Who do you think is on the rise and decline


Hamilton- Massive improvements. Mass, Holmes, Ranek, Gordon. Most likely win the east as long as they don't throw the ball to Keemu Peterson. Dude you are total ratio filler OK.

Toronto- Is Eric Crouch the real deal or the next Tee Martin. Remember if you are an NFL QB and they don't bother sending you to NFL Europe, your most likely not that good. If not, the agros are in decline.

Montreal-The once mighty Als actually looked quite beatable last year. Didn't really see any major improvements in the offseason but Tony is still a force. Slight decline.

Winnipeg- Oh man, I think you are in for a very very long season.

B.C- Did you fix your O-line and secondary ??? If so you are a powerhouse, if not slight decline.

Edmonton- I really don't think Ricky Ray and Troy Davis are that good. Neither is your high priced Canadian talent you keep stealing from everyone else. Slight decline but still a powerhouse.

Calgary- ???? Not really sure. Burris doesn't decide to start really playing football till half the season is gone. I think last year is as good as it get for you Calgary fans.

Saskatchewan- Major improvements. Good QB with almost entire new receiving core. Rest of team solid. May new afew changes to get a younger team but solid. Major improvement.

ok I'll bite...

Toronto: The ageless wonder Allen returns after the sympathy award last year. Ive been waiting for him to taper off and accept defeat to father time but he just keeps ticking. If they can figure out montreal could suprise people like they did 2 years ago.

Hamilton: Would be hard to do worse than last season and with those great, proven new additions Im guessing if they click they can go .500 and into the east final against Mont.

Montreal: Now this is a total guess, I get the perception that Monreal fans aren't too worried about the loss of Barry. If AC stays healthy and R.E. returns to dominance, 1st in the east could be theirs yet again.

Edmonton: OK, I'm going to try to not be a homer about this one...Have a "not that good" QB and RB...also lost the key piece that got them into the GC last year. won 2 GC's in the last 3 years so hopefully that experience might be able to help us out should we even squeak into the playoffs. Thankfully we can always steal some more players again this season should we get in a rut and that should help us out.

Calgary: Turned it around in a major way. It would be silly to think It was just a fluke. Major impact D with Coe and Grace of course and good pickups at WR despite what crazy ole shiv says. Look for a great rivalry again for years to come.

Winnipeg: I heard the Interview with Taman tonight where he said that they have the 'luxury' of not having a 400K/Y QB so they can spend their money on other players....talk about spin! they are trying to spend this cash with the controversial aquisition of Hebert. Will be interesting if Berry is more than a cheerleader like some Montreal fans have claimed. Just cause they were so bad last year Im going to guess they are on the rise recordwise but in the tight east, if Hamilton improves like I think they can they may still be out of the playoffs.

Sask: Is Joseph the answer? Jury's out here, but could be an improvement. IMO attitude was a problem with the team last year with the distraction of Trevis smith ans such, but if they can get an us against the world bunker mentality could make the playoffs without needing the crossover.

BC...what an enigma. DD needs to stay healthy w/o Printers but that could be less ot distract them now. Wally looked to be losing control of the club at the end of the season. If he can regain it they might be able to hold their record from last year. If not they may really be on the decline. Which team will show up? they one in the 1st half of the season or the second?

Montreal did improve. Quincy Carter/Nealon Greene/Marcus Brady, whoever it will be is a major improvement over Ted White. Davis Sanchez and Greg Moss are major improvement over Kelly Malveaux and Darrel Crutchfield. Kai Ellis is a big improvement over Mawuko Tugbenyoh. And I'd say Jerome Haywood alwo is an improvement over Rob Brown.

Hamilton most likely to win the East? Dude, you are not credible. They are better than last year. They will improve and most likely make the playoffs. But should they contend for first place in the East, I can't imagine their domination to be "most likely". Give them time to become a team. They'll probably start shaky and finish strong (which, of course, is the better than the opposite). "Most likely"... like it'll be easy...

