Who do you wanna see behind centre?

Take your pick folks
I pick Eakin...


eakin has had his chance...how many interceptions can one throw in the time he has played? jesus. some people around here do not like change. maybe thats why there has only been 4 games won this season

Eakin has shown SFA this season, let Richie play.

Yes, you're right. The reason the Tiger-Cats have lost so many games this year is because the fans who post on their website have supported the wrong players.

well expat...you obviously didnt quite understand what I was saying nor refering too. Some people (as in manangers, coaches, all that bs) dont like change (keeping maas in every game, who is still not 100%, getting slaughtered every weekend.) losing has nothing to do with this forum and nothing on this forum that is said never really matters anyways...its all opinions and no one here really has the power to change anything unless we all just pact together and stop attended games until change happens.

Printers,Pierce or Burris.

oh mohammed! I'm for change! let kevin and richie rotate quarters!

There should've been one more choice in this forum: NONE OF THE ABOVE. Let me get this straight...we're all jumping on the bandwagon of a guy because he completed 2 passes last game? Ok, one happened to be a touchdown. You know the situation is sad when...

Maybe Richie Williams will be a great quarterback, you never know. But so far there is nothing for which to ordain him the starter.


So I guess with this kind of thinking, no-one ever gets to be a starting quarterback.
This is the last game of the season…we are out of the playoffs…the “ordained” starting QB has been a total disaster…yet you don’t want to see how Williams can do??? You would rather have Maas start?

Ya i do want to see Maas in thier . But hes hurt so start Eakin and then put Williams in at the end again . Eakin is the backup whether you like it or not . Hopefully hell have a great game tonight . I know i`ll be rooting for him not like some people on here . I beleive they like it when we get beat !!!

A telling sign that I think you`ll see , Maas , Eakin and Williams will all be on the team next season and few if any of our recievers will be around next season !!!

Richie Williams.

To see, psychologically how he handles
the more demanding burden of starting

compared to just getting some 'game reps'.

IMO, the reason Eakins is starting is to decide,
once and for all, whether to bring him back.

Richie will be back.

Williams should start, then let Maas have the second half.

Good call, Ron. I suspect Eakin will start, but I've seen this train wreck movie already (not that train wreck movies are bad -- "Runaway Train" WAS superb!)... :wink:

That is the only suspense value for me tonight. I'll be watching baseball first, hoping the Tigers clean the Cards' collective clocks. :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

(ExPat) Yes, you're right. The reason the Tiger-Cats have lost so many games this year is because the fans who post on their website have supported the wrong players.
ExPat: I intently disagree with you. The performance of players on the field have very little to do with the opinions of the fans.

These guys play first and foremost for pay cheques, secondly, for love of the game.

Regardless of what you hear about fans being the 13th man for the home team, it's not entirely true. I'd take this statement a step further and say, It's rarely true.

Players that give interviews that say they want to win for the fans has only an element of truth. Money and playing the game are first in today's world. The latter is to get fans to buy tickets.

And you would know..Maas the great

hey rocky i like your idea about the home crowd and all, but i think Expat may have been sarcasitic in his remarks. Regardless, when i play at my teams home site, theres the added pressure of impressing the fans, putting on a show, playing the best, etc.

ExPat: It's been brought to my attention that you may have merely been using some sarcastic humour in your post.
If this was the case, I apologize for taking off on you.