who do you think has the worst jersey in the CFL?

I think the Eskies "Big Bird" uniforms should go the way of the Dodo Bird...

Calgary's away with the red bib looks stupid.

Calgary away jersey.

Also Edmonton's third jersey, but all of Edmontons kinda suck now. I thought they were supposed to be green and gold? Now they're just wannabe Packers.

Really mature, especially for a mod. I was offended by your comments so please edit or delete them before it becomes a real issue.

People can rate cheerleaders, I can talk in kind...I'm offended by the size of your sig picture, and I don't see you changing that, after repeated requests from two moderators...

If you’re comparing my signature being large to you making sexual inferences on a football site, I think we have a real problem here.

I'm comparing offenses...I simply implied that I like the rear view of certain players...you're deliberately denying the reasonable request of moderators, who are trying to enforce guidelines set by admins...

Well I'm not sure how to scale it down, so you're more than welcome to do it for me. But otherwise, it'll have to stay.


I'm more offended by your sig than I am jm's post...

I can't scale it down, as I don't have personal access to your signature...your partner in crime successfully scaled down that sig - ask for advice there...if you can't then change it altogether to something more size appropriate. It's not a tough fix, really...

  1. JM02 implied, YOU INFERED!
  2. You already reduced it once so dont be saying you dont know how to reduce it.

This is a site for all ages and I don't think sexual innuendos are really appropriate, especially for a moderator.

Ill say it again.
You inferred a sexual innuendo.
You, have no right to to complain after all the stuff you have posted....all the stuff achieved in the mod section?

Reduce your sig size, please.

Thirded actually

If you want to use that argument, fine. You'll just have to let it slide when someone gets offended by my comments.

Works both ways ro, as you will soon see.

Reduce your sig size, please.

Now what are you talking about!


It looks like somebody dumped blue paint all over a bunch of Chicago Bears.

Al's are a close second. WPG's third jerseys are pretty hard on the eyes, too. Is that some type of 50's throwback jersey?

Always knew you liked "tight ends" :lol: