Who do you want as HC...

I thought it would be interesting to have the members indicate who they would like to see as Head Coach next year. If I missed any obvious choices, I apologize and will edit the poll. My choice is Charlie Taffe.


I would like to see Hamilton Tiger-Cats persue Steve Beratto as our head coach for 2007 and beyond.

Steve is currently with the Calgary Stampeders under coach Higgans as Offensive Co-ordinator. He is a proven winner in the CFL having coached the BC Lions to Grey Cup champs in the past five years. He is a very likeable guy by his players and a more of a strategic coach who surrounds himself with winners in coaches and players alike.

Cat management take agood look at Steve Beratto in your hunt for a new coach.

Don Matthews. ! hes the most winningest coach in cfl history, and he would fix the discipline problems this team has really quick! and maybe dunnigan as offensive coordinator, and Danny Mac as a quarterback coach?

Whats with peoples desire to bring Danny Mac back as QB coach. He’s already stated he doesn’t want to coach.

um, well maybe we changed his mind, and i dont recall him saying that

I'm almost positive I remember him saying he had business interests he wanted to pursue after football. Maybe I'm wrong though.

Stubler would be a good choice. But he will replace Pinball as Head Coach after next season. Pinball has promised the Argo's owners that he would stay on until the end of 2007. Then he'll go into politics.

Ron Myer

Charlie seemed to be too in love with running the ball when he was in Montreal and he runs a typical American style O at Pitt so there is no way I will jump on his bandwagon, and there will be a lot of broken legs around here from people jumping off it as soon as the season starts next year if he is hired.

Cant vote for steve mariochia(sp)-

What, another Bandwagon Iam still on the Ronny, Lumsden, Kahill and Beatucher bandwagons.

I'm still on the Ben Sankey bandwagon, even though it crashed and burned a long time ago.

If you had Pringle and that O-line wouldn't you run the ball?

You took the words out of my mouth, JFL... lol

No I wouldn't have, this is not a running league, their offence became a lot more explosive after Pringle left and they started airing the ball out.

They still won.

Maybe, but the more important question is, if he doesn't have Pringle and that O-line, does he still run the ball? Cause we don't have either.

yet. BTW - we have holmes, lumsded, and davis.

Combine the league's leading rusher with 4500-5000 passing yards, 500 points one year and 600 points the next, I'd say that's a pretty explosive offence. Plus the running game controls the time of possession and rests your defence. And you win games.
I'll take that on my team.

Burrato would be my choice if he's available. As for Taffte's tendency to run the ball. It worked with the team he had so what's the complaint. Ticats are built to run and the O-line is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than the majority of posters here seem to think. With a QB that throws down the middle 10 to 15 yards downfield getting the Linebackers off the line this team would have had more success in every aspect of the offence. The O-line and the recieving corps were not the main problem although both could have been better. It was not having a capable QB and having a stupid offensive scheme not playing to the strengths of the personnel. Get rid of Maas, replace him with a QB that can roll out, throw more than 8 yards isn't afraid to throw over the middle and get a decent OC and this team especially the O-line will look a million times better