who do you think has the worst jersey in the CFL?

id say sask.

Imagine that.

I just look at the pants.

You and me both....8)

Too much?? :slight_smile:

I actually like almost all of them. Not a big fan of the BC orange (prefer the white), hated the Rider black (glad their gone) and would be happy to see the Bombers never wear the gold disco tops again. Otherwise I think they're all good.

Not sure about the ugliest, but I think the nicest are BC’s third jersey and Argos home jersey.

I had a jersey once but had to give her away.

Was it worn out, or were you just feeling generous at the time?

I'm thinking the key word is "she" :lol:

Way too much, really inappropriate for these forums.

That doesn't sound 'right' on some level.... :expressionless:

Montreal's away jerseys....seriously, they need new ones.


The yellow ones.

Hands down the Exk's yellow third jerseys.

Of all the regular jersey, there really isnt a bad one, but the Bomber gold jersey has to be the worst.

I'm with BigU on not liking those Bomber gold uniforms. My favourite would be the Lions especially with the Orange Helmets. And actually I kind of like Saskatchewans green uniforms. Call me crazy.

Ooooohhhhhh this is painful to think about.

Bombers chicken-fat yellow jerseys are embarrassing.
Ti-cats have no imagination at all

But the worst has got to be the Stamps’ whites. There are some things that you just can’t blame on drugs.

Too bad.

The Stamp white jersey's are bad!