Who Do You Want Back Next Season?

We have quite a few guys who may not be suiting up in the red, blue, silver, white, and black next season. I’m just curious who people in this forum would really like to have back. We all have our favorites, but I’m genuinely curious.

(I am bit biased because I could tell you my answer to this question even if he happens to choose not to come back. I will always want Ben Cahoon to be a part of the Alouettes organization).

What does everyone else think? Who do you want back?

I think pretty much all the key players will be coming back with the exception of possibly Chiu. I was unsure about Cahoon until Tresman extended his contract. Now, I'm pretty sure that he'll be back.

They all deserve to come back.

Although it would be nice to have everyone back for another run at the cup, I believe that the time has come to manage the roster. By my count, there are 8 veterans who will likely retire over the next 3 years (Lambert, Chiu, Calvillo, Cahoon, Stewart, Sanchez, Proulx, Flory) of which 6 are NI.
I believe that it would make much better sense to have 2 or 3 retire every year rather than to have a year where 5 or 6 are retiring at once.
Just my opinion

I agree with you Len263. When 5, 6 or 7 guys all choose the same year to hang up their cleats...it leaves a big hole. But at the same time, I understand why some of them do it when they do. They have families, and kids. Guys like Ben, and Anothony, and Brian...they've been with us for ages. Some of them have won two cups with us. They have nothing to prove, but if they still feel they have football in their bones, I'm all for them sticking around until they're really ready to leave.

Guys I want back: Calvillo, Chiu, Cahoon, Bowman, Watkins, Carter
Guys I'm indifferent to: Ferri (Guzman could take over quite easily IMO)
Guys I want gone: Lambert (Brodeur-Jourdain is more than ready to take over at left guard), Deslauriers (useless sack of crap)

So what do you really think of him?

Heh. All I know is if we're only going to use him as a blocker or a decoy, I'd rather dress a tight end.

And decoys are only effective if they have 2 qualities. . . (a) they get the ball thrown to them occasionally, and (b) they catch it when it comes.

Seems to me Deslauriers is lacking in those qualities. . .

While most of us want the majority of the 2009 players back, in 2010,we do know that between 6 and 10-retirement,release,signed elsewhere,-should not be back.

Amongst the non-import veterans,Cahoon,Chiu,Lambert and Proulx could decide to retire; personnally, I don't think that Lambert will be back-we have more than adequate replacements-;I hope that Chiu and Cahoon are back for 1 more season.I would not be surprised if Matthieu Proulx decide to retire due to injuries.

Amongst the import known free agents-John Bowman,Keron Williams,Diamond Ferri and Kerry Watkins- I don't expect all of them back,since they will not be offerred what they think they are worth. Bowman and Watkins will be "difficult" to sign; we have replacement,so I don't worry. Ferri may not be back and,again, we have very good replacements,so I don't worry if he is not back. Keron Williams will be back,at least I hope.

Other non import free agents are: Carter,Deslauriers and Diedrick. I hope that Carter and Deslauriers are back.

As I said, we will lose some players and here are some potential free agents-non-imports- that I hope we will pay attention to and sign a few of them.

If Diedrick is not back, I hope that we could sign-if then available- either Jon Cornish-RB- from Calgary or Stuart Foord-RB-from Sask.

If Deslauriers or particularly Ben Cahoon is not back, I hope that we will sign Arjei Franklin-WR/SB- from Calagary.

We need a good non-import defensive tackle to be used mainly as "backup" and sometime starter; Miguel Robede-DT- in Calgary is this "player". I hope that we will sign him, unless he signs with Calgary before free agency.

We will have a very good team, again,in 2010.


The question is Who do you want Back , not who do you think will be back.

