Who do you think we can / will resign of our 3 key free agents

Luke Tasker ( He mentioned that this is his time to get the big contract of his career..he does live closeby in New York State)

Ted Laurent ( He made 275 k last contract and his value is less but he is not replaceable considering he is a national)

Larry Dean ( He is ranked as the top FREE agent remaining in the league..We have a guy on our reserve list named Kavel Connor that could come in and replace him if needed)

any thoughts ? This Tuesday FEB 13 at noon is the start of FREE AGENCY

I think we will find a way to resign Laurent as Austin loves him and Tasker may want to to stay in the east so we may get luck there.....It might be hardest to sign Dean.

I wonder if we will go after any free agents on other teams ? I wonder what the status on Manziel is ? Not many trading partners left for his rights. Montreal if Freeman doesn't pan out.

Yes. Sleeping and hand sitting is the number one issue this off season. Need more fans like DCF with the courage to speak out.

My prediction is before free agency starts Tuesday the Ticats announce the signings of Tasker and Nick Shorthill. I think Dean and Laurent are going to test the market. Hope I'm wrong and we sign all of them before Tuesday.

Re Tasker...

With a new baby in the family, you would think it would add to his desire to be close to home (near Buffalo). Other than Hamilton, Toronto (heaven forbid :-[) would be his next closest option.

Hopefully his (new) family will sway Tasker to re-sign in Hamilton.

And hopefully others will follow.

Yup . That is my biggest fear right now.....seeing Tasker wearing Double Blue . You would have to think that barring an NFL team signing him that with him wanting to be closer to his Buffalo home then his only other option would seem to be signing with Toronto . :-\What makes matter worse is that with Posey signing on in the NFL is that the Blue team will be looking for an able bodied replacement to play pitch and catch with Ray .

Obviously meant “... next closest option.? Don’t think Tasker is in or out of the closet:)Unless he’s renovating his home.

Have to proof read better next time :smiley:

Unless its an insane salary demand the brass had better offer a damn good reason to let Tasker walk.


Uh no . We don't at present have a guy named Kavel Conner on our reserve list or any other list for that matter .
We did have him on our PR for the better part of last season and he did I believe dress for a handful of games (3) as well but at present he is not listed on the off season roster and is currently not a member of our team . Now that's not to say that the team might end up re-signing him for this years TC but I wouldn't bet the ranch on that happening or that he will replace Dean if in fact he signs elsewhere .

On Nov 4th Tasker gave a end of season interview that was taped by Ticats TV , to find it , click on the menu button then on videos on the Ticats site and scroll down to Nov 4th interview.

In addition to living close to Hamilton, another motivating factor for Tasker to re-sign here is his loyalty to Kent Austin (who, along with Sean Burke, is in charge of negotiating Ticat contracts; who coached Tasker in college; and who essentially brought Tasker to the CFL).

Thanks. Yeah, it sounds like Luke recognizes that these next few years will be his peak earnings years. Probably hard for him to miss what happens to other guys like Dressler and Bowman when they get much past 30. What I heard is that it's his preference is to stay in Hamilton, but he wants to get paid what he's worth.

If the Ticats don't think he deserves to paid as a top tier receiver, I will be questioning their judgement. I don't think there is anyone from our 2017 roster who could replace him.

Laurant is overpriced. Tasker is a very good receiver but he is not in the elite status. Dean is good however, they found him and I am sure they could find a similar calibre player at a reasonable price. However, SAM linebacker is the position that needs to be filed. The SAM is a hybrid linebacker and half back and defensive back. There may be other options that we are not aware of. Perhaps Austin has learned his lesson and will not overspend.

IMO the Cats need Tasker, this guy catches almost anything close to him. This would be a huge loss if we can't sign him.

I am greedy, I want Tasker, Laurent, Dean, Prime and Shortill all re-signed

I could not agree more. Although the amount Prime was used under Austin or Jones was minuscule, so we really wouldn't notice much of a difference.

CFL News

RT .@TSNDaveNaylor Per sources, @Ticats defensive tackle @tedlaurent plans to test free agency Tuesday. Still open to a return to Hamilton. Would be one of the biggest names available. #CFL #Ticats
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Proud to be a Ti-Cat.

If the price is right.

Quite so. And quite rightly. I'll be happy if he stays, but he may end up elsewhere. There's only so much money to go around.

$275,000.00 can buy two players instead of One?