Who DO you think should get GreyCup 2009?

Who do you think will get it i think Regina
it gives us alot of time to maybe expand our stadium

Although I think Regina would host a great event, I voted for Calgary because its been awhile since they have hosted one.

...definitely Cowtown....great fan support.should be rewarded with the classic...and it has been quite awhile for them to act as hosts... :wink: :arrow:

what about steel town?..you guys are saying that its been a while sice saskatchewan hosted it...they hosted it like in 02 or sumthin...when was the last time hamilton hosted it? im not sayin that they should host it but better them than saskratchmebum!


Hamilton last hosted the cup in 96 Sask was 03.
As I said in a previous post

[quote="ro1313"]Hamilton last hosted the cup in 96 Sask was 03.
As I said in a previous post

sorry i didnt see that statement..but thanks

I would say ro, that if asked, Calgary or Hamilton would be more than happy to host the event...... I voted Calgary because they havent hosted in awhile and Hamilton would be OK as well, maybe 2010. BC would be a good choice for 2010 as well.

The "as I said in a previous post" refers to the quote I made. Not the years the cup was played. I should have been more specific.

oook i gotcha ro

I'm going to have to say Calgary on this one. They're the team in the West that's gone without hosting the longest. Besides, consider this fact. With the Bombers doing the divisional shift (maybe temporarily) for this season, this will mean a team in the East will host the Cup for THE NEXT 3 GAMES ('Peg in '06, Toronto in '07, Montréal in '08 ). The East hasn't had this much of a hosting dominance since Olympic Stadium and the old Exhibition Stadium alternated hosting between 1976 and 1982. A Western team is due to host again, and I believe Cowtown should get the nod for the 97th in 2K9.

Calgary, no doubt.

even if Ottawa does get a team, they should get a GC to show that the CFL is interested.

other cities of interest are Edmonton and Hamilton (although they have said no, but I think they should to get money for a new stadium)

Are you awair that from 1990 to 2005 10 Grey cups were in the West and
6 were in the East plus This years was awarded while Winnipeg was in the west?

As it stands now Hamilton is the team who has waited the longest. If they want it they should get it!

with the new turf coming in, Calgary seems like the best place for the 97th GC.

Because of Turf?

that new turf they have comin in next season, looks great!!!

and that's one reason, others are the last time they had it was 2000, etc.

Although I'd like to see it in Edmontno( who doesn't want the grey cup in their home city?) I think that calgary is most deserving and most suitable. They haven't had it in a while and although Hamilton hasn't either, I think that the league would first consider having hamilton upgrade ivor wynne, since I've heard that its starting to look pretty worn down and needs a minor renovation.

And the last time Hamilton had it was 96

Hamilton said they didn't want it yet.

we are talking 3 years from now..........how long will it take Hamilton to renovate IW............in either case both Calgary and Hamilton deserve to host one........how can you go 10 years between hosting in a 9 team league and now 8.........cmon..........

tell that to Young.