Who do you think will win the East this year?

I think it will come down to Winnipeg and Montreal going for 1st all season long. Winnipeg will most likely be contenders ( If glenn stays healthy)Hamilton will be fighting with the argos for the final playoff spot.

Sorry Ti-cat fans I forgot to put hamilton as a choice to vote

I'll say Montreal if they are able to learn the new offence quick enough. I think this year will be different than most. They will stumble out of the blocks and get better as the season goes on. That defence should be able to keep them in games during those first few weeks while the offence tries to hit its stride though. As for Winnipeg, I never know what to expect (I am still not sold on Glenn) but they have some great potential if everyone can get on the same page. Toronto? Well, let's see how long Pinball is loyal to Allen. Hamilton? Still rebuilding imo. So...Montreal, Winnipeg, Toronto, Hamilton.

You know what would be hilarious? If Hamilton won the East, then the poll would look ridiculous.

Montreal's domination of this division ends this year.

Toss-up between Winnipeg, Montreal and Toronto. At sportsbooks, most public money is on Winnipeg based on line movement recently.

Perhaps, but in all fairness, this is what I hear every year.

Typical of Bomberfans to leave the Tiger Cats out of the race already. Pretty pathetic if you as me. My pick is the Tiger Cats. This year they will do well.

I fixed that; I had to or I couldn't vote. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don't try to sugar coat it. You can just say Hamilton sucks.

im not writing off anyone just yet. i could see hamilton sliding into third place, they kind of remind me of the 06 bombers

however, based on the talent level we have, im afraid im going to have to say winnipeg

we have a better rec. corps then 2000 and 2001. our defence is even better then last season... and Glenn has improved big time once again this year. however, im not 100%... i can really see montreal winning to so dont get me wrong..... itll be close IMO

I think Montreal takes the division by a hair's breadth. Winnipeg finishes second, and a resurgent Hamilton under Taaffe winds up fighting with a declining Argo squad for the final playoff spot.

Not much love for the Argos I see. I picked them just because of their QB situation.

I've been accused of having a bias towards QBs before. :stuck_out_tongue:

Montreal is the team to beat. Don't count out Winnipeg, as they will keep it close. I think Hamilton will show great improvement this year and sneak out third place.

yeah, montreal surprised me last year. i really thought that there werent that good, but then they went to the grey cup, so you cant count them out. But my pick is Toronto. once they get there Qb situation all worked out, they will be on the right track to first in the east.

Argos in last place ? Have they fallen off that much ? IMO they still have more talent than the Als and Ticats.

Depends on who will win the East with Good QB.

...and a QB who'll still be their starter when he's collecting his old age pension.
Their loyalty to the old man is admirable on a personal level, but it won't win them any games.
Is the league going to have to consider allowing quarterbacks to use Rascals to scramble around the backfield? Will that new rule apply to everyone or just to Allen?

Gives a whole new meaning to "grandfather clause". :lol:

I can visualize Toronto falling to last place quite easily actually. They've lost a few good players, and picked up a few good new players, but on average I'd say Winnipeg and Hamilton have improved while Toronto has basically tread water. That, to me, puts the Bombers and Ticats ahead of Toronto. Add in a QB controversy that Pinball may not be able to control (the more Damon plays, the more p' off Bishop and McMahon will be; and if Damon comes out one of them will be p' off that the other guy got to go in).......last place could indeed happen.

As an Als' fan, of course, I have to predict Montreal for first.

I picked Toronto, although it could very well be a toss up. One thing's for sure if Kevin Glenn plays like last year the Bombers wont go anywhere. Personally I think the Alouettes are fairly under-rated.