.....BleedsGreen analysis should be used as a text book example of what happens when a person burns a big fatty, finishes reading their latest edition of the Roughraider News, doesn't bother to actually check out any info on the rest of the teams in the CFL and then comes on-line to voice thier expert analysis of the current state of the teams in the league........"Major Improvements"?.......o.k., good luck with that......

hey at least he admits it in his nick...could you really expect someone who 'bleeds green' to be impartial?

BC-- if DD goes down, they are in for a long long season,otherwise 3rd place maybe at best.
EDM-- They are the champs until proven otherwise, I would say 2nd is the lowest they will go, will finish 1st.
CAL- Burris has competition , so if he has a slow start and get pulled from a couple of games in favour of Danny Mac, look for his confidence to be shaky-- he's a slow starter to start, so Mac could see some game action early--2nd more than likely , but with luck 1st is possible
SASK- Joseph is an upgrade, but he's injury prone-- he will play hurt but then he's more of a hiderance than a help. If he last the whole season 2nd is possible , but 4th is more likely- could crossover.

WPG-- Lots of distractions to start the year, no #1 QB, and the D will be on the field way too much. Tough sked to start the year, they need a .500 or better in first 6 games to be in the hunt-- otherwise its next year country for them.
TOR- Still have a great D, especially the secondary, lots of coverage sacks, Allen can still play if healthy, 2nd or 3rd.
HAM- They have improved most , IMO, and no respect is given to this team, if he offence can keep the ball , then a rested D will do the job for them, I would say 1st, no worse than 3rd.
MTL- A healthy Calvillo is key for them, they still have a lot of offence, and in their case the best defence is a good offence. Teams can run on them, but they still can finish 2nd , maybe 1st.

Fine I'll take some heat. But like I've heard before, we are all experts till the season starts, so here goes again..



Fill in the blanks....

Dude, if you had to work behind Ottawa's o-line, you would be injury-prone too. Joseph's protection just went from a cardboard to a brick wall. Don't expect to see him flat on his ass too often behind the five green monsters on his new line.

......but Joseph was also skitterish mon ami.......on many occasions he would bolt from the stable even when his o-line was doing just fine.......

It's called aprehension. When you expect your line to fail, you tend to get the fock out of there before you can verify if you were right. Because being right hurts.

.....true enough.....

What amazes me is that Winnipeg took two of thoe Olineman and bomber fans think they are going to have one of the best Olines in the CFL. Khan may be good but ive neve considered St. Germain a great Olineman…

...simba...as far as the o' line......hey read JACKS report... and.he ain;t wearing a Bomber uniform....lol


Decline - Tor & Mtl (they cant get any higher can they)

Rise - Ham & Wpg (can they go lower then last season, probably not)


Decline - BC & Edm (the rest have caught up)

Rise - Cal & Sask ( Cal should win the west, Sask will be better than last year)

You all make it sound like an improvement will mean victories...

In my opinion, the rises and declines look like this:

Major upgrades: Hamilton
Upgrade: Regina, Winnipeg
Slight upgrades: Montreal
Stable: Calgary, Toronto
Slight decrease: Edmonton, BC

However, upgrading a team a lot doesn't necessarily make it stronger than all the others. It's a matter of where you started.

For instance, Edmonton won the Grey Cup, and as such, has to be considered one of the league's top treaths. The reason I'd say slight decrease is because of the current situation of their o-line, which features only two experienced CFLers.

Hamilton increased big time. They added Oh so many players everywhere. Plus, they were in the gutter, so they could only move up.

So Hamilton tops my list of teams on the rise, and Edmonton is in my mind the team who lost more than it gained. That being said, it makes no doubt in my mind that Edmonton is still way stronger than Hamilton and should lay a beating on the Cats when they meet.

I think Winnipeg is doing great signing new talent, but if we lose Roberts cuz of this new guy that the BB are trying to get, our playoff and Grey Cup hopes and in trouble with a big blue capital curvy underlined T

its funny to look back on our expert opinions.....

I've never heard Kanga being called an expert before - but he's looking like a prophet now. :slight_smile: