least he has a Grey Cup ring to take on his future travels. I thank him for his service to the BC Lions and wish him well. BC also released import practice roster RB Anthony Stewart and replaced him with import RB Lennon Creer, another smallish RB who can return kicks. This move presumably to replace the kick return potential Stewart represented and to give us another return option now that Ianuzzi is out of the lineup. Even with the conference locked up, Wally Buono continues to make moves to strengthen the team's depth. If Tim Brown goes down, we have a player who nobody has seen all year that can be plugged in as a solid kick returner and maybe carry the rock a few times to give Harris a rest.

Looks like Geroy will start this week in Calgary, where tomorrow's weather forecast is calling for temps of -7, windchill of -10 and light winds. Brrrr. The Lions had better pack their overcoats, warm gloves and long underwear if they're to avoid freezing on the sideline at McMahon. And the coaches need to dress even warmer, since they're going to be freezing all game long. I wonder if it'll be cold enough for GM and former coach Brillo to wear a hat? My guess is Arland Bruce will start next week at home to the Riders.

When it's that cold football fans are likely to see more rushing than normal, a few more turnovers than an average game, receivers and DBs slipping and falling, QBs having trouble holding onto the ball. The good news is that there hasn't been any snow there for a few days and the field should be clean and fast. I'd like to see us win but mostly I want our team to come out of it really cold when the wind was blowing hard. So cold you just want the game to end so you can get indoors somewhere and warm up.

Looks like Reilly will get his second start and first opportunity to throw the rock to Simon. It'' ll be interesting to see how much Benevides uses his best players on both sides of the ball. So does that take Courtney Taylor out of the starting twelve on offence? Or Nik Moore. Will Earnest Jackson play? Tune in to find out.

This may be a "mean nothing" game to fans, but to the players it's anything but.They still have to perform, play for sixty minutes, to keep winning and get themselves ready for the post season.

Dooger in Surrey


Please explain from your last post:

"One more loss by Hamilton and Winnipeg and it's official."

What's official?

One Hamilton loss and they are out, same goes for the Bombers. "IF" Though.

Edmonton still can take third, but they won't. Go Riders

Oh, okay, thanks. I thought he meant one Ti-Cat loss or Bombers loss and SSK plays in the Eastern Semi-Final.

Doesn't matter to me who they play. But there is a small part of me that would like to see them go up against Ssk. They would be a better draw in crowd size... and it's fun to give their fans a hard time :twisted:

On a side note... Every time i read a post by gridiron "guru", i thank the football gods that he has nothing to do with the personnel decisions in the Lions organization. I shudder at the thought of where the Lions would have ended up last season, or where they would be this season if "guru" were calling the shots. He's as much of a football "guru" as i am an expert in quantum physics. :lol:

I'm sure he'll appreciate your sentiments Chronicguy. lol In fairness to him, though I don't agree with what appear at times to be knee jerk comments he does present what I think are some valid points. You just have to take some of the good with some of the not so good. What I like about Gridiron is that that he loves the CFL and he loves the BC Lions. I'd buy him a hotdog and diet pepsi any time.

DIET pepsi? wow, you must really hate the guy :wink:

or are you just calling him fat?? tsk tsk tsk :stuck_out_tongue:

I drink it all the time. Surely you can tell that by how lucid my postings are? Okay…then let it be Classic Coke!