Who do you want as Head Coach?

Been around enough to have the audacity to start my own topic.

There is an "underbelly" of Kent Austin animosity that will surely boil to the surface should the Ti-Cats underperform this season (and with Ottawa's/Toronto's/Montreal's competitive loses might pick up steam should we lose against Sask.).

So with honest intentions of purest heart, I ask all the Austin detractors to pick a successor. You can't throw the baby out with the bathwater. There is a nucleus of a team here.

Should you be Caretaker and you fire Kent who is your replacement?

Do you have a pick your price and invite a Wally Buono or a John Hufnagle with sufficient moving expenses to afford the largest house in Oakville?

Do you go once favoured son and choose a Corey Chamblin, or dare I say a Tommy Condell to pull in the reins? (surely a head coaching spot with appropriate compensation will whet the appetitite).

Is there any OC or DC that tickles your fancy in this League that you feel can step it up to the next level?

Where does Tillman fit in with all of this? Do you offer your HC the perks of being GM?

I just want to know with the frustration of Kent Austin, do you dismiss him with emotion or with steely calculation?

What say you?

I want whomever the ownership wants, as they're the only one who's opinion actually matters on the subject.

Maybe if you own the team one day, then you can choose, but till then we're just blowing hot air and wasting our time.

" TOM CLEMENTS " He's available. :thup:

My top 5 choices to replace Austin would be :

#1....Ralph Sazio
#2....Al Bruno
#3....Ronnie Lancaster
#4....Frank Kush
#5....Jerry Williams

.............OH WAIT !!!! NEVER MIND !!!! :cowboy:

Now that’s just silly…

Let’s be realistic…my choices would be…

Jim Trimble
Eagle Keys
Jack Gotta
Frank Clair

They might be hard to contact…

Yes, that’s the rub. WHO is available?

I thought of Condell as well, and he’s not really availble now. Maybe Trestman at the end of the season would be up for the challenge

Give it a rest already. Why do you think you can come on here and shut down hypothetical discussions like you run the place?

Never in a million, skillion years would he come back after how he was hounded out of town as a player by fans and management.

As for the logic of the thread, I participate in it only to point out that there is no vacancy.

Bonus points though -- firing coaches after one game in a season doesn't usually send a great message to prospective replacements on the outside and hiring from within often is a case of promoting the guy on the curent staff who's the "least" part of the problem. Ticat coaching history is littered with the stench of interim head coaches who couldn't right the ship and made things objectively worse. David Beckman, Exhibit A.

Oski Wee Wee,


Austin is the coach until he decides he's not or if Bob decides to fire him and start over for the 100th time in year 14 of the 5 year plan.

I firmly believe this is Austin's make or break year as the Ticats head coach. Another losing season and there's no way they can bring him back as head coach or maybe even in any capacity at all. I can't believe how many times this team comes out to start a game so totally unprepared, especially early in the season.

I do agree with MP here. The Cats need to rebound in short order to get back into the East race with momentum. However, that does not mean that Austin needs to walk a plank this very minute. IMHO, any speculation re replacing a coach has to be in the context of whether a) the team is eliminated from a playoff spot and/or b) utter incompetence. Interim coaches are all too often stopgaps who don't improve a team's fortunes that drastically.

Austin should be judged going forward on the club's competiveness for the East crown. We are still in July and I would be shocked if the particular witch burning idea of this thread even becomes a thing before Labour Day. We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,


Sorry let me just clarify my thread. I do not believe, nor suggest the team should fire Austin at such an early juncture.

I just wanted to ask those that felt so strongly of Kent being let go (most likely rashly), who would you even want to replace him because the current potential Head Coaching candidates appear to be sparse.

Now things will change in the future, but I just wanted to know if anybody had opinions on who could even fathomably take the reins.

Stupid thread in hindsight & premature to say the least AND I for once agree with CanadianFootBallFan.

Sorry about that & just wanted to say if ever a coach were to be let go it should not be done mid-way through a season. I too remember Beckman (as much as I don't want to). Lots of football to be played and I want this team to find every bit of success for them and for us.