Who do YOU think should be the Bombers' next GM? HC?

The Bombers have made many changes over the last few years--mostly replacing our rejects with other team's rejects.

You can't make chicken soup out of chicken poop! If changes are going to be made, we need to hire winners, not losers or relics. Mack is a relic. He should be replaced with an executive from a successful franchise--someone who would see the hire as a promotion, not a lateral move (all the good GMs are taken, as far as I know).

Once the Bombers have a new GM, he can hire a promising OC from a successful CFL team to be our HC. The new HC can select his own OC (and vouch for him).

As for Tim Burke, he's a HC who needs to be put back in the booth doing what he does best--building defenses and stifling offenses (no one's going to be lining up to offer him a HC position; he'll humbly (gladly?) take the demotion).

Once we have a good GM and HC running this team, they can make the necessary changes that will transform this dysfunctional franchise into a successful one.

Who you think would make a good GM and HC for this team? Type them here and then email them to Garth Buchko & the BB front office. They can use all the advice you have to offer them.

Too bad Tom Clements is making big bucks in the NFL because he would have made a terrific head coach/offensive co-ordinator in this league. Someone on the post game show last night mentioned Chris Walby being hired to run the organization but his lack of experience makes him a risky choice.

I think CHRIS JONES could be a good choice if he was offered the Head coaching position- He could possibly do the Head coach and GM JOB also but its a risk considering he has done neither- He has the connections to the southeastern part of the states where most of the good football players come from- Jones is known as a good recruiter and is well connected in the states-

Eric Tillman--- He has done it in the past and can build a successfull franchise wherever he has gone--

Dave Dickenson- Head Coaching position- Perfect candidate but I dont know if he will accept it--

The issue is that candidates are not stupid- They will DECLINE working for the winnipeg organization- Thats the main issue- Until winnipeg has some good management and a winning culture no ONe will want to come work for the organization-

Case in point- Casey Creehan was fired due to horrible job he did in Hamilton and he is now working for winnipeg-
Also TIm Burke is not a head coach- He is only a head coach in peg because no one else wants the job-

Tom Higgins? Possible candidate--

Please do not hire GREG MARSHALL or RITCHIE HALL or Kavis REED or any defensive minded guy for a head coaching position- IT does not work-

Also do not hire Jacques Chapdelaine either- He is a good coordinator but thats it--

Also do not hire DOUG BERRY or bring back Danny Barret to coach-

1 guy who may come available in a few years if he struggles in the states is TURNER GILL- the former CFL player- He may be a good fit in the CFL as a head coach-

Ricky Ray when he retires may want to become a COACH- a possible candidate---

…Go after Dave Dickensen for head coach and Murphy in Cal. for the gms job… :expressionless:

Certainly not in a top position at this point but does anyone think Doug Brown would be interested in getting in to coaching?

Don’t think he’d be interested but I wouldn’t offer him a job other than maybe D-line coach anyways. Listening to him go on about how great Casey Creehan is doesn’t invoke much confidence, not to mention having no clue about the offensive side of the ball, which is very important, in my view at least.

Agreed. I’m not sure he’s got the right stuff to coach right now. He would need to get his feet wet first, maybe as a guest coach in training camp or a lower level Dline assistant or something before you can hand off the reigns to him as a DC or HC.

I like some of the names mentioned - Dickenson might be an option with his brother here, otherwise I don’t know if he’d necessarily take the job here. Chris Jones might consider it only since its a promotion from DC. As opposed to gridiron guru, I do like Chapdelaine out of BC, he’s done a good job developing Lulay. Also their Oline coach Durazio has done a nice job with the Oline out there for years, I’d be curious if he’s just a one trick pony or has the ability to do more than Oline stuff.

Not a fan of Maciocca or Richie Hall. Higgins maybe as a GM but not HC IMO. Not a fan of bringing back Doug Berry unless its as nothing more than a OC with a good HC ahead of him. I think Dunigan can be a good OC/QB coach, way better than Crowton, but highly doubt he leaves the comfort of the TSN broadcasts again.

Khari Jones - I thought being OC in Hamilton years ago was too soon, now having a couple years under his belt as a QB coach, plus he’ll obviously benefit from having worked with Cortez this year who has that Riders offense moving which should put him in a better position to succeed as an OC second time around. And being a former bomber is a plus.

Bob Dyce - thought he was a good coach when here before, would be nice to bring him back.

Couple of far out names I’d throw out there as just wild thoughts but not likely…

Damon Allen - why has no one tapped him as at least a QB coach or consultant? or even a OC? One of the best QBs ever in the CFL can’t teach offense? Either something’s wrong or he just doesn’t want to coach I guess.

Jim Zorn - had a brief intro to the CFL, has worked as a QB coach and OC in NCAA and NFL, had a not so great stint as a HC in Washingon but has worked with good QBs in the past like Matt Hasselback and Joe Flacco. Has trouble holding onto a job though, maybe personality?

Mike McCoy would’ve been nice as a HC, having done well in Denver and having been a CFL player, but he’s now HC of the Chargers.