Lke most readers I would like to have all the present team back but I believe Watkins will not return- teams like Hamilton, Toronto and possibly others have a great need for an A-! receiver and, Watkins is that person. He is still in his prime and, will be the best free agent out there. Remember Watkins and Richardson were the guys who caught the passes that enabled the winning field goal in the Grey Cup. I would hope we will find a Canadian back who will upgrade Diedrick's position. I think Deslauriers will return as I don't imagine any team will want him. I agree fully with a suggestion that we replace him with a big tight end. Proulx had a great season but injuries have taken their toll, but if he still wants to play- then sign him. I agree with Richard that Robede would be a great fix at DT, but I don't think he will be available. Finally, there are a couple of big receivers in the upcoming Canadian draft- hopefully the Als will get one. For some reason I read that the Als will pick 7th and there is great talent at OT which is needed by a couple of teams- if we can get one of these guys our weakness at Canadian receiver will be solved. The CIS has one very good P/FG and if available in the 2nd or third round I would get him. I would love to have a Canadian play this role for the Als as I would rate Duval as one who has been great but is losing his effectiveness. I noted several times where Duval missed the coffin corner diminishing the Als field position. Finally, I would look to Popp to bring a few good rookies into training camp and, as noted above, we need more youth and, a couple of our veterans will likely not make the team.

Bottom line is as follows.

Yes there are players we'd like to see back.

But last season, probably most of us would have said that yes, we want Cox and Drew back at DHB.

None of us, at that point, would have been able to say anything about Gerald Brown or Billy Parker.


I"m really happy the ways things turned out.

Jim said he expects everyone back. Not sure how that works if he does not offer Watkins a contract? but let's hope. Like he says Winning is addictive. Carter looked like he was having the time of his life during the parade.

When was it last you heard that Watkins did not get a contract offer, you keep saying that, but Jim does not frequently negociate during the season, thins change.

Once again, an excellent point, MJ. None of us knows how the future will turn out, and given Popp's talent for finding talent (heh) to replace aging / expensive players, I'm not worried. And from all accounts, it was apparently Popp's idea to move Cox to OLB, pure genius on his part. I wanted Cox gone last year and wasn't a fan of his work during the first half, but he sure proved me wrong down the stretch and into the playoffs.

I still regret losing Drew, though, if only because I think he'd have kept his spot if his injury hadn't taken so long to rehab.

Jim should bring to camp anyone who he thinks might help our ball team but the guys that won the cup should be allowed to compete for their job.

That's fair. Let 'em compete in training camp and may the best man win.

Training-camp competition is great, but as we saw this past season, being the new guy is no guarantee of getting a job. Cam Hall and Jerome Haywood never made it to opening day. :wink:

Herb is reporting that Keron Williams had a workout with the Vikings:

[url=http://communities.canada.com/montrealgazette/blogs/thesnap/archive/2009/12/20/williams-works-out-for-vikes.aspx]http://communities.canada.com/montrealg ... vikes.aspx[/url]

I wish Keron all the best, but his leaner body type doesn't seem suited to being an NFL lineman. If he sticks with Minnesota, I imagine it would be as a tweener type who mostly plays linebacker, maybe in 3-4 sets or in certain downs or situations.

If he leaves, though, we've got a massive hole in the interior of our line to fill.

While I wish the best to Keron Williams, his size is not "ideal" for an NFL defensive tackle; we never know,but I have doubts that he could sign/make an NFL team. In order to sign with an NFL team,I suspect that he will ask for a signing bonus of no less than $20,000.

My "gut feeling" is that he will sign a 2 years +option with the Als, early in 2010.

Talking of signatures, I am extremely surprised that the Als have not announced signings of players this december; at this time last year, 23 signings had been announced; they
included:Boulay,Chiu,Stewart,Andrew Hawkins,Cahoon,Sanchez,Flory, Proulx,Green,Whitaker,Leak,Santos and Brodeur-Jourdain.

Is it because the Als have no "marge de manoeuvre" re 2009 cap? if so,they could sign a few players and allow them a bonus this year and pay them a base salary less in 2010. I would like the Als to extend the likes of Perrett and Emry and even Calvillo.

Hoping that Mr.Popp will provide us with a few signings in the next 2 to 3 days.