Who do you want BC to face in the semi final game?

Saskatchewan or Edmonton.

For me it's a toss up. I think Ricky Ray with Edmonton is very dangerous. In both of the last B.C. home games Edmonton scored touchdowns on the opening drives. It's like their receivers are in stealth mode. Never have I seem receivers so consistently open.

Saskatchewan on the other hand seems to have B.C.s number in B.C. place. It doesn't seem to matter what day of the week it is or who they're playing at the QB position Saskatchewan knows B.C. It's almost scary. Now they have Fantuz back. He can do a lot of damage to B.C.

For B.C. to beat either of these teams I think this is what will be needed:

  1. Pierce will have to be healthy and stay healthy.
  2. J. Jackson will have to be content grinding it out instead of always trying to go for those long bombs at foolish times. he also needs to take some speed off his throws.
  3. Wally Buono will have to change his approach when making quarter backing decisions. In other words make a change sooner than later.
  4. The B.C. defense is going to have to get to the quarter back often
  5. Not get stupid penalties for example "no end".
  6. Murphy will have to play like he's on fire- not get burned and ejected because he can't control his temper.
  7. Continue to make good use of Simon

But most importantly- B.C. needs to knock off Toronto tonight.

By the way we're getting to the stadium before 6:00 PM. We need to get a couple of those Jason Clermont bobble heads.

See you at the game guys! :lol:

Sask.,so we can get revenge on last year’s playoff loss…and then I get to bug my wife! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh yes. I forgot. I remember that game well now. There were many tears and gnashing of teeth after that game. You just had to remind me of that game didn't you? :cry:

Sorry Beagle, but we are headed in the right direction, just have to play a bit better than last night (even though we won), then maybe we will all be wearing happy faces in the next few weeks! :smiley: