Who Do You Think Is Gonna Win The Grey Cup This Year ?

Being an eskimos fan i hope they win :cowboy:

Even tho i have a hunch its gonna be winnipeg.

Good Luck stegall 6 more and the records all yours

again esks bite your toungue the blue bums aren’t winning the cup. eskies are

lmao u again ? leave me alone im going for esks but i just wana see stegall beat the record.

i like seeing history :twisted: :thup: :cowboy:

You both know whos going to win. Fess
up, boys. LOL

lmao yea ino whos gonna win ( eskimos )

Now vote in my polls :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Bombers all the way! or the Al's, and an East team will CO to the West!

It's gonna be Saskatchewan. We are just way too good for the rest of you!

saskatchewan has a good chance at it
montreal will fade out
winnipeg blows

Go Esks!

man, you are going to be eating those words in november.

lmao c*cky for a bombers fan

luckily i can be c*cky cuz ym teams the (cough ) ( cough ) defending champs :twisted:

Woot I gotta favor with the poll

Esks winning
Woot Go Eskies Go

Eskimos are not winning it this year.

it's Henry's time to shine.


Henry can only shine if he gets his head out of where it does not shine.

Answer to question: Montreal

bombers bitch