who do you think Marshall should hire as his assistants?

i've heard/read that Daly will not be back... and that Alex Smith will be their new Special teams coach.

I have heard that Richie Hall might be the DC..

so what do you think?

the call any Daly wouldn't surprise me either way. Or ST sucked last year, as we did not recognized/stop any fakes that I can recall, and we never ran a fake all season. Our short kicking game looked not too bad though. That being said, the only real shining light we have had over the past few years was Jamie B, who did amazing things punting on the run. I question if the issue is Daly. I would think Marshall will want a few people of his choosing though, so a ST coaching change seems likely. There will probably be 2-3 moves by Marshall to put HIS signiture on the team. One of them is already the going to be the Crandall replacement (offensive assistant), another likely ST.

I can see them wanting Hall back, but Etch has done well, so that will be tough to do. Hall would have to sign on for a few years IMO. Etch has expressed interest in coaching at the CIS level, so if he is given an opportunity then a move will likely happen. I don't know if Hall/Etch would be willing to work together or not (like they have done in BC!) , but that would be cool to see. I don't think either will take less than a DC job. All that said, Marshall is just leaving a DC job, so it is a position he will likely take special interest in right off the bat. He may feel more comfortable with someone else, like Hall. It will be interesting to see.

The other coaching changes I could see happening are the line coaches. I think Scheper did okay with the DL considering he lost his 2 allstars before the season started...that is a rough spot to be in, and he is most likely safe. Tom Freeman's O-line was bad. Thank god for a mobile QB. I don't know if it is aging linemen, bad coaching, bad schemes or confusion. I tend to think that the o-line, when it went through its really really bad slump, was positional blocking. In other words they were blocking for a rolling QB, and not forming a pocket. You can see this because the linemen were generally rotating their shoulders, steering DL out, instead of squaring their shoulders and keeping the rusher in front of them. This is a main difference between the 2 types of blocking. I think their was confusion if they should be setting the pocket or not...one would, one wouldn't, and it leaves gaping holes. This could have been a an issue from HC, OC, OL or OL coach. I tend to believe that it was confusion because of Berry's insistence on DD being a pocket passer, and therefor Miller's issue because he never resolved it and got either everyone on the same page, or people who were willing to do so. A decision on what happens there will depend on how Marshall views it all.

Oh, and I am more interested in who they hire as offensive assistant. Marshall will want an offensive mind he can trust, as he has always been on the opposite side of the ball. Someone who can give some guidance to the QBs and RBs.

I wonder if Joseph would be a consideration for this. He is familiar with the club, and he has a good understanding of DD's assets as they are a similar QB.
Another thought is Tracy Ham. He is an accounts manager in a division on Sony sports venues, and I don't know if he would be interested, but it would be cool.
Perhaps a guy like Jeff Garcia could be lured away from the UFL?

lots of guys to consider for this.

I'd keep Berry and Etcheverry if at all possible. Yes, the D had a subpar year statistically, but Etch rallied them to play shutdown ball in the playoffs despite losing two top linemen (Baggs and Chick) to the NFL. Under Berry, Durant passed for over 5000 yards, while Fantuz led the league in receiving yardage. You get rid of Berry and Durant would be playing for his umpteenth offensive coordinator in a few years (Miller, LaPolice, Berry). That's not conducive to a young QB's development.

Your head coach is new to the business of being a head coach. It's very important that continuity is maintained at the coordinator level so that there isn't too much upheaval in personnel while Marshall learns his own job.

ya you're right..

but as Berry has said he has threatened to go elsewhere if he didn't get the coaching job..

so will this hold true?

Did he ? I don't recall seeing that anywhere. . . got a link or something ?

I don't recall that either. Not saying it didn't happen, just don't remember it.

Didn’t Marshall and Berry work together in Winnipeg? How’d they get along?

well it was a few weeks ago when the season had ended and I read it somewhere in some column where they were discussing possibly coaches and I read that Berry was talking about leaving if he was passed over for HC.

if I could remember the article I'd definitely post it..


’ It was a few weeks ago when the season had ended and I read somewhere (I won’t tell you where) in some column (I won’t say who wrote the column) where they (who?) were discussing possibly (but possibly not) Supreme Court appoinments, and I read that MadJack was talking about leaving CFL.ca if he was passed over for a Supreme Court appointment.

And if I had a link to that article, I’d certainly post that as well. . .

Yes they did work together. Berry was head coach and Marshall was defensive coordinator.

How'd they get along? I don't know. . . but what I do recall is that they both interviewed for the head coaching position. Given that Berry got the job, kudos to him for offering the D/C job to his competitor, and kudos to Marshall for accepting. Bit of a change from when Marshall and Maciocia were both up for the head coaching gig in Edmonton, and when Maciocia got it, Marshall declined to stay on as D/C and instead went to Ottawa in the same role. . .

:lol: :lol:

Well done.

There is something very "West Coast bath house" about the CFL coaching community :lol:

I have no recollection of Berry saying this. In fact, I seem to recall that he voiced support of whatever decision is made. If he does jump ship that is fine...nobody is interested in someone who doesn't put the team first when they don't get their way. Also, there realistically is not much available for him elsewhere in the CFL at this point, unless he takes a demotion.

Cha Ching, couldn't have said it better myself. If he stays, I think I could live with him getting another shot at making the offence work and building on what they started last year, if not, Oh well, the game plan he came in with in the cup was the reason they lost, IMO.

Have to disagree with you there. I said something similar in another thread, it's my opinion that Saskatchewan's offence didn't lose that game, Montreal's defence won it.

Agreed with MadJack -- that Q3 campaign of Montreal's killed us and put DD in a pressure hold!

Well, I'm going to side with Fantuz on this one. He was visibly upset after the game and made a point of letting everyone in Canada know that he thought they were way to conservative to win a championship game.

Hopefully this one get's placed after Greenpaladin & Madjacks so it resembles a dialogue at least.

Nope, didn't work. Go figure.