How nice would it be if we could bring this guy back? http://www.tulsahurricane.com/sports/m- … aul00.html

Another former bomber that could be a good DC http://www.riceowls.com/sports/m-footbl … ell00.html

If the look at CIS, have to consider Blake Nill the way he’s getting UofC players CFL ready the last few years.

Ken Dorsey - former NFL QB, spent some time with the Argos backing up Cleo Lemon, current QB coach with the Carolina Panthers, someone who could develop into a good OC.

If he's willing to move, I'd probably give Roy Shivers a look. He wasn't capable of getting Saskatchewan over the hump from "good" to "great" like they are right now, but he took them from "embarrassment" to "good" in his time there.

rod pederson blog saying rumous abound the bombers are interested in Eric Tillman ([url]http://www.rodpedersen.com/2013/08/friday-rodservations.html[/url]). Frankly I think this guy just pretends to be an "insider" and makes stuff up most of the time. I personally hope it's not Tillman as the next GM. Even if you overlook his legal history in Regina, he decimated the eskies in his brief stint there, dumped the one player in Ricky Ray that was holding that organization together, and turned into a mess equally if not as bad as this one in Winnipeg. I have 0 faith this guy has the ability to turn any organization around.

Agreed. I think there's better candidates out there than Tillman right now.

Lock up your daughters.....

Don’t know about GM, but Chris Jones would be my candidate for HC. He’s been a winner everywhere he’s been, and he does extra work beating the bushes in the US for talent. So basically, if you hire him as HC, you’re getting an extra assistant director of player personnel in the bargain. Make him HC and have him call the plays on defense while the titular DC (an up-and-comer) learns under him just like he learned under Don Matthews.

I was surprised Jones made the move to Toronto in the first place in what was basically a lateral move. But my understanding is he did it because of a personal relationship he had with Milanovich. Part of me thinks he's probably happy working with a buddy in Toronto and having success and may not want to move even if it meant a promotion to HC. I would certainly see if he was interested in the job though.

Plus he gets to work with R.Ray and the new kid at QB who looks to be a stud. He probably would suffer a nervous breakdown coming to our mess ! Who ever takes the job , will need time to start putting the pieces back together. No matter who is in charge, if Goltz does not pan out , next year will be just as bleak.

I like the idea of bringing Chris Jones into the fold as a HC & Director of Football operations. He seems to have a winning attitude, and as was mentioned earlier, he has good connections–something that is lacking from Mack (when you’ve been out of the game for 25 years, that happens). We can bring in another guy as GM to handle administrative duties and to negotiate salaries.

I remember the Cal Murphy years. A key to Bomber success back then was their ability to find quality replacements at a moment’s notice when we suffered a key injury. Having depth and the ability to find replacements when necessary are keys to success in the CFL, be it at QB or any other position.

Ironically, the Bomber replacements are just fine, it's the starters that are the problem.

Casey Creehan was not fired by the Ticats. Cortez had planned to keep him as DC but when the Bombers asked for permission to Creehan about the Bombers job he let Creehan out of his contract. Then Cortez was fired.

Having had time to fully digest this question, I'm convinced that the next hire should have full control, that is GM and HC duties, much like when Dave Ritchie was brought in to clean up the mess and what the Ti-Cats have done with Austin. He would still have an AGM and PP guys as well as a full staff of experienced coordinators.

Doug Berry

Scott Milanovich

Corey Chamblin

Mike Benevides

Jacques Chapdelaine

I think that would be my short list.

First I would have an independent company thoroughly review the role of the BOD. The lack of continuity here must trace back to that group. They are the constant and must mirror the city’s penchant for polls and running people out of town. I would try to have Bill Polian as part of that review.

I would target assistant GM’s of Calgary and BC.

I would only hire a GM who wants to live in Winnipeg year round.

I would also target Duane Forde in a management role, director of scouting perhaps and Blake Nill from CIS ranks as HC.

I would bring Khari Jones back to fold in some capacity.

I do not believe Dave Dickenson would consider jeopardizing his growth jumping into this. He’s in a great position now. Jacques Chapdelaine needs to have QB position settled and has not in any way proven himself in developing from scratch.

I would stay far away from Berry and Doug Brown in any role. I think of Berry as a slippery fellow and Brown as too self serving and connected to false sense of success. He mirrors the image of winnipeg from afar…“something is wrong…somebody must be fired” imo


For any of these guys to be remotely possible we’d have to ride it out until the end of the season with Mack, Burke and the rest of the staff as they are all gainfully employed. Berry I’d say no to personally because one of the critiques with Mack has been his communication skills and presence and Berry would only fix the presence part, his interpersonal skills are pretty poor to give such a high position. The next three you’re asking to leave positions where they’ve had and are having success and all have established QBs in place. I’m not sure dangling the GM carrot in front of them is enough enticement to encourage them to leave but worst thing they can do is say no, right?

I agree with Chapdelaine, though I could see him jumping at Ottawa before he’d take a job here. I’m not sure what Slant is referring as him needing to have an established QB as he’s done pretty well developing QBs out in BC with Lulay, Reilly (if you happen to like him), and I think DeMarco their back up can turn into a pretty decent QB, at the very least a good dependable John Hufnagel backup type. He’d be a good candidate to coach up a young QB like Goltz IMO.