who do you think is the dumbest team in the CFL?

I'd say Montreal

the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. After a season in which they went 9-8-1 , they have gone backwards ever since. Its been somewhat of a career graveyard, only when some leave do their careers get back on track. Inxperienced assistant coaches was not a great idea. As long as they make decisions like this, they will not go forward.

You have to look at the whole enchilada. The Als sell out every game and are consistently a good ball club. They are certainly doing many things right.

The Tiger-Cats however, and it breaks my heart to say it, are one sad-sack team. Their owner seems pretty good, and I believe they really do want to win, but they just don't have the personnel - top to bottom - who can make it happen. Of course now that I've said this they will probably go on a winning streak.

Edmonton in the post Grey Cup Alvin era is only marginally better.

But look at the Als coach, they are gonna get embarrassed the rest of this season. Popp is a goof.

Well they're 6 and 7. Lets see their record at the end of the season.

So they get embarrassed!
They were in the Grey Cup in 2000 and got blown away in the Eastern Semi in 2001.
They were then back in the Cup in 2002,2003,2005,2006.

They cant be there every year. Even if they don't make the playoffs this year, it will be far from and embarrassment

And the sun is setting on the Montreal dynasty.

1 Bad(but not over yet) season does not constitute a sunset,
And even if it does, it had to at sometime.

Oh man. For the first time in a year and a half, I'm GLAD I don't have a team. The Renegades would have swept the vote.

Dumbest post…Can’t believe someone actually thought this would be a good topic.

The past 2 weeks(v. Toronto & Hamilton) I’d say Winnipeg for not letting Roberts play as everyone knows Roberts can.

Even though it was a non-issue this week v. the Lions letting Pikula play after having a concussion last week. Yes it was mild, but a concussion should not be taken lightly…look at Dickenson.

Keeping McDiarmid in as ST coach is marked down as pretty dumb as well.

byg plz stop asking dumb questions lol

none, it's a dumb question